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this is the rail? no you still a bit far
from the yeah now man if you take it the video will check with all I tube
my name is Ricardo lino and I’m a wheel addict if you new to this channel well
you don’t know but if you’ve been following this channel for of quite a
while you know that last year in November I went to Brazil before going
to Brazil two months before that I went to the Berlin Marathon and at the Berlin
Marathon I met one of the most inspiring skills that I’ve ever met her name is BS
antenna and she’s from Brazil why is she so inspiring well beer is blind it’s
been I think if I’m not wrong it’s been about how if it’s 3 or 6 years I dunno I
don’t remember I’m sorry why do I know well I dunno because when I was in
Brazil I filmed the full documentary weed beer but because it’s such a
sensitive thing I always feel that I don’t have to this I’m scared I don’t
have the skill to make the video as powerful as it should be and that’s why
I’m making this video today I’m trying to get a little bit more encouraged and
to get a little bit more encouraged today I’m going to make some blind
challenges with Mo so I’m gonna be using you see this this is a surf you see this
now imagine if I put that fully blind I don’t even know if you can listen to me okay so the first challenge it’s going
to be I’m going to put this thing on and Moe is going to bring me three skates
that I have around three of my skates and just from feeling the skates I need
to know which skates are those I’m sorry in advance that the sound is not going
to be the best but well I can’t speak through this you need to choose or you
go fully blind or you hear me really good so let’s start with these I can’t
breathe okay so this is really hard to breathe I don’t get it gate number one way is it for wind sorry for wheels
oh my god sorry I’m not gonna see I promise I only have one four wheel skate
but just to confirm the liner is not too thick yeah obviously this is the play
life legit skate 80 millimeters I also know the frame it is edged here so second skate three go 125 that’s it’s carpet log
frame its my marital skate easy it’s a low-cut it’s a long frame and it’s not
Trinity carbon so marathan 125 third skate oh that’s the easy one
Trinity Trinity not carbon with this cup so this is my cousin black with the
fried Eagle cup what 24 these are undercover wheels ah no my
skate now the challenge is more works at the shop right mo you can bring the
chair look in fact you can sit here mom works at the shop right so let’s see how
well mo knows the skates so instead of this is really really hard to breathe
now I’m gonna tell it to were these the other way around I’m good
so I actually find this challenge to be really really amazing simply because I’m
actually gonna get a slight bit of feel what it actually feels like to have no
eye sight think of it guys we are all used to needing out using eyesight to do
everything in in in our daily lives and imagine if you should lose your eyesight
laugh we just simply be not the same I’m stating the obvious but a okay
ask kindness so what record have brought the first time but he’s gonna bring some
other skates now and okay so three pairs of skates let’s see if he knows what
we’re talking about no the first pair of skates it’s an easy
one let’s see how easy it is for you okay so firstly I can tell on this
little piece of good edging on this mode here that this is actually the USD
classic throne I can feel this as another extra tang over here so no doubt
is the classic thinner okay with color it’s dark blue okay navy blue okay
second skate oh yeah this is the play life Mallos it on this skate it’s we
feel the sighs I know I’m limited on this stock so this is the white size 9
and the details what course details it’s a white boot with a turquoise inner or
bluish you know with some blue wheels a purple lace next week okay ooh that’s the hard one
ah I only have one of these only a one of these adjustable over here so it’s a
kiddie skate I have one of these with the four wheels this is the play left
jumbo black and red kids the boys won it’s their adjustable from size one to
four it’s the four wheel it’s black and in
white in color awesome see oh that’s why mo for example in the
skate shop now they’re cool you have movies you
want to do the black challenge no that guy’s not but now we’re going for
another now we’re going for another blind challenge so we’re going to put
our skates we’re gonna make some obstacles he’s gonna create some
obstacles and we’re gonna challenge ourselves we disguise
Shane ready okay okay so we’re here mama what skates you’re gonna be using okay
I’ll use the Frankie Morales let’s do this let’s put on the skates and let’s
see what we got now I can see that was looking at you like what the hell is mo
doing mocha remember what we used to use the booties like this yo now we’re gonna
need to there’s one thing which is going to be really important there’s some
corners here you see this one so I need to put some pillows here or something in
case we one pillow here should be enough then if you feel the pillow we’re not
gonna hit it you’re gonna put another pillow here just in case you know and
now you see this this little island here in the middle
let’s see so my first challenge mode are you gonna
see wait let me pick him up let me pick him up give me aunt point a turn yes yes let’s use degrees
left and right and I tell you how many degrees now put your feet a little bit
