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The Ultimate Mountain Machine!! Polaris General with Tracks! (Surviving 24 hours in the mountains)

The Ultimate Mountain Machine!! Polaris General with Tracks! (Surviving 24 hours in the mountains)

(upbeat music) (people cheer) – Stopped to eat a little bit. – Right now I’m about to
invent the Avi Bag Challenge, and what it is, you go to a random spot, and you pull your avi bag somewhere. – Jake you gotta do it in
the airport though bro. – Bro they’re gonna think its
a bomb, you don’t do that. – [Traveler] Geez, don’t yell that. – Okay, I’m really glad we didn’t do that in the airport. – [Traveler] How do you repack these? Do you just pop them? – [Traveler] Those are the unpackables, you can’t repack those. Now you gotta just roll it in like that. – I should have ran in here, avalanche. – Dude, you definitely would get detained. (upbeat music) – The plane takes off in 5
minutes, so we’re running. Micah’s at the back of the plane, bro. He’s screwed. – Turtle ain’t gonna make it. – CJ? Beef Squad ain’t gonna make it either. Now go. Thing is broke. (upbeat music) – [Traveler] We didn’t make it. We gave it all we had. – It just wasn’t enough, man. What an L, goddamn. Think the cards were just
stacked against us, though. – Micah left the airport,
had to go back into TSA. – So now we’re getting
on a different plane, and we’ll be in Salt
Lake City pretty shortly. – Ahaha, so we’re up in Utah. – So we made it to Salt Lake City, Utah, you guys are probably wondering, “I can’t believe you guys are flying, “What’s up with the truck? “Is it sitting at home? “Is Ryan upset that he’s not driving? “What’s going on? “Where’s Ken?” All the questions. We were hit up by a group of
guys called the Godfrey Clan . And they basically said, “Hey, we love what you guys do, “If you come out to Utah, we’ll
show you guys a good time”. They’re picking us up, we’re gonna go play and have a good time. – We landed in Denver and
all the other guys ran and they were gonna try
and like halt the plane. – What’s up dudes? – What’s up boys? – [Traveler] Does Micah know those guys? – So anyways, it was just Mike and I, and we’re trying to catch up to you guys, and we hop on this train and it takes us outside the airport, and we had to go all the
way back to TSA again. I mean, it’s my fault for not figuring out what was going on, but I trusted Micah, I
should have known better. He was just walking, we hop on the train, next thing I know, we’re
outside the airport, I’m like, “This ain’t good”. (upbeat music) – Hey, we’re going to
the Godfrey Clan in Utah, they jump semis. – I don’t think I’ve ever done that once. – No, you have with your dad, you’re like, “Yeah, it’s super crazy,
they do crazy stunts, “Like crazy, just 100-and-something
foot long semi jump”. – Imagine me explaining it like
that, there’s not a chance. – That’s like saying we’re
the Jetski Jump Guys, like it’s just a small
portion of what we do. – What’s up guys? – What’s up? – Thanks for having us. – Dang, you have a whole crew. – Sup, brother. – All we have is a truck, so you’re just gonna have to stuff– – [Traveler] Yeah, we’re good bro. – [Traveler 2] Yeah, we don’t care. – Jake kind of wanted you
guys to bring the semi, but. – We thought about it. – Well here you go, Jake, this is the semi you’ve
been talking about. – [Jake] No, the one I
saw went end over head, and there was nothing left of that. – [Traveler] Man, that one’s gone. – But we took the pod out of that, so that same pod is in there. – [Jake] I was gonna say,
it looks identical, yeah. – It’s the same pod, and
we just threw it in this, and my dad went up to Evel
Knievel Days and jumped it, I think it was 160 feet the same width. – [Jake] Oh my gosh. – Throughout all the shocks, you’ll watch the front end just splits, and he drifts and almost nails a house. – [Traveler] Jake. – [Jake] Yeah? – [Traveler] This semi has jumped farther, well I’ve guess you’ve jumped
