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The Quintuple Jump in Figure Skating (ft. Shoma Uno) | Is It Possible?

The Quintuple Jump in Figure Skating (ft. Shoma Uno) | Is It Possible?

Hello, I’m Shoma Uno. If you want to keep
competing at the top, you definitely
need to hit quadruples. To hit a quadruple jump, you take off from the ice,
spin four times, and land. Is it possible to hit
A QUINTUPLE JUMP?) Figure skating is one of the more mesmerising
Olympic sports. But, behind all
the highs and lows, the kisses and the cries, lies a whole load
of jumping history. What do you mean, you can’t
remember that far back? I think we’re going to need
a montage. Figure skating has been
evolving for decades, even before skaters
started battling for Olympic gold in 1908. (GENUINE BLACK & WHITE FOOTAGE) Let’s start with an Axel.
Axel Paulsen, to be precise – the Norwegian who
landed his namesake single jump for the first time
all the way back in 1882. From then on, skaters continued
to lay down new jumps. The toe loop, the Salchow,
the loop, the flip, the Lutz, the kangaroo. OK, wait,
I made the last one up. Sorry. The next step? More rotations. Single jumps
turned into doubles, which turned into triples. Then came the quad revolution, when Kurt Browning landed
the first quadruple, a toe loop, back in 1988. He paved the way for a new era
in the men’s competition. Today, male and female
skating pioneers are taking jumping
to greater heights. Is it only a matter of time
before the quintuple becomes the new hottest
property in figure skating? Shoma Uno is one of the best
figure skaters on the planet. In fact, he has
an Olympic medal to prove it. In our quest to explore the
frontiers in figure skating, I asked Shoma, “The quintuple
jump – is it possible?” The quadruple jump
was previously considered as an unrealistic thing
for human beings. But now, the fact that so many
skaters hit it almost naturally means somebody will land
a quintuple someday, although I’m not sure
if I could do it or not. I landed a triple jump and then a quadruple
before the triple axel. As for jumping, the height,
breadth and spin speed are all different
depending on the skater, And what you need is,
I never thought of it when I tried quadruples, so, whether it’s a quintuple
or a quadruple, to imagine yourself doing well and just execute it
with your body. That’s all for me… So, it all boils down
to the…science-y stuff. Confused yet? Let’s break it down. For a quad jump, skaters spent less
than 0.7 seconds in the air. They have to leap
around half a metre to be at the optimum height
to land a quadruple. For a quintuple, more rotational energy
is needed at takeoff to increase angular momentum. They also need to jump higher and, most importantly,
spin faster, averaging nearer 400 rpm. Clearly, the quintuple remains
a thus-far elusive feat. But is it possible? Let’s hear from
some qualified voices. It’s a race against gravity. Is there enough time in the air
to get five revolutions done? This is, I think,
the biggest question. Most quad jumps
aren’t necessarily exactly four revolutions
in the air. So if you were going to do
a quintuple toe loop, you now need to do,
give or take, 4½ revolutions in the air. Looking at landing impacts
and jumping up in the air, the quad and the triple
are pretty similar. They’re in the air roughly
the same amount of time as they are for the triple. But the spin rate
has to increase. Do you want to know what
five rotations feels like? When you ask me
if this generation of skaters are going to include
the person who would be the first to land a quint,
I probably would say no. Because the best ones
are trying to stay healthy. Maybe they wouldn’t
take the risk. It’s the generation that
we don’t quite know yet, who don’t have as much to risk,
and that was me in 1988. Incredible! A landed
quadruple jump in competition. It requires a high level
of technique, and you might get injured. And it’s uncharted
territory for us as there is no-one
that ever landed before. But if someone hit a quintuple,
then many skaters would follow. (IS IT POSSIBLE?) Watch Olympic Channel and learn more about “Is It Possible?”

100 thoughts on “The Quintuple Jump in Figure Skating (ft. Shoma Uno) | Is It Possible?”

  1. I don't think quintuple jumps will be a possibility until new technology for boots and blades emerges. Right now it seems they are just outside of the realm of human ability, just as the quad axel is just within (according to Brian Orser, who says Yuzuru Hanyu has landed the quad axel in practice). But a small development in the way that skates work could be the tipping point that allows a person to do a quintuple jump.

  2. If it does not Trusova, will do it Akatieva, and if not, will Zhilina. In the end it does not matter, the only truth is that will be a student of Tutberidze who first will make a quint.

  3. Я вообще удивляюсь как он взял серебро на Олимпийских играх

  4. I literally hardly ever hear from Shoma Uno, the cute little this interview is simply WONDERFUL! One day he'll definitely get the gold!! ^^ Gosh he's got figure skating skills

  5. У нас девченки четверные прыгают, мне кажется, лет через пять смогут и пятерной ? ?From Russia

  6. take a boyang jin's or mikhail kolyada's height, add a stephen gogolev's rotation speed, and you'll have not only five, but probably six rotations. shoma uno jumps are smaller than the jumps of girls. alexandra trusova's 4T is 63 cm high on average. shoma uno's 4T is 54 cm.

