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oh my go yay Ola YouTube
my name is Ricardo lino and I’m a wheel addict today it’s a cool thing
so today tickle day because it’s first off it’s Tuesday and on Tuesdays we
skate here at the Shred skate park where my shop and studio is talking about
studio that thing in the back which has been over the last few months where I do
most of my videos it’s about to change I’m not moving anywhere else but well
since the beginning not since the beginning once my channel started
growing once I saw there was a possibility to get to 10,000 subscribers
I said like I’ll keep one strategy with my channel until I hit 10,000
subscribers and after 10,000 subscribers I’m going to change some things in this
channel it will be for better so don’t be scared so things will change for
better but for that to change one of the things that will change is also that
little thing which has been my studio but the reason why I say today it’s a
good day it’s these these are will edit shirts and I got two little will addict
shirts and they are really really little really really tiny and why do I have
these shirts here so remember the video that I made a few months ago called the
USD kids okay so the USD kids it’s Michael and Elijah and today we’re gonna
celebrate their birthday so let me show you these Elijah’s mom just came to the
park and yep that’s right that’s a cake so it’s their birth date Elijah is
turning Elijah’s turning seven michael is turning eight and these kids these
kids are will Eric so there’s no barrier there’s no barrier to
give these kids in this one and I’m also gonna be making more of these shirts but
in one of the neck one of the videos that I’m gonna be doing next I’ll talk a
little bit more about these and if you want to get any of these shirts how can
you get them but that’s for next for now well I’ve been finishing a lot of work
that I have to do I’ve been working on a rollerskating project like a video
project and it’s amazing that’s all I can say like I’m really really proud of
what I’ve been doing here you can’t really see it because the computer is
right behind you but I’ve been working on this video which I’m really really
happy with and that’s that’s what I’ve been doing it that’s why I haven’t been
uploading as consistently as I usually do but it’s Tuesday again I’m gonna
skate my skates I got some good news check what I got at the shop yesterday
they just came yesterday one you know what this is – if you know
what this is let me know in the comments if you know this is I’m not gonna tell
you what this is you’re gonna need to be out there you need to be expecting
something something to come okay so Michael and Elijah are about to come
it’s going to be a surprise for them their cake is here their friends are
coming before them and they’re just coming for a skate session they don’t
know what’s about to happen stay there what you doing here I am here
for Michael’s party surprise you know harder here yeah it’s good
what’s happening hey they can prefer though you can prepare it huh they came
out of the car already with a thing uh when did you put this kit one kind
window one taken did you sleep in the skate I think you did huh Michael can
you call Elijah I need to show you this thing that I have inside my shop call it
show you something inside the shop open it
watch out because it bites it’s a crocodile okay and what’s on the side of the rent what you gonna do now you woke up this
morning and discuss sir read it’s a hundred degrees and my face you turn red
I being played from he’s not last night everything’s gone but that’s alright I
started at the body with my main cold body everything was good until he tried
to do karate come it’s a birthday party coming well I don’t care well I didn’t even saw
the cake there left the cake not that I like the cake come on Niles show me your transition
skills you’ve learned in your ramp down yes go now wasn’t that hard shame yeah what do you have to say about this why
did I came here tonight so I can drop the ball and legend is it didn’t you
came to the birthday party I think I’m to the birthday party
resumes everything the cake became too late yeah I saw the cake anyway so if
you did enjoy this video subscribe yeah forget to subscribe if you want to see
more of these come here what do you learn tonight oh yeah
so little Elijah it’s turning seven I just learn enough to drop the ball
not just the ball gimme five on camera and that’s it I hope you enjoyed this
one like I just said if you did enjoyed this one don’t forget to subscribe to
the channel if you like this video give me some thumbs up if you don’t like the
video well give me something down now give me the thumbs up but let me know
what I don’t like so we’ll try to make it different next time and more
important than anything else smiles uh keep skating I enjoy quite a lot it’s
one of the sports ah never give up I couldn’t ever see the day yay because
it’s fun cheers guys have fun


  1. love your videos like always ! I’ve been seduced by 3×125 megacruizer by PS. Can you tell me if I can switch the wheels to 100mm on my new skates ? And what hardness would you advice to beggin slides ?

    Thank you and sorry for my english.

    Love your content and your family, best inline an roller skating youtuber !

  2. Ricardo, I really enjoy your videos, thank you for all the hard work you do. I am currently saving money up to get a set of Kizer Trimax for my Valo v13. I would like to consult you about the best wheel brand to complete my set up anytime you are available. Thank you

  3. Happy Birthday for them !!!!!!!!! Great age to start drilling Hobby. I wish i could have that chance. Im 27 and its my secon season on skates ;P

  4. I remember them the first time they appeared in your videos when they could barely roll. Look at them now! They progressed so fast. Happy birthday to them!

  5. that was awesome,love the kids,the cake,you lino and the park.i always bliv tht one day i will get tht chance of skating wth u.

  6. Really excited to see what 2018 holds for your channel buddy and am eager to see the changes!
    That bowl transfer wall ride was sweeeeeet!

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