The Little Bear Movie

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪>>Come on, slow poke. We’re going to be late! Whoa! (Mumbling)>>Pudding Hill will still be there, Little Bear.>>But I want to be there too!>>Are you sure you’ve packed everything?>>Mm hm.>>Canteen?>>Check.>>Matches?>>Check.>>Marshmallows?>>Mmm, check.>>Raincoats?>>Check.>>Little Bear’s hat?>>Check.>>Two bed rolls?>>Check again. Can you close up the bag for me? Oh, and make sure I packed Fisherman Bear.>>Uh, check.>>Father Bear!>>Coming!>>Bye, dear.>>Oops. (Kissing) All right, let’s be on our way. Little Bear? (Kissing)>>Almost forgot. Pudding Hill–>>BOTH: Here we come! (Chuckling)>>Bye.>>Bye. Have a good time.>>We will.>>And be careful!>>We will. (Whistling)>>Last one to Pudding Hill’s a rotten egg!>>Hey, wait for me! (Laughing)>>Okay, Little Bear, slow down or you’ll get tired!>>Not me! (Laughing) Woo! Look at this, Father Bear.>>Mm hm. (Squirrels chattering) (Squirrels chattering)>>Hey! (Squirrels chattering) (Dragonfly humming) (Birds chirping)>>Whoa! (Laughing)>>Hey, I can’t see!>>Well, I can see for you, Father Bear.>>All right, I’ll trust you.>>Okay, walk straight. Straight. Straight. Faster. (Laughing) Uh oh, stop! Whoa! Turn left. Okay, go! (Water babbling)>>Do I hear a river?>>Mm hm. Now, one step up.>>Mm.>>Trust me, Father Bear.>>All right. You lead me.>>Okay, one step up. Good. Slow. Careful.>>Whoa!>>Steady.>>I’m trying, Little Bear.>>We’re almost there. And, jump down. Trust me, Father Bear.>>Mm.>>See, we made it!>>Good work, Little Bear. (Laughing)>>Phew. (Sniffing)>>What do you smell?>>The pine trees. (Inhaling)>>I smell the pine trees too. They smell different than other trees. (Sniffing)>>I smell something else, too. (Sniffing)>>You do?>>Rain.>>How can you smell rain?>>The air smells different when it’s going to rain. (Sniffing)>>It doesn’t look like it’s going to rain.>>Trust me. Father bears know these things. Just in case. (Laughing) ♪ It’s a great big world waiting waiting just for me ♪ ♪ Full of riddles, rocks and rivers ♪ ♪ As far as I can see ♪ ♪ It’s a brand new day ♪ ♪ Full of who knows ♪>>Come back! ♪ Where the sky goes when it hides from me ♪>>There’s Pudding Hill! ♪ There’s a great big tree ♪>>FATHER BEAR: Beautiful. ♪ Full of birds and leaves ♪ ♪ I can spy there ♪ Race you! ♪ Or just lie there ♪ ♪ As happy as can be ♪ ♪ As happy as can be ♪ ♪ It’s all inside of me ♪ ♪ Finding sticks and playing tricks and running like the wind ♪ ♪ Life is very extraordinary ♪ ♪ Whatever comes my way ♪ ♪ Doesn’t matter if it’s a rainy or a sunny day ♪ ♪ La la la la ♪ ♪ It’s a great big world ♪ ♪ La la la la la ♪ ♪ La la la la ♪ ♪ It’s a great big sky ♪ ♪ La la la la la ♪ ♪ La la la la ♪ ♪ High above the clouds ♪ ♪ La la la la la ♪ (Owl hooting)>>Interesting. (Yawning) I see the moon and the stars and the mountains.>>Mm.>>Father Bear, what’s on the other side of Pudding Hill?>>Wilderness.>>What’s wilderness?>>Well, it’s wild country.>>Wild country?>>Does anyone live in the wild country?>>Oh yes, all kinds of creatures. (Crickets chirping)>>There sure are a lot of crickets in the wild country.>>And frogs. (Wolf howling)>>What’s that?>>A wolf.>>Do wolves live in the wilderness?>>Uh huh.>>Do we know any wolves?>>No, I don’t think so. They’re pretty wild.>>Are there any bears in the wilderness?>>Oh yes, lots.>>Can we go say hello? (Laughing) (Yawning)>>Not tonight, Little Bear. ♪ ♪ (Yawning) (Yawning) (Eagle calling)>>What was that!?>>An eagle. (Crickets chirping)>>Do we know any eagles?