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The World’s Oldest Scuba Diving Couple

The World’s Oldest Scuba Diving Couple

I’m Phil Hampton. I’m Grace Hampton. And we are the world’s oldest scuba-diving couple. I was a rocket engineer. I’m not gonna fly in one of those, but I love the feeling of weightlessness in the water. Mission control, we have liftoff. Underwater is a total new world.
It’s just a wonderful remarkable world under there. When Phil started diving I could
not dive because I had two perforated eardrums. But the surgery had caught up
and they could fix them so I had the surgery and they were repaired, and I
decided to try diving because Phil was talking about retiring and I thought
we’ll be doing this a lot. I’m pretty good at spotting interesting creatures
and Phil is a photographer so I spot things for him. Yeah, she’s a great finder. There was a article that said this couple from California were applying for a record for the world’s oldest scuba couple. They were 67 and 68 years old. And we thought, those kids! We’re in the 80s – Let’s go for it, and did all of the requirements, fulfilled everything, had
witnesses, we failed paperwork. And so we said, “well, we’re gonna try this again.”
And we did. Then we got notification from Guinness that they had accepted our inputs and that we were now certified as the World’s Oldest Scuba Diving Couple. The reason we went for this record was for fun and to show people that you don’t
have to stop diving just because you’re old. One of the things that I’ve most noticed
while diving, covering about 50 years, the oceans are much dirtier throughout every place we go it’s dirtier than it was before. It’s becoming to a point where people
that aren’t ocean oriented or diving oriented are becoming aware that
it’s a major problem within our environment and that something has to be
done about it. I would hope that in the future that somehow the divers can help eradicate some of the trash that’s involved. Some people get ready to step in and
they’re all nervous – I think, “Wow!” Yeah I love scuba diving and I so enjoy it.

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  1. Oh my goodness, this is fantastic! What a sweet couple! Thank you for sharing this with me Wendy. Your parents are inspiring <3

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