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[Music] hey tell the Vengeance care and welcome today’s video now a lot of you have asked me to review this case cost less than $100 are they good are they not let’s check that out knocks hello MF 500 HP yes I said it Excel Oh after many years making fitness skates they finally made something different we have recently released some freeride skates full of features for a low price but what are all these features for less than $100 you’re getting some hardshell boots with a possibility to remove and replace multiple parts like fur cuff the liner be 45 degree strap we have bracelet pads and reframes these kids come with CNC machine frames that can be replaced with any frame you want in the moment become if I stand at 165 millimeters mount and speaking of frame mods these skates have metal plates on them with multiple holes to give more options for the user they come with either a 251 millimeters or two 43 millimeters frames depending on your skates eyes mine is a 2 fridge one frame because I have small feet these skates come with 76 or 80 millimetres wheels also depending on the skate size but we have a hardness of 82 a and I don’t find them suitable for this type of inline skates more on that later now let’s go make a spin and see how they feel for a price I was expecting something terrible but I have to say van I’m quite pleased with all the features they have and how they feel but it’s not perfect the liner is decent without being extraordinaire we are comfortable wrap your feet securely but I felt the liner moved a little bit inside the boot especially in the toe area the cuffs give the secure fit but we tend to move way too much especially in the moments when you don’t want them to move I try to tighten the bolts but they didn’t change anything Plus tighten this curves is a real process due to how they are designed [Applause] [Music] the frames forced to rig enough I have a nice few of those but I find them a little bit heavy I think that the geometry can be improved to reduce weight and gain more stiffness but again if you look at the price versus knocking to complain really the 45-degree micro ratchet strap locks your Hale securely they suspiciously look the same as the sever ones but we have been made with a softer material I don’t know it will be durable but it works well now for the wheels I still think they are too soft for this type of inline skates where people will want to experience things learn the basic Swift especially ways to stop like the power slide the L stop and many other stuff in techniques an at4 a would be enough it’s right between soft and hard they have a longer lifetime and there’s a lot you can do with those okay after a quick spin let’s put them in a full record set up and do some moves I wish the poles were cheaper I can only put the tip of my le keys keys because they required two tools to remove each wheel before reprise verses nothing to complain about so for freestyle skating and was happy with how well these skates were behaving I was specially happy with these frames I just had a problem with the cuffs moving way too much sometimes just cancelling my tricks but overall they felt great and I was really having fun with those [Music] I would say biscuits are for people who want to snuggle and skating without spending a lot and still want great features with our skates so do I recommend them actually yes I’m legit impressed with what oxalá has done with his skates and I’m curious to see what they’re gonna do next maybe a higher-end version of these skates waitressed get set up maybe anyway well done alright so thank you very much for watching this video don’t forget to subscribe and please help make your desk anymore a popper by sharing this video to your friends you can change everything think about it alright guys see you in the next [Music]


  1. 82A is terrible, even for fitness skates, and they'll totally wear off within a few months heavy use… 🙁
    85A seems a minimum for freeride skates.

  2. Tiago Inline Skater Hi Tiago! I can't watch the video right Now because my internet connection sucks, but i was wondering if you could tell me what skates do you recommend for a big Guy like me (5'10 248lbs).
    I want to try skating, and think that it will Help me lose weight .i want to do Urban skating. Also affordable ,and whats the best place to shop. thank you.

  3. A ce prix vaut mieux des frx. Laissons oxelo se faire la main dans la domaine, on retournera voir leurs produits dans quelques années ?

  4. You make sutch amasing videos! Maby my younger brother should get some of those! I have made almost my hole family start inline skating! I wonder, can you revew the rollerblade RB 110 3wd please? That would be amasing…. you are the best!

  5. Whats the all differences between oxelo mf 500 and powerslide imperial one 80
    My all friends use oxelo buy İ bought imperial.

  6. Hi. You was my motivation to buy skates, and I did it ! I have bought Imperial Pro. I have been no ride for a long time. So I got one question to you: A feel a pain near my ankle after 10-20min ride. Is it noormal at the begining? 🙂
    BR. Kacper

  7. I’m glad to hear that all these skates are a good entry purchase. I always worry that skates at the lowest price point are cutting corners in places which truly hurt the experience for the user. For 100 they look very good and by their specs seem to be quite the good purchase. And just so you know Tiago, when you say “you can change everything” I have actually done so for a few younger kids here in my town. I gave them a couple pointers and so they are skating quite happily.

  8. Salut Tiago, tu les as vus à défense ? J'ai pas l'impression qu'ils soient dispos… Faut les commander sans doute.

  9. Hey dude, nice video bro, thanks for that, now I can compare a nice one with a more cheap, soon I will upgrade my skates and try to get better. Thanks.

  10. Hey Tiago, my french friend. How are you? Once again you delivered a great job. Are you still in Angola ??? Have a good time, rolling.

  11. The parts that oxello makes (axis, bearings, wheels) are rather decent. So may be is not bad to have such a skates, as a second pair. Nice vid as always,Tiago)

  12. With my new skates I have one boot that is good and one that hurts my foot. I believe its a foot problem more than a skate one, but do you know how I can make it more comfortable?

  13. Sweet! Thanks for the review! And I LOVE your sign-off line! I’ve been catching myself saying it to friends. “You can change everything. Think about it.”

  14. now a review of their agressive skates, i've tried them on the other day. skating itself was really easy.
    but i dont know any tricks, so i cant judge on that

  15. Great review, any tips on sizing or is it just regular shoe size? My girlfriend wants to start and something like this would be perfect.

  16. Thank you for reviewing those ones. I will buy a pair next week unless I will be really unhappy with the dancing liners.