>>I met one, once, a long time ago.>>Oh.>>Eagles bring good luck you know.>>They do? Father Bear?>>Mm hm?>>Are you asleep?>>Yes. (Laughing)>>You’re not asleep; you’re talking to me. (Snoring) (Laughing) Oh, Father Bear. (Laughing) (Snoring) (Laughing) (Eagle calling) (Laughing)>>Eagles. (Snoring) ♪ (Snorting) (Blowing)>>Father Bear? (Gasping) Hey! Those are my cookies! (Chirping) Hey, come back! Hey! Hello down there. (Chirps echoing)>>FATHER BEAR: Good morning, Little Bear.>>There you are, Father Bear. A gopher got our cookies.>>Don’t worry, I brought more.>>Oh, good.>>Little Bear, why don’t you go down to the stream and fill the canteen?>>All right. ♪ (Splashing)>>Hello? Who’s there? (Rustling) Father Bear? (Sniffing) Is that you? (Lapping) (Splashing) Oh, hello, little moose. I’m Little Bear. I– Hey! Come back! Wait! I won’t hurt you! (Splashing) Oh! I’ll get you! Hey! (Roaring)>>Whoa! What’s the matter?>>You scared away my breakfast.>>Your breakfast?>>That fish was going to be my breakfast.>>Oh, sorry.>>Who are you? And what are you doing in my stream?>>I’m Little Bear. And what do you mean “your stream”?>>I live here so it’s my stream.>>You live in the wilderness?>>The what?>>Are you a wild bear? (Screaming)>>You take that back!>>Take what back?>>I’m not wild. Say it! Say I’m not wild!>>All right, all right, you’re not wild.>>I’m just a bear.>>All right.>>Just like you.>>Okay. What’s your name?>>Cub. Wanna play?>>Sure, what do you want to– (Roaring) (Laughing) You play rough. (Screaming) (Laughing) (Stick cracking)>>What was that? (Laughing)>>Oh, what’s so funny?>>You are.>>Take that back!>>Wait! (Roaring)>>Uh oh. Mother!>>Take it back!>>MOOSE: Mother, Mother! (Sniffing) (Footsteps)>>Oh, hello. (Growling) I’m Little Bear. What’s your name? (Growling) You’re not afraid of me, too, are you?>>Afraid?>>Father Bear and I are camping out on Pudding Hill. It’s our favourite camping place.>>Father?>>I just met a new friend. His name is Cub. But he sure plays rough.>>Mm hm.>>I met a little moose, too. But he didn’t want to be friends. He ran away. Do you know him?>>No. Anyway– (Growling) Is that your tummy growling? You must be hungry.>>Famished. (Growling)>>Run! Hide!>>Why, what’s wrong? Oh. (Roaring)>>Good day and goodbye.>>Mother!>>I’ve been looking everywhere for you. Come on, Little Moose.>>But I want to stay here. I want to play with my new friends.>>You can play with them another day.>>Goodbye.>>Goodbye, Little Moose.>>You two should be more careful.>>Careful about what?>>That was a mountain lion.>>Oh, he wouldn’t tell me his name.>>His name is trouble. He would’ve eaten you!>>What?>>You have a lot to learn. (Eagle calling)>>That’s an eagle.>>I know that.>>My father bear met an eagle once.>>He did?>>Father Bear says that eagles bring good luck.>>Luck? There’s no such thing as luck. If it wasn’t for me– (Licking) You’d have been that mountain lion’s breakfast.>>Then you’re my good luck.>>Good luck would be something to eat. Come on, I’ll show you how to catch breakfast.>>No, come with me. Father Bear probably has breakfast ready. Oh!>>Hey!>>Father Bear!>>Oh! (Laughing) Uh oh, it got away.>>My fish!>>I see you’ve made a new friend.>>Father Bear, this is Cub. Cub is a wild– uh, I mean he’s just a bear who lives in the wilderness.>>Well, hello Cub. (Laughing)>>Go ahead, Cub. He’s not going to bite.>>Well, why don’t I catch one more of these and we’ll have breakfast.>>Mmm!>>What are you doing to them?>>Cooking them.>>Why?>>So they taste good. (Sniffing) (Roaring)>>Wait!>>Ow! It’s on fire!