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Olá YouTube my name is Ricardo lino and a wheel addict today I have to admit that I’m excited I’m excited because I’m
going to show you my favorite skate as a nontrinitarian side art coryville but as
I told you before I also like the Trinity skates a lot and now imagine if
you can mix both and that’s what we’re gonna do today with Tomas so first you
want to introduce yourself what you do and what skate we’re gonna be talking
today well my name is Tomas I work for
powerslide basically for the powerslide urban division and as Ricardo lady told
you we mixed one of the our best-selling and best freestyle free skate skate
which is hardcore Eva we mix it with the Trinity mount and now probably for the
first time we are showing you this complete sketch which belongs to open eh
applaud the shell and the other construction is the same as hardcore Eva
2017 the main difference is that the padding around the ankle is much stiffer
thanks to it the skate is much more response and it’s much better for for
freestyle slalom and free and free skate the main difference is that the hardcore
Eva boot was designed for slalom like for example the heel heel is much higher
than in for example taos case or any other FISC I’d free skate or freestyle
skate because in Salomon is really important to have the heel a little bit
higher it’s around five millimeters higher and the second thing which is
really important in the freestyle slalom skate is that toe area toe area as you
can see is quite flat here and also got the special toe strap because during the
slalom when you do the Wheeling’s like the front protein-linked you can your
toes has to be straight you cannot allow your toes to do like this that’s why the
front of the prod of the of the skate is quite flat and also you can put the
strap on really hard so your toes your toes are really secure in the skate
and you can do all the Wheeling’s and all the tricks really do really easy and
of course the biggest change is the amount because now
the hardcore evil will be with the Trinity mount so you have two axles in
the front and one axles in the backs and thanks to this even with the three big
wheels you are very very low and very close to the ground and thanks to this
you can use our new katana pre rocked frame which can fit like wheels still
three times 90 millimetres Paulina here is she’s using wheels undercover eighty
four millimeter wheels with the frame which is pre rocked which which means
that the first and the second wheel can go up or down so you can make like let’s
call it banana because but because normally when you have four wheels to do
that banana setup you use smaller wheels or the risk goes up on the fourth
position with the free wheels you take second and third wheel they go a little
bit down so the first wheel doesn’t touch the ground and this is reworked
for that for the few wheels so as you already seen with for example Lorenzo
goes landy with Christina Chaplin who gained some medals at the Europeans with
the with the free wheels the next step is of course hardcore evil our freestyle
skate price-wise should be the same as hardcover 2017 the construction works
really well for the first epsilon skater so there was nothing extra to change
this boot is 100% hit multiple it means that not only the padding inside can be
can be heat moldable but also the carbon shell is 100% heat moldable so before
the first years of after first if you have any pressure points you can just
put it to the oven at your home heat molded and you’ll feel perfectly to your
foot and the most important which people still don’t think about it is the
trinity mount is the only mount on the market that having one boat you can put
katana frame with three times 90 then you can put three times three times 100
feet times 110 and fit as 125 brisket flat frisket frames for the short frame
but also with this boat you can put SUV frame three times for her 25 or Peters
150 or two times 150 but not that’s not all this is the only free sky skate and
you can mount a speed brains because normally on the phone the
free skate frames free skate skate you have 165 mounting it means that it can
only fit there and free skate frames with a trinity mount to this skate you
can put speed four times 110 frame and do for example downhill or you can put
three times one had 25 speed frame so the longer frame which is really
important for I don’t know for the long-distance skating or downhill
skating or any or anything else so with one boot you can combine speed frames
the free skate friend and what is also new we already saw at me at Lena we
already saw it on the power slide book I don’t know if he already show you this
but parasite is propelling also an ice blade on the on the Trinity mount I know
some some skaters and parts that already tested it with the towel skate and it
gives a incredible feeling because the ice blade is really really low it’s it
feels like skating skating on wheels so once again with a one boot which you can
hit multiple and make it perfect to your feet you can have ice skates you can
have downhill skates you can have skates for the long distance KT we have
freestyle frame you can do slides with them and it’s all evolved one boat which
will at least what I know straight from the box it’s one of those boats with
sweat of the box this really fits well there are no pressure points no ankle
pain and for me come on all black can you want more so yeah probably there are
some things which I forgot so sorry about that for sure when this when this
guide will hit the market you will see more press release about it more details
but looking at it and holding it I’m really thinking about getting one from
one from from me the size of skates are perfect for me
so that’s why I really love them don’t have any free place on skates so I give
them to my students to try to skate on them why did you get the skates before
your sister’s it’s hard question I don’t know really only because like before
hardcore eva was released and put to the production we really want to test it and
to be sure that they are today out there okay so this is another question why
they made a size 40 because it’s about its Paulina size so they made size 14
Holly yeah but normally sample should be 41
but in our in our team like we have also a girl so we wanted to be sure that the
goddess kite also feeds girls so they made size 40 and the girl who skate size
40 is Pauline and that’s why she got the skies first okay perfect so if you’re
still starting to skate what you should know is if you focus
that much at skating just like Pauline maybe one day a company like powerslide
will make a skate that you’ll be the first one to skate and you’ll be as
lucky as her so keep training but I always say is just don’t forget why we
all started skating because it’s fun and other than that if this is the first
video you’re watching maybe don’t forget to subscribe and if you liked it thumbs
up that’s it Cheers see you soon


  1. nice boot. seems like powerslide is finally catching up to seba when it comes to slalom boots. would be interesting to see a review from a non-sponsored slalom skater who knows

  2. Wow I’d love to attend that show someday! Thanks for the coverage – also, Ricardo you are rocking the Steve Zissou look in this clip 🙂 hehe

  3. Hi, how do you feel about the raised heel he mentioned for various skating purposes? Someday I want to get the Tau or the HC. Thanks for the cool channel.

  4. I really enjoy skating in the street, doing some jumps, and some sliding, which would be better, hardcore evo, TAU or kaze please? I just can't seem to figure out.. (they say the TAU is more narrow, is this true? worries me too… sure don't wanna spend 450 pounds and get something i don't feel comfortable with..) thanks in advanced!!

  5. It would be nice if Powerslide or Seba would make a boot like these for larger skaters. I can never seem to find anything I want that fits my style or my feet

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