farther than all of us, so, but it’s jumped farther than you. – On a snow mobile. For those of you who don’t know, I do have my CEL so I’m
certified to jump this bitch. – [Traveler] Oh my gosh, dude. – This is an absolute unit. – I don’t think I will have ever seen a better looking trailer in my life. – So Easton, is the owner of Draco, and they build these
badass machines like this with the flat beds, you
can put bikes on them, and then we’re gonna follow that up with loading up the other unit in the back that the Godfrey Clan just got, actually. – Once we get these loaded
up, we’re hitting the road into the middle of the
wilderness, kind of. We’re going to a cabin tonight, and then tomorrow morning we’re waking up, and then riding out into the
middle of the wilderness, setting up base camp and then
spending 24 hours out there. So we’re gonna make huts
in the middle of the snow, dig snow caves, make back
country booters for sleds, snowbikes, we bring in
like skis and snowboards, I don’t now, the Godfrey
Clan is apparently gonna just show us the best time ever. – I mean, we’ll try. But the best thing that we
can do is just have no plan, so that way we get good content. That’s our goal. – [Cameraman] Just to have fun. – To have no plan and just to have fun. – I’m most exited for Greg to teach us, initiate us in Colorado-metry. – All right, I mean you
can watch the videos but, until Greg really shows you how to do it. I just went and did it myself one time and I about killed myself,
so I need some training. – Hopefully there’s enough snow for it. (upbeat music) – We made it to the cabin,
and now we’re getting a tour. – What do you mean battery switch? (car engine roars) – Please tell me this is
my surprise, oh my god. – We’re gonna die of
carbon monoxide poisoning if we keep revving this thing like that. Holy shit. – [Traveler] What’s that
sound like to you, buddy? – A high horse power vehicle. – [Traveler] No, what kind of motor? – NLS, baby. – Look at that. – That’s pretty cool. What if it starts raining? – You’re in trouble. We need to make a lot more YouTube videos. – [Traveler] If we get one of these, Jake, that’s all you’ll be doing. – Are you allowed to
start GoFundMes for cars? They’re supposed to be for purposes but, like you guys can fund me. – [Traveler] Something
tells me you probably could. Your banging merch is your GoFundMe. – Hey, buy this hat so
I can get one of these. (car engine roars) – It’s so cool. Just imagine rolling up
to the corner store like, “What’s up guys?” – (groans) What’s up? – [Traveler] Did you sleep in airpods? – I guess I did. – [Traveler] Damn dude, that’s a flex. – Yeah, wasn’t even listening to anything. – So Ryan just called Ben and asked if we can get him a Mountain Dew, and I’m like, “Ben you should get him “a diet Mountain Dew”,
because he’s gonna get it and just be devastated, because this is gonna
be the only Mountain Dew that he gets on the mountain
in the next 24 hours. We got him a backup, just so he doesn’t start
crying or something. But, this is gonna be really funny. – What? – [Ben] What? – What’s wrong? – It’s diet, it’s nasty. – Dude, we’re trying to watch your health. – It’s worse for you. – He just gives it back dude, he loves Mountain Dew that much, but he hates Diet Dew that much. All right sweet, you can have this one. – [Cameraman] Well, we got you something. – I knew, I was like, “There
better be another one coming”. – You don’t want 24 hours
in the woods with me without my Mountain Dew. – [Cameraman] No, that does
not sound enjoyable for anyone. – So, real quick before we
head out on the mountain, I want to introduce you guys to the man, the myth, the
legend, Greg Godfrey. He’s the brains behind
all of Nitro Circus, so you guys can thank
him for your childhood. – I wished it was that grandiose,
but it’s not quite that. – No, no that’s what we’re doing, we’re leaving it at that, he did it all. (upbeat music) – Travis was like the