>>No, it’s just hot. You have to let it cool down. (Sniffing) (Licking)>>I don’t get it. (Roaring)>>Cub, stop eating the berries.>>Why? That’s what they’re for.>>We’re going to bring these back to Mother Bear. She loves wild raspberries.>>You think everything’s wild.>>Thanks. Hey, do you want to come to our house, Cub?>>Uh–>>Father Bear, can Cub come to our house?>>If it’s all right with his parents. Sure.>>Go tell your parents you’ll be back after dinner.>>Uh, okay.>>Look at all the berries we got, Father Bear.>>Ah, good for you, Little Bear.>>They said it was okay.>>Come on! (Laughing)>>FATHER BEAR: That’s not the way it works.>>Whoa!>>Everybody grab something.>>Last one home’s a rotten egg.>>That’s silly. How can anybody be a rotten egg?>>Hey, wait for me! (Laughing) ♪>>We’re here! (Sniffing) Cub? Come on.>>You live here?>>Sure, this is my house.>>House?>>Mother Bear! Mother Bear, we’re home.>>Oh! Oh, I missed you. How was your camping trip?>>It was great. I made a new friend.>>Oh? Who?>>Cub. Come on, she won’t bite. This is Cub, Mother Bear. He’s my new friend.>>Hello, Cub. I’m happy to meet you. (Sniffing) Oh, thank you.>>They’re wild– uh, just raspberries. (Licking)>>Well, welcome Cub.>>Cub lives in the wilderness. (Licking)>>Is that so? Well, you must be hungry.>>We’re starved.>>What would you like for lunch?>>We want Father Bear’s flying flapjacks.>>Flapjacks for lunch?>>Sure.>>Flapjacks?>>Well, why not? Father Bear’s famous flying flapjacks coming right up.>>Woohoo!>>I’ll put the camping gear away.>>Sift it.>>Sift it. Sift it! Sift it! (Laughing) Sift it! (Laughing)>>That’s enough of that. (Roaring) (Sneezing)>>Crack it.>>I like that best.>>Blech. Nice and easy. That’s good. Good! Cub. Cub. Cub! (Laughing)>>Hm. (Sniffing)>>Hm. (Sniffing)>>Do you have to burn everything you eat? (Laughing)>>We’re not burning it. We’re cooking it.>>Cooking again? (Sniffing) Smells good.>>Mm.>>Can I flip one, Father Bear?>>Of course. Would you like to try, Cub?>>No.>>Well, it is kind of hard.>>I can do it.>>Up you go. (Struggling) It’s okay, Cub. Don’t worry. (Smacking) Hm. (Chuckling) (Laughing)>>That’s okay. It may look funny but it’ll still taste good. Do the next one. Nice and easy. (Laughing) I did it.>>Hm. The flapjacks are ready.>>Watch this, Cub. This is the best part.>>Alley-oop!>>Ta da!>>Can I try that?>>LITTLE BEAR: It’s pretty tricky.>>I can do it! Alley-oops!>>Oh dear.>>FATHER BEAR: Hm. (Laughing) (Sniffing)>>Wait, you have to put some syrup on it.>>CUB: Mm! (Bumping) Ow!>>Mm.>>Tastes sort of like honey.>>It’s maple syrup.>>Mm, it’s good.>>Would you like some more, Cub?>>Mm. (Slurping)>>It’s good.>>Mm, I’m full.>>Me too. Whoa!>>Me three.>>Come on, I want to show you my room!>>Thank you for the flapjacks, Father Bear.>>You’re welcome, Cub.>>LITTLE BEAR: Come on, Cub. This is my room. (Sniffing)>>What’s a room?>>It’s where I sleep.>>Oh, I get it. It’s your cave. ♪>>Cub. Cub? Cub? (Smacking)>>CUB: Ow! (Grumbling) I like your cave, Little Bear.>>You’re funny, Cub. (Sniffing)>>What’s that?>>It’s my space helmet. We can go to the moon.>>We can’t go to the moon.>>Yes, we can. (Rattling)>>We can’t go to the moon.>>Sure we can.>>I’m not wearing this.>>You can’t go to the moon without a space helmet. There, perfect.>>You’re funny, Little Bear.>>So are you. Come on. (Laughing) We’re going to the moon. (Laughing) Just look for us up in the sky.>>We will.>>Have a nice trip.>>I don’t get it. (Laughing) (Panting) (Laughing)>>Whoa!>>We’re here.>>This isn’t the moon.