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[extremely dramatic voice] First, there was the board… Then, there was the skateboard… Then, there was the skateboard with steering… And now… For the first time ever… It’s here! (OMG I’m so excited) *rips tape* (OMG IT’S ONE OF THOSE HOVERBOARD THI-) (Oh, wait, nevermind…) [overly enthusiastic voice] The Cardboard! The Cardboard, Also known as the Cybord Airbord Rolling Device, Is the future of transportation! Why walk, when you could be not-walking? Step, after step, after step … Aren’t you sick of it yet? Wouldn’t you rather just be on wheels all the time? (Screw You Ryan) Well, with the cardboard you’ll never not not be on wheels again. *pop* *fake motorcycling sounds* *pop* *more fake motorcycling sounds* *pop* (What is this magic?!) So what will it cost? Similar products will cost you an arm and a leg… But, thanks to the cardboard’s advanced design,
*science-y music* It won’t cost you any body parts at all!
Just cash! (SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!) And did we mention that the cardboard is completely customizable? Of course we haven’t. We’re only at that part now. Well, the cardboard is completely customizable! You’ll never have the same cardboard as someone else with our “crazy” selection of colors, such as: And for the really daring, you can even get it in red, yellow or blue! All mixed together, to create a nice, prominent brown! But that’s not all! You’ll also be able to customize the safety straps as well! And not to mention, the headlights and tail lights too! So how does it work? Now, I know what you’re thinking: the Cardboard LITERALLY defies gravity So does it really work? Well, the answer is simple Definitely, maybe, it might? [Ryan science logic begins] You see, gravity is nothing more than a science word… And so is the word oxygen, also known as O2 to most scientists. Meaning there is two Os, TOOLS! And tools are what makes things work! Proving that the cardboard indeed works. The only place that the Cardboard wouldn’t defy gravity is in space. Because there’s no oxygen. So how can you get the Cardboard? Unfortunately, it’s not available yet – we’ve been having a really hard time funding our Kickstarter campaign Because of all the homophobic commenter trolls that keep saying that the cardboard is fake and gay. But before you type that in this video, let me ask you this: Does this look fake to you? [Totally real motorcycle sounds and Ryan moving across the screen] Exactly. Fake and gay? More like REAL and gay! So how can you help? Now that you know all the facts and information, you now have a choice. Nay. A decision.
Nay. A responsibility Nae nae. To help us make this world a better place, by bringing the cardboard to reality. All you have to do is go to our Kickstarter campaign, and donate as much as you can. Whether it’s just a bit or a lot, as long as it’s a lot, we’ll take it. Because without you, the Cardboard is just Silly Nelly. It’s only just a dream. So donate now, and bring the Cardbord to life. And before you know it, we could all be looking like this: [stop motion with fake motorcycling sounds] *Ping!* *Cool guitar music* *machine whirring sounds* *jetpack landing sounds* [Card Bot Initiating]
*Transformers sounds* Oh yeah, it’s a Transformer as well, too. *fake motorcycling sounds* *pause* *fake motorcycle rewinds* [Ryan laughs.] TEEHEE! Ta-da! Thank you guys so much for watching.If you want to see Bloopers and Behind the Scenes, click the one to the left. If you want to see the previous video, click the one on the right. And thank you so much for the people at Floboards, for sending us these boards… Even though…we threw it away, we didn’t mean that…you guys, it’s actually a really good product…FLOBOARDS!

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