Facebook when it came to be, Greg pretty much would
just put the helmet on and do the tricks. – There was a lot of
times where the riders didn’t wanna do stuff,
and I had to get her done, because I wanted the shot,
and I paid the price for it. But not anymore, that’s your guys’ job. – Yeah, that’s what we’re here for now. Well, I take that back, that’s what Jake’s here for now. – [Greg] Is Jake the stunt double? – [Traveler] Jake’s the
stunt man, he’s our Travis. – Right on, I can focus
on Jake now, locked in. – Greg’s gonna steal him from us. – I want you. – [Traveler] Until he
sees your riding skills, and then it’s like, “You know
what, you guys can keep him”. – Talent isn’t worth as
much as everybody says, it’s all right here, it’s all heart. He’s got heart and he’s
willing to huck it. – [Jake] I love this guy. – Yeah, he does have
that, I’ll give Jake that. Man, I kind of feel like a dick now. (upbeat music) – Most important tool
of a trip, just for you. – I think I’m ready for this guy. Thanks, Bobby. – Now I’m finally starting to see the real use of this thing, because at first, you know,
it’s just a cab on a general, but now that we’re packing
all of this stuff in it, it’s gonna be like a
hotel up on the mountain, with all the supplies we have. ♪ Time has been so hard
on us, my friend. ♪ ♪ Sun goes down, but we get back again. ♪ ♪ Trouble is a simple thing,
it always ends up (mumbles) ♪ ♪ But everything still
works out in the end. ♪ ♪ No matter what they call me,
no matter what they (mumbles) ♪ ♪ (Mumbles) The wind just
blows but we keep on standing ♪ ♪ (Mumbles) Whatever that we want it. ♪ ♪ Don’t you know, there’s no
way that we’ll ever break. ♪ ♪ Wind just blows but
we keep us dancing. ♪ (upbeat music) – All right, we found home
for the next seven days, just kidding. – What if we like open it
up and someone’s in there? – Someone grab a flash
light, this is so hard. Holy crap. Take the camera, Ben. Here we go, oh wow, holy crap this is a lot
bigger than I expected. – Oh my gosh, dude. – Ta-da, we can start a fire, and literally if someone
does get too cold, you come in here. – [Ben] Dude, its got insulation. – I’m not sure if the camera
is doing this justice, but its way, way, way bigger
than we thought in here, like Micah’s standing up. – [Ben] It’s like a
little log cabin, boys. – Very sweet. – Like the classic breaking ground shot. So what we’re doing, is we’re gonna dig a campfire right here and then a mega stadium around it, and then push all the snow down the hill, so then the snow pile is right there, and then we’re gonna dig the
caves that we’re gonna sleep in into the snow piles. The only problem is is
this snow is super soft. – [Cameraman] The only problem
is is our shovels are tiny. – Yeah dude, why didn’t
we bring a big shovel out? Do we have a design plan? Like I’m just straight up digging. – I’ll draw it right here,
so it’s a circle, right? Or should we put the circle
right here, you think? – Maybe. – You can put it over there, yeah. And then we’re gonna just
throw snow down here. – So then, there’s your bench, so you have the fire right
here and then your bench, and then snow caves, all the
snow gets thrown down there. – [Cameraman] And then we just burrow? – We’re gonna try and level this. – [Cameraman] Or what are we thinking? – I don’t know, I’m trying to guess. (upbeat music) (crowd cheers) – I am genuinely very impressed. The C-Boys came in clutch on this one. Because like, I mean, me
and Hunter out here digging would’ve been okay, Greg would’ve just been
up there yelling at us. You guys are the dream team,
you guys made this happen. – Honestly it turned out probably better than any of us imagined, I’d say. – [Cameraman] Well we got the
fire roaring and I guess– – We got a couch. – Yeah, we got a couch. I guess the last thing now is just to build some
snow caves to sleep in. It’s an absolute vibe out