>>No, but to fly to the moon we need a high place to jump from.>>Oh.>>Shh, what’s that? (Meowing)>>Mountain Lion! Run!>>Cub, wait! It’s just Cat.>>Just Cat?>>We thought you were a mountain lion.>>Oh. (Laughing) (Purring)>>Cub, this is Cat. (Sniffing)>>I’ve never seen such a small cat.>>And I’ve never seen such a rude Bear.>>This is Cub. (Giggling) He’s from the wilderness. (Quacking)>>Owl’s it! (Laughing) (Hooting) Owl’s it!>>Not if I catch you! (Hooting)>>Oh, look!>>What?>>Fooled you! (Quacking) You’re still it! (Hooting)>>Why you–>>Duck, this is Cub.>>Hello, Cub.>>Cub’s my new friend.>>And this is Owl.>>Hello. (Sniffing)>>Uh, Cub doesn’t shake hands.>>He’s from the wild.>>I like your hat.>>You do?>>We’re going to the moon.>>Oh, can I go too?>>We can all go.>>Don’t even think about it.>>We’re going to the moon!>>How?>>We’re going to fly.>>Fly?>>I can fly.>>So can I. Everyone knows that’s how you go to the moon.>>Bears can’t fly!>>I’m flying!>>No, you’re not. (Meowing) (Quacking) (Hooting) (Laughing)>>Woo! (Quacking)>>I’m flying! (Hooting) (Laughing)>>Whoa, the moon is blurry.>>Whoa! (Meowing)>>Come on, Cub!>>Fly to the moon. You’re not afraid are you?>>No. Whoa!>>Welcome to the moon.>>The Moon looks a lot like the Earth.>>That’s right.>>But the Moon bugs are much better than the ones on Earth. (Yawning)>>And naps last longer on the moon.>>And you can jump higher on the moon. (Hooting)>>Moon jumping!>>DUCK: Moon jumping! (Laughing)>>Backwards jumping. (Laughing) (Roaring)>>Whoa!>>What is going on?>>Hey! I told you he was wild.>>I wanna be wild too!>>Crazy jumping!>>Yeehaw! Crazy jumping! (Quacking) (Laughing)>>Whoa ho! (Laughing) (Meowing) (Hooting) (Roaring)>>You’re scaring me.>>Mountain Lion jumping!>>Mountain Lion!? (Roaring)>>DUCK: Ah, hey! (Laughing)>>Whoa!>>You’re scaring me!>>Come here! (Hooting) (Screaming) (Laughing)>>Cat? Cat? (Purring) Come on, let’s do it again.>>I’m too dizzy.>>I have to go home. Goodbye, Little Bear.>>I’m hungry, goodbye Cub. Maybe we can play wild again tomorrow. (Quacking)>>CUB: I like your friends.>>Goodbye, Cat!>>Goodbye. I like going to the moon too.>>I knew you would. I guess you’ll have to be going home too.>>My parents said I could stay as long as I wanted.>>Aren’t your parents going to miss you? Cub?>>I haven’t seen my parents for a long time.>>What do you mean?>>I don’t know where my parents are.>>Really?>>We were trying to get home and we got caught in a big storm.>>LITTLE BEAR: What happened?>>CUB: It was raining hard and the wind was blowing. We tried to stay together. Then I got lost.>>Cub, where are you!? Cub!?>>Mother!>>Cub!? Cub, where are you!?>>Cub, where are you?!>>Father, where are you?! Father!>>Who takes care of you?>>I do.>>You live all alone?>>No, with two foxes: Poppy and Pete. I wish we really could go to the moon. Then my mother and father could just look up and see me in the sky.>>Come on, Cub. Let’s go back to my house.>>Little Bear, don’t tell anybody.>>Okay. ♪>>You know, there’s lots of room in the bed. Wouldn’t you be more comfortable up here?>>No, I like it under here. It’s like my cave.>>Mother Bear, I can’t sleep.>>Why not?>>Because I’m wishing.>>What are you wishing for?>>I’m wishing– I’m wishing that Cub and I could stay up all night long.>>Hm, well, tonight I think you should get a good night sleep.>>CUB: I’m wishing too.>>What are you wishing for?>>I’m wishing that Little Bear and I could sleep outside, in a real cave, in the wilderness. (Laughing)>>Well, maybe Little Bear can come and visit you and your parents one day.