  7. 4Aより先に昌磨くんが5T飛びそう?

  8. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️SHOMA!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. I think olympic channel found the right skater for this segment as shoma uno decided to try practicing 5T. So lets wait and see!

  10. Uno's quad is not really quad, it's only 3.25. PLEASE improve your quad's jumping technology before quintuple. ABOUT FLIP, DON'T use your hole blade after toe. I don't want to see FLOOP= = It's very UNFAIR for other skaters.

  11. I think it's possible. Look at the Kolyada's quad Lutz. He has almost zero prerotation on takeoff and zero on landing–that means he's rotating a full 4 revolutions in the air. He even had to unwind the jump early to avoid overrotating it!

    You are always allowed to have 90 degrees prerotation on landing, and for several types of jumps, you can have 180 degrees prerotation on takeoff. This means a quint jump can really be just 4.25 revolutions in the air. Given that Kolyada's quad Lutz was a full 4 revolutions in the air already, it seems possible.

  12. フリップもルッツも跳べていないのに高得点の不思議

  13. Can I just say that 5 Quads in a single free style routine was thought of as impossible at one time and now we have a skater who did that not once but multiple times.

  14. While it would be amazing for quins people need to stop the pressure they're amazing at what they do already!

  15. Shoma ?❤️ my favorite one ever!! So sweet.. pls marry my sister you're too young for me

  16. Why you didnt include the girls who can jump cuadruple jumps?? I hope the first pearson who land a 5 rotation jump be a girl

  17. Remember the back flip? Some things are just too dangerous. Maybe some time in my life I'll see a quint, but I'm just happy to see Yuzuru Hanyu succeed.

  18. I don't understand why shoma is talking about quints when he cant even do a textbook quad… or lutz… (all hail king hanyu)

  19. Someone made a quint.But with a rod.he's name is Maxim Beliavski.From Russia.I think he's either 12 or 13 years old.

  20. 2:36 that’s the thing with dance. If you can’t envision it it’s very hard to achieve it

  21. オリンピックチャンネルだからもう少しましなことを書いているかと思ったのですが、これでは、単に宇野選手の「5回転跳びます」宣言を鵜呑みにしただけですね。












  22. "It's uncharted territory for us, as there is no one that ever landed before. But if someone hit a quintuple, then many skaters would follow." It was like that with the quadruple jump. The impossible is truly "made possible" by the first person to do the impossible. Others follow.

  23. Shoma is so talented and the cutest skater to have ever graced this sport. He's kinda an inspiration for me – the athlete with the not so ideal body for the sport… but breaks barriers anyway

  24. Не знаю, не знаю, как 5 оборотов, но 6 оборотов точно не сможет, либо внутрь прыгуна поставить двигатель Шауберга и антигравицап…

  25. If it's possible for skaters to do helicopter spins.. There will be new ice sports division called stunt skating… The flat ice version of skateboarding

  26. To do a quintuple, a skater will need to go as fast as people used to skate in the 1980's like Sabovcik and Boitano. They will have to jump as high as Sabovcik, but spin as fast as Nathan Chen in the air. Sabovcik gets probably 12-18 inches higher than anybody today gets on his quad toe. He rotates quickly but nowhere as fast as Chen…. I think people today go slower and concentrate on the quick rotation for control and consistency. They don't transfer their weight as far through(away from the foot leaving the ice) as say a Sabovcik. Sabovcik will kick his free leg almost above his waist and almost as far out in front of him as well on his triple axel. If you watch his triple axel from the 1983 Europeans Lp, you will see a triple axel that I would guess is about 40 inches high, if Nathan chen were that high, I can guarantee, he would do a quad axel probably more easily than he did his 3 axel last season(which was the most consistent I have ever seen him do it). Without extremely good technique and incredible freak of nature genetics for super low polar moment and explosive fast twitch muscle fibers, nobody will be able to match Sabovciks weight transfer and vault to get the height. Additional speed, while to a large degree helps the physics for power lift and trajectory of the jump, it also diminishes the margin for error which decreases the level of consistency and compounds the risk for injury to the skater. So, to do 5 revolutions, a skater will somehow need to continually refine technique in such a way as to increase level of technique, speed, vault, lift, distance and maximize jump trajectory as to maximize every ounce of biomechanical advantage to combine Sabovcik and Chen while at the same time not getting injured. The impact of the quad landing is supposed to be exponentially greater that that of a triple. This hypothetical person will somehow need to overcome this added load to succeed. Possibly, the jump technique could be adapted to somehow incorporate a slightly greater distance component/ vector to the jump trajectory to have more speed to carry out so the impact of the fall would be more dispersed with some travel as opposed to dropping out of the air straight down with no carry out…

  27. Person Skates ( got 4 spins jump)
    Competitors: let beat this
    1/2 of competitor gets 4 spins jump
    Person skates ( got 5 spins jump)
    Competitors: let beat this
    1/2 of competitor gets 5 spins jump
    Person skates ( got 6 spin jump)

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