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Things to do in a French Alpine city: Annecy – teentraveltips

Things to do in a French Alpine city: Annecy – teentraveltips

Hi! I’m Zion. and I’m Robert. And, welcome to Annecy! Visit Annecy’s market! It’s only open on cetrain days, so you might want to look it up online before you go, but it’s really nice to come here and see the market. It’s a fairly sized market, so you can get a couple of things, bread, groceries, or you can get a bit of lunch, like this, and go sightsee over at the lake and see some of the mountains! Visit the Musée du Château in Annecy. So far we’ve seen the fine arts collection and the contemporary arts collection. And now we’re going to see what the history is about the lakes here in France! The building we were in also housed an aquarium, it was completely awesome! Explore the beautiful city of Annecy on foot. See a picturesque city in the Alps! Annecy is also known as the other Venice, because of the many canals it houses. As you walk around, day or night, you can see a bunch of canals and historical buildings that will just make you go wow. Like churches and castles. It’s really cool! It’s just pretty amazing. So, just, walk around. Yeah. Ok, yeah, walk around. Ok, see all the good photos. Get the idea. We’ve got all these pretty photos! Walk around. See. Now, visit Annecy. Yeah. And remember to walk around, too. Oh yeah, yeah, walk around. Did we mention that already? We probably did. So yeah, visit Annecy! So… Bye! Yeah, bye! Umm…cut already. Cut! Yeah, please, cut. Take a Segway tour! Take a cruise on the Lake Annecy! (Lac d’Annecy) It’s really nice to just enjoy the scenery! Or, if you don’t want to take a cruise, you can rent a motorboat or a paddleboat without a license! So that means I can do it! No, just kidding. Lastly, have fun and enjoy the food and culture! And that’s just the things that we did in Annecy. There are so many other things to do in Annecy, and in the world! So go out and explore! This is our last episode. And our next episode will be coming soon! Stay tuned! Thanks for watching teentraveltips. Glad you’re still here!

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