>>Uh, what are you wishing for, Mother Bear?>>I’m wishing that a little cub would say to me. “Would you like to hear a story?”>>CUB: Would you like to hear a story?>>Yes.>>What kind of story would you like to hear?>>Tell me a story about two little bears.>>CUB: Who are friends?>>Yes. Tell me about the things these 2 friends did together.>>Well, they made flying flapjacks.>>And one of the flapjacks flew out the window.>>That was fun.>>And they went to the moon.>>And one of them pulled Cat’s tail because he thought it was a mountain lion.>>That was fun too. (Sighing) (Chuckling)>>Now I’m wishing that the two of you sleep tight. (Kissing) Goodnight, Little Bear. (Giggling) Goodnight, Cub.>>CUB: Goodnight. Little Bear.>>Yes, Cub?>>I can’t sleep.>>Me neither.>>You know what I’m really wishing for?>>Don’t tell me or it won’t come true. Cub?>>Yes?>>Tomorrow, we’re going to find your parents. ♪ ♪ (Stretching) (Smacking)>>CUB: Ow! (Sighing) Little Bear? Little Bear? (Shuffling) (Humming)>>What are you doing?>>Good morning, Cub.>>I don’t feel like going to the moon today.>>We’re not going to the moon.>>Oh, then where are we going?>>We’re going to find your parents. (Humming) (Screaming)>>Oh, Duck. Perfect. You’re here.>>Thank you.>>Go find Cat and Hen and meet us at Owl’s house.>>Okay.>>We’re organizing a search party.>>Oh, I love search parties. (Laughing) (Quacking) We’re having a search party! (Laughing) (Snoring) (Snoring continues) (Knocking)>>LITTLE BEAR: Owl, Owl, I know you’re in there. (Knocking)>>I’m sleeping.>>LITTLE BEAR: Owl, wake up! (Sighing)>>Morning, Owl.>>Exactly. It’s morning and I’m asleep. Goodbye. (Knocking)>>LITTLE BEAR: Come on, Owl. We need your help. (Sighing)>>Couldn’t you need my help later in the day, like at night, when I’m awake?>>Sorry, we need your help now.>>DUCK, HEN & CAT: Happy Birthday!>>Happy Birthday, Owl!>>BOTH: Happy Birthday, Owl!>>Is there cake?>>I love cake.>>It’s nobody’s birthday.>>Oh.>>Duck.>>Well, Little Bear said we were having a party but I couldn’t remember what kind of party it was.>>It’s a search party.>>HEN & DUCK: Oh!>>Right, a search party. What is a search party anyway?>>Ahem, a search party is a group of individuals organized to search for someone who is missing.>>Oh dear! Is someone missing?>>Cub’s parents.>>Oh, how awful. How did they go missing?>>Well, they aren’t exactly missing. It’s Cub that’s missing.>>But Cub’s right here.>>Yes Duck, but–>>So we found him already.>>Duck.>>Does that mean the party’s over?>>Uh– (Clearing throat)>>We should organize this search party right now and find Cub’s mother and father.>>Good idea, Owl. (Clucking and Quacking) And we’ll all help. (Clucking)>>Right!>>I’m ready.>>Cat?>>Well, all right. As long as he doesn’t pull my tail.>>Thanks everybody. (Laughing) (Quacking) Hen. (Clucking) Owl. (Hooting) (Growling) Sorry about that, Cat.>>D-D-Don’t m-m-mention it. (Growling)>>Not so rough.>>Okay.>>Here’s to finding Cub’s parents.>>CAT: Here here.>>Yes. (Quacking)>>Are we having a search party now? (Laughing)>>Yes, Duck.>>Let the search party begin.>>Yay!>>Yay!>>I’ve never been to a search party before. What do we do first?>>We’ll make signs and then we’ll put them up all over the forest.>>Then Cub’s parents will see them and then they’ll know we’re looking for them.>>And then I’ll find them.>>And then you won’t be lost anymore. ♪ (Hooting) (Meowing)>>What if they don’t remember me?