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[Music] [Music] [Music] right watch me to care [Music] as you can tell like the rail is as tall as him that’s the sketchiest part we took a trip to Nevada we’re only supposed to be here for three days and on the first day it was really bad luck you know see I ended up racking the rail at the first spot [Music] he had a lot of confidence he did not hesitate hit the rail first try but missed the board slit out racked it so we decided to chill for the day and look at this I fractured the toe next to my pinky on the right yeah I can’t skate for like six weeks I went to the doctor they said it’s gonna heal naturally but we still have two more days left Janowski goes back to japan after this so we want to get this little promo done for his board sponsor primitive we’ll see how he’s gates but yesterday it killed the vibe he’s warming up right now at the skate plug I’m not sure how he’s feeling but I’m just gonna film him doing his warm-up stuff yeah this sucks after work we’ll see if this affects my filming [Music] [Music] what is next Janice good something simple like a backflip or something [Music] big spin boardslide on this [Music] you warmed up [Music] the main reason we came out to Reno there’s this gap to rock gap it’s when I usually skating my videos from way back and also a 10 stair so we’re heading to a rock gap and attend stair both really good spots [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] there you go [Music] right now [Music] today is easy for you good [Music] [Music] watch me to care [Music] me alibis show me to my earth got the clip what do you propose I’m going to get you eventually [Music] let’s go come on your bike [Music] whoa three sterilize this place uh scotch [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] fatality [Music] all of this [Music] take notes good no no good I’m here to inform you guys that Massa me has her fingers fully twisted filming this right now pull the twisted hands backwards which you guys see not really sure what she’s filming it could be key nosegays eyebrow it could be trails left but she could be my left but she doesn’t know no ideas she’s not aware even a bead you know escape your favorite artist right now it’s your favorite artists right now let us know who’s your favorite who’s playing right now who’s playing who is this the artist who’s the artist who is this artist what music is this it’s baby guy acts like he doesn’t even care about baby dude if guy acts like he’s ever had a pair of g-star bras and I did Todd tell piece of turd but you’re a monkey headed yeah you must get hurt but


  1. Bro,I'd take getting hurt over getting up early 5 or 6 days week 10hrs a day at a crap job.. if I had a chance at making money skating I'd take that anyway.. lmao

  2. Damn i aint ever skated in my life and i love watching these videos man keep it up!!

    Also do all asians have nice skin man, everbody looks acne free out there lol

  3. Luis, I used to watch your channel back in 2016 but stopped watching at some point after. Watched a couple of your new videos recently and it really looks like you and your channel have matured a lot. I’m enjoying the past couple vids. Good shit man.

  4. スケボーしてるときのあの熱中してる


  5. I ride mx and it's tough, but when I see a skater busting his ass and his balls to get 1 trick right , I have nothing but respect for you rad motherfuckers !!! The dedication and love for a sport you like is very much respected. God bless you talented skaters and those soon to come

  6. Wtf Reno my cousins live there I wish I could meet you some day hopefully and thanks for this video I started skating and learned a kick flip in two days and now I can land it most of the time and still working on kickflip keep making video because they give me such inspiration to skate

  7. I've lived and skated here my whole life. Reno is hard AF to skate. No perfect spots here. I understand this kids pain.

  8. I noticed that when I skated in the late 80's there were different shapes of signature boards. But now they seem to be universial, tail and nose both same angle

  9. my set up just got broke last night some cars ran over it and it broke in the middle and now i have nothing to do i can't skate anymore :<

  10. Hi Luis just a question for u. I started sk8boarding at the end of last october at 25yo. I know it's kinda late but I'm learning and having such a good time. I landed some tricks and my first gaps and bowl riding. But…. it's 2.5 months I'm struggling with kickflip. Like I can flip the board, catching it with my back foot but I always touch the groung with my front foot before the board does. Do you think anyone can learn the kickflip? Is it normal (or kinda) that it's taking me so much time?

    BTW love your videos man! they're so inspiring! keep it up!!

  11. What’s the song at the end when they’re in the car? Is it actually by someone named baby doobie or they were just joking?

  12. "oliver tree – hurt". Have you thought about putting it in the background in some video, it's very good.

    I really like your videos and it really inspires me to skate

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