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The Best Alpine Lakes in Colorado

The Best Alpine Lakes in Colorado

Mohawk Lakes
a series of five lakes located near the town of Breckenridge Colorado these
beautiful blue lakes are surrounded by steep Peaks wildflowers and amazing
views. come prepared there are no facilities for miles to bring food and
water it is a little bit of a hike to get there
but the views are amazing especially with the waterfall and River on the way
in cataract Lake north of Silverthorne is a
beautiful lake great for fishing and a lot easier to get to it is easily accessed by road there’s
virtually no hiking and there are restroom facilities at the lake these Lakes hidden around Montezuma are
just wonderful with very little people around you can have the whole lake to
yourself. one lake, Chihuahua lake is located 9.2 magnetic degrees north of the town
of Montezuma the views surrounding the lakes are amazing deep and uncompahgre wilderness are the
blue lakes surrounded by steep and colorful cliffs
these lakes are great for fishing or just viewing one of my favorite lakes hidden in the
San Juans. This Lake is bright blue from minerals in the water, its beauty is just
amazing and its color seems almost unreal. The lake is surrounded by steep
cliffs, waterfalls, and wildflowers these lakes are located at a bearing of
46.1 magnetic degrees north of the town Rico Colorado at a distance of 14.784 miles nearby is another beautiful lake with
amazing colors and an island in the middle what is your favorite alpine lake?
was there a Lakes we missed in this video? let me know in the comments below.
There are literally hundreds of amazing alpine lakes I don’t have time to share
them or film them all but with a map and a compass you can find some really
amazing things hidden in the mountains be sure to check out my other videos
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100 thoughts on “The Best Alpine Lakes in Colorado”

  1. Thanks for the authentic and intentional content! I appreciate that you're not just pumping out unnecessary and shallow top 5 lists, but actually research them and recommend them by your own experience. Please keep up the good work!

  2. As you said ,you can't hit them all..these are great pics though.. drone footage is awesome,lets you see over the next ridge to judge possible decision on hike direction..multiple waterfalls over rockface is stunning…great clarity of videos..have been to many beautiful alpine lakes in Colo. over the years,,each as spectacular as the one before or next ….thanks for sharing…

  3. You missed Jenny lake. It's literally right on the contential divide north of Eisenhower tunnel. I went there 1 time and was catching fish with 3 hooks on a line full Everytime.

  4. Do you have the time to Explain on how to get to these places I’m flying in to Colorado tomorrow and had a few questions on how to get to some of the spots ? Thanks your videos are beautiful

  5. I was born & raised here in Colorado. It’s a wonderful & beautiful state. If you come to see all the beauty of Colorado just be neat & clean to keep our state wonderful for everyone else to see & enjoy. 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

  6. thanks, nice video. another to bucket list…..this place can fly my drone there too or do i need special permit? whtat's the best season to visit there? thanks in advanced…..

  7. Balsam Lake near the Trinity peaks near Silverton.

  8. What was the name of one of those last lakes, with the beautiful island in the middle of its turquoise blue water?? @05:10 ???

  9. spent 2 nights at blue lakes. most serene. u can spend a day summiting mt sneffles (14,000ft) or just go for the pass (13000ft). i was on some steep switchbacks at around 12,500ft when the loudest thunder clap i ever heard sent me and my dog running back down the trail. didnt make the pass 🙁 – but lived to tell about it 🙂

  10. I've been watching different videos from Colorado and everyone filming it so differently! It's like we have been in different Colorado 🙂 What editing program are you using?

  11. Stunning footage, but very poor information. Couldn't you take a bit more time to include the information in text below and include map links? Your video is beautiful, but offers me very little to go on.

  12. I bet the people that were hiking up there loved the sound of that drone.
    Such a peaceful and relaxing sound.

  13. Upper and Lower South Colony Lakes. From the West side of the upper lake you are looking straight up the east face of Crestone Needle, with Crestone Peak next to it and Humboldt peak behind you. A stunning circque created by 3 fourteeners. Also Kit Carson and Challenger peaks are just over the saddle. Showed some photos of the flowers up there to a Colorado nature photographer and one incredible flower in particular he said he's never seen! It looked like a miniature purple firework going off!! Just stunning.

  14. I've spent a ton of time in Colorado. Half of the state is an ugly, beran desert waste land. The other half of the state is heaven on earth!! I love the state….REALLY don't care for the residents of Colorado – a ton of POMPUS A-Holes!

  15. Right on, My brother and I just complete a 7 lake backpack trip in Breckenridge where we were woken up by mountain goats! check it out!

  16. Hi Ryks, This video is just AMAZING. So excited to watch all of your content. My husband and I are both adventuring teachers that hike all summer and we are looking forward to exploring some of the new lakes that you suggested this upcoming July 2019. At 4:00 minutes into your video, is the lake that you refer to in the San Juans – Navajo Lake? We would really love to hike into that area, as we have hiked Ice Lakes and Blue Lakes and loved them so much. Thank you so much for taking the time to help us! We appreciate your amazing videos.

  17. Wrights Lake on Sneffels Creek, and Denver Lake on the Animas River. During wildflower season, these are beautiful

  18. Sangre de Cristo Mtns., many Alpine Lakes. Lake of the Clouds, Comanche Lake, Venable Lake, Horn Creek Lakes, Stout & Bushnell Lakes…quite a few more. Great Hiking trails in the area without alot of people.(Timberline weeds 'em out !) Worth the LOOK !!

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  20. It takes a lot of effort to produce good content that is helpful, and that’s exactly what this video was. Thanks for the great info!

  21. What's the name of the last 3 lakes? There's a bunch of lakes in the San Juan region. Be more specific on the names

  22. Beautiful shots and excellent editing. It's gonna be a real tossup between Colorado and Wyoming now for us.

  23. Thats great place. Love from India. watch this video from 1030 and its different road to drive in india, best outside america for sure.

  24. Can you tell me what is the name of the last lake you featured with the island in the middle? I'd really like to check that one out.. Thanks!

  25. That view of the trail going up the pass is breathtaking. I would want to hike that someday.
    I'm used to rugged mountains, being from the northwest, of course. But I am always down to hike more.

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