>>They will, Cub. Hold it right there. ♪ Circles and swirls ♪ ♪ It’s time to get ready ♪ Okay everyone, draw. ♪ Will my ears look round and fuzzy? ♪ ♪ Will my nose be red and funny? ♪ ♪ Everybody wants to paint my picture ♪>>Don’t move! ♪ Everywhere I’m lookin’ for traces ♪ ♪ Looking in unusual places ♪ ♪ Will they know me by my faces? ♪>>Stand still! ♪ Everybody wants to paint my picture ♪ ♪ La la la la la la ♪ ♪ La la la la ♪ ♪ La la la la la la ♪ ♪ La ♪>>Hm. ♪ ♪ Blue and green and red and purple ♪ ♪ Life is just a great big riddle ♪ ♪ Shall I play my tail just like a fiddle? ♪ ♪ Everybody wants to paint my picture ♪ ♪ La la la la la la ♪ ♪ La la la la ♪ ♪ La la la la la la ♪ ♪ La ♪ (Quacking)>>I’m getting dizzy trying to paint you. Hm, not bad.>>Do I look like that?>>Sure.>>CUB: That one too?>>OWL: Of course.>>CUB: And even that one?>>CAT: Yes.>>But they’re all different.>>Well, it’s the idea that counts. We’re going to hang them all over the forest.>>And your parents will see one.>>And they’ll know you’re here.>>Follow the leader!>>ALL: Hooray!>>Follow me. (Crow cawing)>>Where are we?>>This is where Cub lives.>>It looks wild.>>LITTLE BEAR: That’s why it’s called the wilderness.>>It looks scary.>>I go there all the time.>>Really? When?>>Well, once.>>You’re lucky you didn’t get eaten. (Gulping) (Gasping)>>Goodness.>>Okay, let’s start putting up the signs but don’t go too far. We don’t want anyone else getting lost. ♪ (Clucking)>>Boo! (Quacking) (Laughing) Boo! (Clucking) (Laughing) Boo! (Clucking) ♪ (Roaring) (Laughing) (Roaring) (Laughing)>>Now what do we do?>>We wait.>>For what?>>For Cub’s parents to see one of the signs.>>Oh. (Sighing) Search parties are kind of boring. ♪ ♪ (Quacking) (Snoring) (Screaming)>>Huh?>>Huh?>>What was that?>>What?>>I heard a noise.>>What noise? Where? (Sighing)>>I don’t hear anything. (Clearing throat)>>Yes, Owl?>>Oh, I was just clearing my throat.>>Well, let’s check out signs. Maybe Cub’s parents have found one.>>Hey!>>Our signs!>>They’re gone!>>Someone took them!>>They’re lost! Everything’s lost. First Cub’s parents, they got lost, then our signs, they got lost, too. (Gasping) What if we’re lost.>>We’re not lost, Duck. We’re all right here.>>What are we going to do?>>Well, we’ll have to have another search party to look for our missing signs. (Rustling)>>What was that?>>What?>>I heard a noise.>>Maybe it’s Cub’s parents. (Sniffing)>>Could be a moose. (Gasping)>>ALL: Moose!>>Moose, what happened?>>Well, it seems the woodlanders really liked your signs.>>What do the woodlanders want with our signs?>>The birds and the squirrels are using them for their nests and the raccoons are using your big banner to build some sort of dam.>>The raccoons are building a dam?>>They’re damming the river so they can trap all the fish.>>Fish? Maybe we can get some lunch.>>Come on, maybe we can at least get the banner back.>>Hm, now where can I put this so Cub’s parents will be sure to see it? ♪>>Mm, look at all the fish.>>I do love a good fish stew.>>I make a delicious fish pie.>>But they’re using our sign.>>Just one fish and then we can make more signs.>>Oh, all right. (Hooting)>>The beavers aren’t going to like this. (Chattering) (Chattering)>>CUB: Here comes trouble. (Chattering)>>Uh oh. (Screaming) (Hooting)>>Oh no! (Screaming) (Screaming continues)>>Waterfall! (Screaming) (Coughing)>>DUCK: Hello, Little Bear. Hello, Cub.>>Duck?>>Boy am I glad to see you?>>Where have you been?>>I was guarding our last sign.>>Where is it?>>I put it in your canteen, Little Bear, so the raccoons couldn’t get it.>>Good job, Duck.>>Thank you.>>Where’s the canteen now?>>It fell into the river.>>It’s floating down the river?