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The Maiden Voyage of a Liveaboard Sailboat Sailing to Ibiza Spain

The Maiden Voyage of a Liveaboard Sailboat Sailing to Ibiza Spain

Oh no… The crew consists of three humans.
Dylan Magaster, seven-day sailing experience, Skipper.
Jackson Peters, two months as a deckhand, Admiral. Tara Wear, five days sailing
from Colombia to Panama, Treasurer. The Balearic Islands resting in the western
part of the Mediterranean. The Plan. Sail from Barcelona Spain to Mallorca and
onward to Ibiza. The vessel yet to be purchased. You can’t make yourself
interested in something. Interest manifests itself and grips you. That’s a
whole different thing. You’re compelled forward by your interest. Welcome to See++ the vessel that’ll take
us all over the Mediterranean from Greece to Spain actually from Spain to Greece, hopefully to Israel, this is Sea++. The deal was done for $10,000 and we were committed to the
artist formerly known as See++ and all of her beauty and all of her faults. As you can see, it’s not like perfect condition. Egh it’s ugh super thick. Just in case. The engine was taken out, disassembled completely. Tiny tiny oil leak, but it runs great. She was a little bit beaten down but the necessity, potential, and the vision were there. Now, it is time for action. Organize your local landscape. Schedule your time. Start taking control of yourself. See if you can stop saying things you know to be lies. Out here killing mold. This is a process of soul-searching. Bathroom time…you have to figure out what it is. What will work for you. Miscellaneous hardware, miscellaneous
miscellaneous, miscellaneous plugs. First time out! We got a ship coming in here. You get one shot at this gig right here. LIFE. So you have to go into the unknown and that’s that’s God’s first command, go into the unknown. Gage doesn’t work. We are going to Mallorca! Well, it’s excitement at the moment. So yeah we’ll see, it’s an overnight sail…
our first sail! We’re off! Woo! Raise the main. Raise the main sheet. Okay! We’re sailing! Sea++ Sea++. Come in.This is Sea++ furling out the head sail. 13 to 15 knots of wind. Go ahead and enjoy! And the most important thing to learn is that we have so much to learn. We all do. And we can learn from school
and from people and from experience and we learn from life. It’s a pretty tumultuous sea. Stop the pressings! Captain Matthias the captain of the cruise ship we were on
said that just a little bit alcohol helps settle the stomach, allegedly. In
the sun able to look out it it’s not too bad. Trying to adjust just the out haul so that we don’t get so much weather helm. Oops. We sailed for like four hours with a ugh not fully tensioned luff. So again I guess it’s good we got it now. There was Braddock at a big table with a
party called Francis Klein and Mrs. Braddock’s and several people I did not know. The sea at night is unlike anything I’ve
known. The dark immense below the vast array of stars and planetary bodies
overhead traversing the fragile line in between. With Mars as our heading, I began the first watch. Then ease the main sheet. What do you see, Cap? Land ho! Oh, where did that come from? Ouch. Some mysterious way we lost 60
gallons of water. It was going perfectly according to plan until I gave it too
much forward. Can you see that? That is a little ding on the bow. *screeching* So we’re gonna get hit with a
nice little storm tonight so that’ll be fun because it’s our first night on anchor. Make sure there’s a couple wraps around the winch. Two head sails were coming unfurled. Our anchor is holding, that would totally blow if it wasn’t, but thank the Lord it’s totally working. Sailing Vessel Swift. This is Swift, copy. We just pickled the outboard engine. Ouch. Here we go. Here goes nothing. It’s chilly. We had it locked onto the dinghy and then the ferry came by and we got hit with a giant wave
and the halyard was still attached to the engine and so the dinghy went down
the halyard went up the engine went over and then down. You got it? Got it. I didn’t cinch it though. Many boaters would certainly agree that one of the most character building situations in recreational boating is
dealing with an engine that has slipped it’s mount and needs recovery from the deep also known as pickling an engine. We need to go around the island down here to Ibiza which is this island down here and there’s a little town of Ibiza. It should
be relatively quick but we’ll see how it goes. Finally filling up with gasoline. Although it is diesel. So we’re checking the wind here so we’ll be headed right into the wind. We’re gonna
have to motor some of it, unfortunately. Goodbye Swift! Sea God’s may you look upon us with
grace. Big love. It would appear that we have a problem. What you cooking down
there? *alarm sounding* The engine is all wet. Is that where the waters gone? I would guess that was a coolant leak, but that leak is no idea and the engine is like 200 degrees. Oh, was it just this? Might have just been that popped off. That might be the culprit but not positive. It is quite rocky down here. Oh boy, oh Jesus. You feeling sick? Not yet… I think it’s fine. Engine’s spewing coolant all over the place and that changes all of our plans. Got issues. People call it Murphy’s Law anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Don’t necessarily believe
in Murphy’s Law but maybe right now I am! Why am I using a flashlight? We’ve got…*turns lights on, laughter* That is not that funny but man… We’re still having motor problems. 17:30
yesterday we left now it’s 14:35 and we’re back at the place we anchored last
night. It’s literally an hour walk from where we anchored two nights ago. We’re walking. I’ve almost got this thermostat off. Engine block is in the way. This here is a thermostat. The way you test this is you put it in a container of water and boil it. It would
appear that our thermostat is functioning. I don’t know what the issue
is now. The wind looks good today and it should carry us the full way from a beam
reach to a broad reach. You can see the wind right there you can see wind behind us
but we’re in another calm. Reading both pages and we got two jibe preventers. Stay on this point of sail and at this bearing for another six point six nautical miles. In order to get any oil out of a diesel
marine engine you have to siphon it out. It’s working! It’s totally working.

