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The biathalon of snow sports – Ski jumping and cross-country skiing collide

The biathalon of snow sports – Ski jumping and cross-country skiing collide

I think I started skiing when i was two or three years old. Since then, I’ve been following my brother. Slowly but surely we started cross country skiing, and then ski
jumping afterwards. Everything begun from there. Let’s just say- ever since I started to walk, I also started to ski! The nordic combined is a sport with two very different disciplines. It combines the ski jump with the cross
country skiing. The first part is the jump. At the end of it, the winner who achieves the highest score will be the first one during the cross country skiing. It’s 10 km of chasing using a free technique. In the combined I believe there are lots of sacrifices, as there are in every sport. It’s also a sport with two disciplines – which means you need to train both 50/50. You need a lot of commitment and a lot of passion. If there is passion, you can do it and have fun because you like it! Especially when trying to achieve your goal, which is to win the competition at the end. 2014 is a very important season for all of us. We are training very well. During the latest competitions, we got a lot closer to the podium. I hope we can keep growing this way. Between all of Ale’s skills, the top ones he has are his willingness, commitment, and determination. He is physically gifted as well, and he can do anything with simplicity. The ski jump is a very spectacular discipline. It gives you lots of adrenaline, lots of energy, and very strong feelings. Man always wanted to fly-flying while skiing I believe is one of the best feelings you can get. There is speed. You can feel the wind on you when you jump and you are flying. The pressure of the skis- it really seems like you’re flying. It feels really good! Cross country skiing is a discipline of endurance. You need the energy and alot of endurance. You need to be strong, reactive, and fast. It’s also obviously about the skiing technique, because it allows you to save the energy and to go faster. Alessandro has achieved excellent results in the combination between jump and cross country. Often gaining positions during the cross country, marking the best lap. He is incredibly skilled at cross country, no doubt. During the competition I only have to think about getting closer to the others in front of me, and when you see the podium getting closer, you know the competition is about to end. The energy and adrenaline from that are that strong that you don’t feel the fatigue anymore. The nordic combined mixed together these two disciplines, both different, but great!

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  1. Biathlon definition: "A competition that combines events in cross-country skiing and rifle shooting." Google it RedBull!

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