>>That’s perfect, Duck!>>It is?>>It is?>>Yes, it’s like a message in a bottle.>>And Cub’s parents will find the canteen and know we’re looking for them.>>Good thinking, Duck.>>You’re welcome. Hey, look!>>There it goes! (Eagle calling) (Eagle calling)>>LITTLE BEAR: Wait!>>That’s not yours!>>Hey! So much for eagles bringing good luck.>>Come on, it’s getting dark. Cub? Cub. You know the way back, don’t you?>>Uh, sort of.>>Sort of? (Screaming)>>Cub, it’s getting very dark.>>I can hardly see anything.>>Are you sure you know where we are?>>Well, no, not for sure.>>I knew it. Now we’re lost and they’re having a nice search party without us. (Hooting)>>I’ve flown all over the area. It’s so thick down there I couldn’t see them anywhere.>>Oh, dear, dear, dear, dear me.>>We should tell Mother Bear and Father Bear.>>Oh, I don’t like the wilderness, especially being lost in it.>>Don’t worry, Duck. We’ll be all right.>>Thanks. (Quacking)>>Duck, you’ll love it out here once you get used to it.>>I’m trying to but– Ow! It’s not a very friendly– Ow!>>But it’s a beautiful place.>>I can’t tell how beautiful it is, I can’t see any of it. It’s so– Ouch! Black! (Growling)>>Pete!>>Breakfast!>>Pete! (Screaming)>>Breakfast!>>CUB: Poppy and Pete! Am I glad to see you guys.>>Poppy!>>Pete!>>Poppy!>>Pete!>>Duck? It’s okay, Duck. They’re friends.>>Poppy! (Quacking)>>Pete!>>Poppy! (Screaming)>>POPPY: Poppy!>>Poppy, Pete! (Barking)>>BOTH: Poppy and Pete!>>DUCK: Oof!>>Um, I was trying to get my friends back to our den before dark but we kind of got stuck out here. So why don’t you lead the way? (Barking) (Laughing)>>That was fun.>>Poppy!>>Pete!>>Duck! (Barking) (Laughing)>>DUCK: Poppy, Pete, Duck! (Barking) (Barking) (Barking) (Laughing) (Barking)>>This is where you live?>>BOTH: Quack.>>Hm. Hm. Ooh, this is nice. Cozy. (Barking) (Sighing) (Struggling) (Sighing) (Snoring) ♪ (Snoring) (Yawning) (Gasping) (Snoring) (Wind howling)>>Wow!>>CUB: It’s beautiful, isn’t it?>>I didn’t realize we were so high up. It’s like we’re above the clouds. (Roaring) (Roar echoing) (Roaring) (Roar echoing)>>That was pretty good. (Wind howling)>>POPPY: Poppy.>>Hey. (Barking) (Quacking) Poppy. (Quacking)>>Pete.>>Poppy. (Laughing) (Yawning)>>Is it time to wake up? (Barking) Duck, Duck, Duck! (Quacking) (Laughing) Duck, Duck, Duck! Woo hoo! (Quacking)>>POPPY & PETE: Quack quack! (Barking)>>Interesting. (Growling)>>Oh. (Barking)>>Oh. (Quacking) (Barking)>>Cub, maybe we should find another way.>>Come on, it’s easy. (Quacking) (Barking) (Quacking)>>Poppy, Pete! (Barking) (Screaming)>>Pete!>>Poppy! (Laughing)>>Poppy, Pete! (Barking) (Quacking) (Barking) (Laughing) (Laughing)>>CUB: Hurry up, slow poke! (Laughing) Ow! (Struggling)>>LITTLE BEAR: Cub.>>I need your help.>>Pull! (Struggling) Pull harder! (Struggling) Oh, it’s stuck.>>I know that.>>FOXES: Quack quack?! (Laughing) Quack quack!?>>Quack quack? (Struggling)>>I’ll get Poppy and Pete. Maybe they can help. (Sniffing) Poppy, Pete, Cub’s foot is stuck. We need your help.>>Poppy.>>Pete. (Barking) (Laughing)>>They won’t find me now. (Growling) Um, hello.>>Hello.>>Hey, ow! Poppy, watch the teeth.>>Oh, I know.>>Um, uh, I’m Duck.>>Yes.>>Um, I have to be going. Nice meeting you.>>What’s your hurry?>>Uh, me?>>Father Bear taught me how to do this. Okay, pull! (Struggling) Got you.>>Oh.>>Poppy.>>Poppy, Pete, where’s Duck?>>FOXES: Quack quack?>>Oh.>>FOXES: Quack quack! (Gasping)>>Duck!>>What?