closer and let’s just roll keep it rolling turn the left 10 degrees yeah
it’s good that’s good okay don’t be scared trust me so what are we gonna do
now is I’m gonna put the camera oh god damn it I’m gonna put the camera in a
place that you can see what I’m doing with mo and then he’s gonna do the same
with me just like the boys you know which side you prefer I think it’s safer
if you’re going on the under on the left because it’s easier that way you miss
the pillows you know okay cool okay so I’m going behind you and I’m going to be
telling you what you need to do okay wait turn a little bit left a little
more okay and start skating skate skate skate a little more steak skin right
right good right right skate right right right
right right right right right right right okay skate skate right right right
right right stop awesome let’s try to do the other way around
turn turn turn yes good left a little bit left a little bit left and skate
skate skate skate turn skate skate skate skate skate yeah good stage left skate skate skate
and stop that was good that was really good yeah let me try to
oh wow it’s weird uh yeah okay I’ll try I’ll try to go straight into it Ok Go Go
Go Go state state state tourney boot that I could I stay ya know okay
so now you can become state comes to me now
no no you didn’t any a big tournament what do you lift okay now you can steak
steak steak steak steak washy I’m bad I’m state didn’t like tonight that I
could I could I could I could I could i but I like that
and state no state and I can do no that was the easiest part no come come come
come come there was the easiest part now we got to
put some challenges bring the rail on each side and then just so third third
third third third stop that is me that is the rail is directly in front of you
okay like this just a tad bit more to your left
can I tell you that the rail is bad like too soft either the original – yeah
exactly okay can I go that is like a channel
channel okay it’s statically stated on TV you can open it exhibit and keep it
running forward this is the no you still a bit far from the video now man if you
take the video with you know top so I’m not seeing it okay I need to touch the
rail like this did I jumped on the son of the rail I
didn’t even touch it that was so close okay mo just the front side make sure
whatever you do you keep your body centered okay mom can’t get the ninja
mode turn to your right ten degrees now open your legs more no that was 20
degrees yeah there is more that’s good now if you
skate forward the rail is in front of you is there the red is that maybe I’ll
just go there pizza can see it no do it again that’s good that’s another you do
it good channel 33 mr. no now the road is far from you know it’s like yes it’s
there yeah three two one go dude you got more than I do you did it perfect now
let’s start at topsail Oh twig stop or I can at that point yeah
the rel is there go forward is it yeah go forward a bit on your yes that’s why
the beginning of the rail is so your foot your right foot your left foot yeah
is in the back of the rail so you need to go a little bit more to your right
now that’s one good on each side is that what you want yeah okay turn left turn
left like five degrees that’s good now go forward yes it’s riding center you’ve
got the beginning of the real can do it thank you Miss West and that’s the one
go back go portable the rail starts now get it more blinding wow they’re sicker
it’s sick and it’s it feels like it’s really really scary yeah so we got like
only two little challenges and we might do more in the future the whole goal
with this video was just to show you guys how hard it is it’s actually fun
but in real life if you really add these disability you wouldn’t be as fun
obviously it’s something that you can leave with and that’s what I filmed
while I was in Brazil with beer I know that in Brazil there’s more than one
scale like that in fact I think the end race is just for blind skaters which is
an amazing thing now if you really really want to see the
documentary or whatever we can call it – the short film that I filmed in Brazil
let me know in the comments I’ve been a little bit apprehensive of making it
like I told you before I’m I’m scared that I don’t do a good enough job like
doing all these videos on the daily basis way easier than touching such a
touchy yeah yeah so that was it we try to bring a little bit of fun of this I
know that PA is going to be watching this beer you’re not forgotten
I remember you every single day every time
put my skates you’re one of the most inspiring skaters that I’ve ever met to
all of you listening to this well let me go follow beer on Instagram
I’ll put it in the description and if you like this give me some thumbs up
well subscribe to the channel if you want to watch the final video if I end
up being encouraged enough to do it and more important than anything else don’t
forget why we all started skating guys while I was it’s fine yes cheers guys
see you soon


  1. Do you plan on making this kind of stuff into a series? Bc its really entertaining haha. Moe doing goofy stuff is awesome! ??

  2. Give us that docu Lino! Do not doubt your abilities, do not hesitate. You have the heart to convey to us what you and the participants intend to. <3

  3. Oh my goodness, just looked at the date of this video, and it's a year exactly that you posted this, ?, what are the chances lol, great video as usual Lino ??

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