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The 10 Best Places To Live In British Columbia For 2020 | Canada

The 10 Best Places To Live In British Columbia For 2020 | Canada

British Columbia, with its lush rainforests,
lakes, coastal waters and high mountains, is one of Canada’s most beautiful provinces. Whether you like hiking, skiing or shopping,
you will find it right here – safe and easy to reach. People from many cultures call British Columbia
their home, creating a diverse and vibrant society. Here are the 10 best places to live in British
Columbia. 10. Vancouver. Vancouver is a coastal seaport city on the
mainland of British Columbia, Canada. It frequently ranks highly as one of the world’s
most livable cities. Surrounded by water, Vancouver has one of
the mildest climates of all Canadian cities. That makes it a popular destination for Asian
immigrants. The city’s coastline offers amazing views
and great beaches, while the mountains offer hiking trails and snow sports. As a modern urban city, Vancouver attracts
job seekers and creates opportunities for others. The average salary of a Vancouver resident
is about $60,000 CAD per year. But when it comes to the cost of living, it
is fair to say that Vancouver is one of the more expensive cities to call home in Canada. 9. Whistler. Whistler is a resort town of approximately
13,000 people. Beautiful mountain vistas, ancient forests,
crystal clear lakes and rivers, and fresh, clean air. Much of what makes Whistler such a unique
and memorable destination lies in its awe-inspiring and pristine natural surroundings. The town receives a tourist population of
about 1.5 million annually most of whom engage in snowboarding, alpine skiing, mountain biking,
and camping. The residents enjoy good healthcare services
and education. The average salary in Whistler is over $50,000
CAD per year, while unemployment stands at 4%. If you live in Whistler, you are never too
far away from big-city actions, you can be in Vancouver within two hours. 8. Surrey. Surrey is a large city with a growing population(nearly
600,000). It’s a great place to retire because of its
relatively low crime rate, its temperate weather. Surrey is a green and progressive city, with
over 7% of the population traveling to work by public transit, and 6% of the population
working in health care. The local economy is supported by thousands
of jobs in manufacturing, education, health, agriculture, and the arts. As for the cost of living, it’s not a cheap
city but clearly still one worth considering if you’re deciding where to settle in Canada. Surrey offers a more affordable option to
living in British Columbia while remaining close to Vancouver. 7. Nelson. Nestled deep in the interior of British Columbia,
Nelson offers some of the best living conditions in the province. With a population of just over 10,000, this
town is surrounded by an abundance of natural resources and breathtaking scenery. The community here is known to be accepting,
supportive and welcoming. MoneySense called it the tenth best place
to retire in all of Canada. Some of the notable features of living in
Nelson are low average property taxes and 260 days per year of temperature above freezing. From tech to engineering to administration,
to health and education, Nelson is a great place to continue your career. 6. Squamish. Squamish, a small town of approximately 21,000
people. The environment is calm and beautiful with
the sight of breathtaking mountains. For those who enjoy being close to nature
and love playing on mountains, then Squamish is sure to inspire. In recent years, the town has become popular
with Whistler and Vancouver’s residents escaping the high cost of living. Many young couples and professionals moving
to Squamish has made it a great family-friendly town to raise children. The small-town community, great school system,
low rates of crime and proximity to nature make Squamish an ideal place to raise a family. 5. Fort St. John. Located in northeastern British Columbia,
Fort St. John is a beautiful city of 30,000 people. The city’s economy is driven by the gas and
oil industry. It’s also the best city in British Columbia
with a work-life balance. The community is close and friendly with the
residents always willing to help new immigrants. Fort St. John is one of the sunniest places
in the province, especially in the winter and spring. There is a lot of great recreational activities
such as hiking, fishing, cross-country skiing, and bird watching. 4. Colwood. Colwood is a fast-growing, family-friendly
seaside community of just over 18,000 people that enjoys a rich heritage, a unique connection
to nature and incredible potential. The city boasts boundless recreational opportunities,
diverse natural ecosystems, and several popular national historic sites. Colwood’s workforce is highly educated, and
statistics show that Colwood residents have a higher median household income than neighboring
communities. Employment opportunities are projected to
increase as the population grows and businesses in the nearby city of Victoria look to expand
and diversify. 3. Kamloops. It is a city with a relaxed lifestyle, a warmer
climate, and has a mixed landscape of forests, lakes, mountains, and valleys that all offer
abundant leisure opportunities. Kamloops draws a diverse range of businesses
from healthcare, financial services, high tech, and many others that keep its economy
dynamic and stable. Due to the presence of Thompson Rivers University,
the largest in British Columbia, the city also has thousands of students, local and
foreign. The safe, friendly environment of the city,
combined with the spectacular natural setting, help to make Kamloops an ideal destination
for international students. 2. Kelowna. Kelowna is a beautiful place full of sunshine,
wineries, and stunning vistas. Sometimes Kelowna can feel like vacation central
with the number of fantastic resorts and amenities the town offers. Activities like boating, hiking, biking, golfing
and skiing are popular in Kelowna. As such, the service industry is what hires
the most people here, catering to its tourism industry. Kelowna also has a dynamic job market with
many jobs available from its rapidly growing tech sector and other businesses. 1. Saanich. Saanich is the largest municipality in the
Greater Victoria area, more than 110,000 people live here. The city blends both the rural and urban on
southern Vancouver Island. The area is highlighted by its miles of sandy
beaches on numerous ocean bays as well as the rocky outcroppings carved by past glacial
movement. Although crime has increased in the past four
years, Saanich remains a relatively safe area to settle. Along with great outdoor activities, the low
unemployment rate and quality schools at all levels of education, Saanich is a wonderful
city for you to start your family. Thanks for watching the video, and see you
next time.

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  1. I am really excited to see this video. Thanks for taking the time to make it. I grew up in Oregon and now live in the Washington coast. Lived in the Olympic national Forrest for about 9 months.

  2. YUP enjoy a place where they dump 350 million of gallons or RAW sewage flows into the Pacific Ocean DAILY. A NASTY polluting place full of lying IDIOTS.

  3. Whoever produced this needs to be fired for not doing their due diligence… Surrey does not have a low crime rate… It's got one of the highest crime rates in the country….
    Vancouver's cost of living is one of the highest in Canada and the income:living expense is way out of wack. While Whistler's "average income is more than 50k/yr", the cost of living here is higher than that of Vancouver! I'm not even going to bother correcting the rest of the video. It's completely bullsh!t.

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