>>Run! (Growling) (Screaming) Duck, fly! (Quacking) (Growling) Poppy, Pete! (Coughing) (Barking) (Growling) (Barking) (Growling) (Barking) (Barking continues)>>FOXES: Quack quack! (Growling) (Growling continues)>>Are you all right? (Growling) (Barking) Uh– (Barking) Okay. (Barking)>>FOXES: Quack quack! (Growling) (Barking) (Barking) (Growling) (Breathing heavily) (Growling) (Roaring) (Growling) (Roaring) (Growling) (Roaring)>>Interesting. (Roaring) (Gasping) (Roaring) (Roaring) (Laughing)>>CUB: Daddy? Daddy! (Laughing) (Roaring) (Laughing) (Roaring)>>Cub! (Gasping)>>Mother! (Laughing)>>You’ve gotten so big. Let me look at you.>>How did you find me?>>We had a little help. (Eagle calling) The eagle brought us an image of you.>>The canteen!>>With your picture inside.>>LITTLE BEAR & CUB: Eagles bring good luck. (Laughing)>>And who is this cub?>>Oh, this is Little Bear. He was helping me look for you. (Sniffing) Don’t worry, he’s not going to bite. (Laughing)>>Thank you for helping Cub.>>You’re welcome. (Barking)>>Foxes! (Whimpering) Settle down.>>FOXES: Quack quack?>>I don’t know. I was looking for her but I couldn’t see her anywhere. (Foxes whimpering) (Gasping)>>FOXES: Quack quack? (Quacking)>>Duck! (Quacking) (Laughing)>>Yay! (Gasping) (Quacking) (Hooting) Mother Bear, Father Bear! Yay! (Quacking)>>Yay! Yippee!>>Duck, where did you go?>>When that big cat almost ate me I flew so high I didn’t know where I was. I thought I was lost again until I saw Mother Bear and Father Bear who were having their own search party. So I flew down and found them and they found me– (Gasping) And we found you!>>Duck! You’re terrific.>>I am?>>Oh! (Laughing)>>Little Bear, we were so worried about you.>>We’ve been searching for you all night.>>I’m sorry, but I had to help Cub find his parents.>>We know.>>Come on, I want you to meet– (Laughing)>>Goodbye, Little Bear. And thanks. (Roaring) (Laughing)>>You’re welcome. Goodbye Cub.>>Goodbye! Just look for me up on the moon. (Laughing) (Roaring) (Laughing) (Roaring) (Laughing)>>Did you see how happy Cub was to see his parents again?>>He sure was. Now why don’t we go home, Little Bear?>>Good idea. (Quacking)>>FOXES: Quack quack! Quack quack! (Quacking) (Barking) (Laughing)>>I like those foxes. ♪ (Meowing) (Meowing)>>Looks like hot chocolate weather. Don’t you think, Mother Bear?>>Oh, it sure does. ♪>>See anything, Moon Foxes?>>Poppy.>>Pete.>>Do you see anything else? (Growling) (Gasping)>>FOXES: Quack quack!>>Good work, Moon Foxes. Get her! (Barking) Come on, Moon Moose. We have to find Cat, Owl, and Hen.>>Duck!>>Pete!>>Poppy! (Barking) (Clucking) (Laughing) (Clucking) (Laughing)>>Oh my goodness. You’re getting so big.>>But not too big, right? (Laughing)>>Never too big. You will always be my Little Bear. ♪ ♪ (Eagle calling) ♪ ♪ It’s a great big world ♪ ♪ Waiting just for me ♪ ♪ Full of riddles, rocks, and rivers ♪ ♪ As far as I can see ♪ ♪ It’s a brand new day ♪ ♪ Full of who knows where the sky goes when it hides from me ♪ ♪ There’s a great big tree ♪ ♪ Full of birds and leaves ♪ ♪ I can spy there or just lie there ♪ ♪ As happy as can be ♪ ♪ As happy as can be ♪ ♪ It’s all inside of me ♪ ♪ Finding sticks and playing tricks and running like the wind ♪ ♪ Life is very extraordinary ♪ ♪ Whatever comes my way ♪ ♪ Doesn’t matter if it’s a rainy or a sunny day ♪ ♪ La la la la ♪ ♪ It’s a great big world ♪ ♪ La la la la la ♪ ♪ La la la la ♪ ♪ It’s a great big sky ♪ ♪ La la la la la ♪ ♪ ♪ La la la la ♪ ♪ It’s a great big sky ♪ ♪ La la la la la ♪ ♪ La la la la ♪ ♪ High above the clouds ♪ ♪ La la la la la ♪

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