  17. Can you do a full review on the Seba frx 80? I’m planning to buy these as my first skates. Could you go into depth about how they would fit a woman’s foot? I’m still unsure as to whether they would fit my feet and the women’s skates are unavailable in my size everywhere I’ve checked

  18. I have been watching your videos for about a week now I saw another video of someone else and I recommend your next tutorial if you make one. It should be how to properly by inline skates used on a website such as Craigslist or whatever website you so choose as I am in the buying range of 50-100$ u.s currency as I am located in u.s / your equivalent of 50-100$ transfered to your currency. anyways your videos helped a lot and keep up the good work. I am still in highschool so please excuse spelling errors.

  19. Bonjour 🙂
    Peut être que ce sont des bons rollers pour donner envie de tester du patin de freeskate, tout le monde ne peut pas dépenser 300 EUR dans des rollers.
    Mais par contre je les trouve tres haut. C'est peut être du aux roues de 76?

  20. Whatever about the skates, I can watch you weave your magic on rockered skates all day.
    I rockered my FR1's, love it.

  21. Today I,ve bought them. Switched from fitness rollerblades. Hope they will help me to start with freeride skating

  22. very good review really.
    though the quality of skates is really bad. the oxelo's 2 side keys is very annoying. same quality skates can be bought for even cheaper price somewhere on aliexpress.
    it's rather better to invest in seba and have 1 pair of seba, than 4 pairs of oxelotrash 🙂

  23. These seem ok. I am looking for a new pair of freerides within the $150-$200USD range. The straps on my K2 Ascents broke during some hard tricks so I am looking to upgrade to something more durable 🙂

  24. Tiago at 4:20 you appear to be running but also rolling backwards.
    How do you do that? And maybe you could do a videobon that, id love to learn how to do it

  25. wish you could try those roselle freestyle and some other chinese brands you find on aliexpress, they are beauty skates , cheap, but I do not know they good

  26. Dude. Even though skates are not that bad at the first sight, the major problem is that Decathlon do not give a flying f… about skating. The money spend on these is a money that will NEVER be reinvested in an innovative technology, sponsorship, community events and so on.

    Grab a pair of entry level Seba, Powerslide, Rollerblade or even Roces skates – all have offerings suitable for freeskating and you can actually contribute to growth of skating that way.

    Additionally, such cheap skates are made out of low quality materials. Give it some time – usually a couple of months – and shells become soft and flexible, liner foams compress and material starts to bristle and frazzle. Frames are made out of low quality soft alloy and that's why they went for two piece axles – to not have to bother with damaged threads in frames. Basic jumps can bend such frames easily.

    You have just "reviewed" and recommended poor quality product made by a corporation that only cares about taking skaters bucks and giving nothing in return, based on a very limited time spent with said product. This belongs in a trash bin and can do more harm than good.

    Skate these at lease three times a week for at least two months and then come back with feedback. What you have done is a great example how to NOT test a skate.

  27. Thanks Tiago for review. I have one of those but they are hurting my ankles. The cuff screws are in contact with my ankles (sharp edges of nuts). I was thinking about replacing those screws and nuts with different ones (maybe with nuts with profiled edges) but I'm not able to unscrew them. The nut is round and has two holes in it, so when I'm trying to unscrew the screw it keeps rotating. You mentioned that you tight it up, what tool did you used?

  28. Thanks!

    I'm in Hong Kong, and the product is available but doesn't even have reviews on the store website. Reviews at the UK store's site help. Your video helps. Thanks, merci, and m4 goi1 sai3!

  29. Tiago you are da man hombre. Great review on skates i allways see would never buy but allways wondered about. Thanks brother.

  30. Thanks for the video, please help me to choose which one is better for me since I am learning to ride and will do tricks and stunts in future, should I go for oxelo freeride 5 or oxelo MF 500 please guide and thank you

  31. which one should i get? considering Oxelo MF500 and Rollerblade Spark 80. Dont know which one to get for first skates 🙁 please halp

  32. I am also purchase this is simply super mindblowing super quality don't purchase China shoes because I have a waste lot of money , please purchase this types of branded shoes oxcello is simply super

  33. Can you change the strap on the cuff, I have these and they are a pain in the back, can't tighten them enough, is so how and where could I get a good metal strap instead. Thanks.

  34. mine came with 80mm wheels with 86a hardness. maybe it's a new version or the larger wheels are harder

  35. I got mine and been skating for about a month or two. So far it's been doing great. Thanks for this video! Keep it up!

  36. I've had been very frequently using mine for half a year already and I'm still very happy with them. They're holding great, and everything is easily replaceable anyway if needed or wanted to.
    The wheels are indeed soft, but I've been thinking about something: given the price and the brand, while being very decent skates they're still primarily beginner oriented. And nowadays there's a lot of beginners that learn on indoor classes. Softer wheels being grippier and more reliable for a beginner is another factor. As is economy as well, of course.
    The bearings aren't any good either, but here, too, slower can mean safer.
    I must say I already had better of both things when I bought the skates, but they're things that will need replacing fast anyway, specially on almost any cheaper skate stock wheels. We're just talking sooner. The bearings do their job.
    The liner could indeed be better, but we're talking about a less than 90€ skate.
    I'm happy with them right now, and when I can afford it I'll change the liner, I'll add some three wheels frame to my options, I might replace the straps (and the cuffs' bolts! There must be a simple way to take that bolt out and put something that works… I find the flex comfortable and still responsive, but it bothers me!?). Eventually the boot even, but hey, they'll take a lot of upgrading until I can afford those beautiful Adapts…

  37. I am having this pair too, however the cuff problem is somehow very annoying as I cant feel the power transfer accurately. And the boots are too stiff and heavy for a girl.

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