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  1. Hello Everybody! I hope you enjoyed this journey together. We are trying to continue to provide you with 1-2 videos a week. Turn on your channel notifications so you don't miss a video! If you really love the work, support on Patreon. What are you doing this week that scares you?

  2. Check the strainers on your sea water system, if they are blocked then you won't have enough sea water to cool the engine. Another good thing to check after that would be the coolant and seawater pumps. They will probably be in a really horrible place under the engine somewhere. Hope that helps. Could also have air in the system, check for vent plugs and try to bleed off any air from the highest point In Either coolant system

  3. I'm subbed to loads of sailing channels on my other channel, I'm going to have to ad y'all. seems authentic and great learning experience for everyone!

  4. Hey man quick tip from a fellow sailor. the flatter your sail is the less pressure you have roughly. so before dropping a sail check the tention. In light winds you can ease the control lines. but in medium/high winds make sure you pull the sails flat. Have fun out there

  5. hey there! really nice video and wish you best of luck on your upcoming trips! how big is that boat and whats the make? it looks really good for a price of 10k!

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  7. As a former US Navy sailor and sailboat owner, I watched this video in absolute horror………and yet, I kept watching. I'm rooting for you guys. Keep your hats and life jackets nearby, and look for my name scribbled high on the wall at the Dallas Bar in Palma

  8. Hey Dylan Magastar!!! No one can ever say that you are short on adventurous spirit. This quest would be quite an undertaking for anyone with the level of experience that you guys have but I admire your courage and faith in your own capabilities. I guess having that 'Everything is gonna be OK' attitude will take you far in life. Having a mini-crew certainly helps as you navigate the waterways. SAFE travels, Be Careful Out There and THANK YOU for sharing.

  9. I aggree with Friluftslivets gleder. You should wear LiFE JACKETS. That should be the FiRST thing you learned about sailing. You won´t have time to put them on if anything happens. ..And as a skipper you are responsible for your CREW as well. You might not look as cool as you want to with, but they´ll save your life. I know what I´m talking about. It´s just STUPID not to wear them! ..Except from that, great guys! 🙂

  10. The adventure only starts when the first thing goes wrong!

    This style of video is amazing because it includes the realistic problems that arise when taking on such a quest.

    Full sails to you guys!!

  11. Superb entertainment – this is your gen's equivalent of what we did and the thousand generations before us – adventure, singing and smoke

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  13. Its astonishing to see how you guys managed so well! Im 15 and i've sailed all my life and sailin can get very stressful… you get sleep deprived, theres always something to fix, and theres not a lot of relaxation?

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  16. Me, watching this:
    0:39 Wow, I have more sailing experience than 2/3 of these people! (I spent 14 days at the World Ocean School aboard the Schooner Roseway.) I should set out on a sailing adventure with my friends!
    9:04 Wow, their boat is on fire and they're all going to die!
    12:05 Okay, this looks fun again, let's do this!
    12:46 Nope they're going to end up a shipwreck…
    Well this was a rollercoaster! Good luck with your continuing journeys!

  17. My dad and I just stumbled upon your channel and man are we stoked to follow your journey. We watched all your videos in one go! Its a fresh take on sailing to watch you learn and make the same mistakes so many of us have done before. You seem to have a great attitude and perspective towards life which in the end is all you need. Looking forward to seeing more.
    Calm winds and following seas to you and your crew!

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