here, we’re having so much fun. – This is glamping at its finest. We packed in as much as we
could and this is pretty epic. – Oh, we’ve been working non-stop since we got here pretty much. Just stopped to eat a little bit. I’m gonna give you a little
tour here on what we have. Come check this out. So ours has a bit of a uphill treck to it. – Which is good, because basically the heat will
keep up here, the cool air. – [Cameraman] And the
cold stays down there. So there’s my bed, just
the flat, see his bed. – Dude, honestly, I’m kind of scared if this were to fall on us. – [Cameraman] Yeah. – I don’t know how much snow this is, is it so much where we’re gonna
just die, or do you think? – [Cameraman] I don’t know. – Hopefully, it’s like enough
where we can fight it off. – The worst part is you sleep face up, so it would just all fall on us. – Yeah, I know, I laid down,
I was just sitting here, I was like, “Man, this is gonna be weird”. – Welcome to the master suites. – [Cameraman] We standing up in here, it’s hard to get a full
scope of just how nice it is. Ben, you lay down in yours. That’s Ben, laying down on his side, and then there’s me,
laying down on my side. (upbeat music) – I think it’s time to go
wake up the other guys. Oh, hey, good morning. Ben, what’s up buddy? Man, you were really cocooned in there. – (mumbles) – Who’s doing this today? – All right so Greg was
telling us how he Coloradoed a 45-foot tree and he’s kind
of the master of it now, and he wants Jake to do it. – [Jake] Where’d that come from? – I’m not the master of it, there’s no way I’m the master of it, I was just the idiot that did it. – I don’t know anyone else
that’s Coloradoed a 45 foot tree. Basically Jake has to
do one that’s 46 feet. – Make sure when you break
it off, you do a flip, because you don’t wanna come
off and land on your neck, you wanna be able to flip
and land on your feet. – Did you bring your neck brace? – No, I didn’t. – Oh, man. Can we do a brief intermission? Like a sponsored ad during this time, this might take a while, go to commercial. I’m probably just gonna end
up falling out of the tree. – So do you want to like
have your feet on it? – Come on baby. – That was so fun. – Hey, Jake. – [Jake] Yeah? – It doesn’t hurt. – Are you all right? – Yeah, I fell straight
down the whore tree and raked ever branch on
the way down (laughs). So I’m gonna go get the
chainsaw and deal with this guy. – [Cameraman] Definitely a pro outfit. – Whoa, that’s high. – [Cameraman] Try not to
land in the other tree. Oh my gosh, you okay? – Yeah. – [Cameraman] That was
a perfect execution. – Dude, I was like, “Where’s the ground?” I swear I was falling for like 5 minutes. – [Cameraman] You rolled the
windows down about six times. – All right, so we’re
just packing up camp, and before we say our farewells, Easton is gonna jump over our snow cave. – So I guess we won’t
be Airbnb’n this out. – [Cameraman] Oh shit,
I didn’t think of that. (engine roars) (upbeat music) – It looks like Chandler
is stepping up to the plate and he’s gonna be the first
person to jump on our snow bike. ♪ I used to be concerned. ♪ ♪ I used to act like normal,
I couldn’t complain. ♪ ♪ Now it’s never the same, ♪ ♪ I find myself picking pieces
of my scattered brain. ♪ ♪ Look what you’ve done
to me and my sad tale. ♪ ♪ Baby, hey, I wish that
you was (mumbles). ♪ ♪ So then maybe, I
wouldn’t fall for you. ♪ ♪ (Mumbles) I’d waste it all. ♪ – We made it back to civilization. – And we are roughing it. – It sucks, right? – We’d like to say a special thank you to the boys over at Godfrey Proof, Ride Draco, EDGE Motorsports
for giving us the timber sleds, You can find all their links
down in the description. We got new merch out right
now,, you can check it out. And we also filmed this
with a drone, so peace. – We’ll see you guys later. ♪ Maybe I could erase the
moment you walked in. ♪

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