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Testing 5 Ways to Get Heatless Curls

Testing 5 Ways to Get Heatless Curls

One of the most common tips you’ll ever
hear for caring for your hair is avoid heat, but sometimes you’ll want to avoid
heat but you also want to curl your hair, so today we’re gonna test five different
ways to get heatless curls and find out which ones work best. Hello and welcome to the Queendom I’m Sarah Ingle and today we’re testing five different ways of
getting heatless curls we’re gonna try these little roller guys we’re gonna try
spiral curl thingies we’re gonna try pin curl that just require bobby pins are
gonna try braids we’re gonna try I mean these aren’t socks they’re technically
tights but we’re just gonna try all sorts of things I honestly almost never
curl my hair whether with heat or without so I don’t
know the best method but you guys have been asking to find out and I’m really
curious we’re just gonna find out obviously my hair is wet you’re gonna
want your hair to be wet for these but the thing about wet hair is please
remember with wet hair your hair is extra fragile when it’s wet so that’s
why you also really don’t want to heat your hair while it’s wet that’s a great
way to fry it off these with the little velcro things make me a little nervous
but we’re gonna do it anyways and we’re just gonna be careful with it so these
are the closest I could find to actual foam rollers this foam rollers would be
somewhere in between these I have a ton of them but they are at princess
headquarters which is like a thousand miles away from me at the moment I know
that for me personally those actually do work. That is a method that I have used but it’s probably been like forever I have probably haven’t done that since like so we’re just gonna see what types of
curls these give us and also like kind of look at see like which ones are
comfortable we’re gonna start with a method that I know works really well for
me for the longest time my most popular video was how to put your hair in a wig
cap my original version and I basically would have some of it braided and some
of it pin curled and so I know that if I put my hair in pin curls
hence pin curls it’s like the name where they come from I know that if I put my
hair in pin curls while it’s wet when it dried so that comes out they come out
and like these perfect like what support curls so let’s just
start with a couple of those the easiest way for me to do it especially with the
amount of long hair that I have is just take two fingers start wrapping the hair
around it and then once you’ve got this little coil here you’re just gonna take
that and kind of flatten it to your hand and turn it turn it is that the work
they’re just gonna quite pull it up you’re gonna just keep moving it up and
keep it pretty flat flat is probably not as important as it is for when you’re
using wig cap so if you want to be comfortable enough to sleep in you can
you can probably arrange that if you keep it pretty flat to your head you see
we didn’t do anything pulling on it too hard there but what I do is I stick two
bobby pins in to hold it and I usually do them a little crisscross there we go testing curl type number one
pin curls I couldn’t try one of these to create curls wind a small section of
hair in a long open spiral around the entire width of the curler bending in
the end of the curls just secure the hair to create waves roll a small
section of amount of hair around the center of the curler bending in the ends
of the curler to secure the hair that is not a lot of difference and tell me in
the comments if I’m doing it wrong okay that should be one let’s try a big one
too and let’s see something like just in the middle just like this maybe it seems
very similar to me I don’t know I don’t know we’re just gonna try it we’re just
gonna try two methods down we got a pin curl we
got two of these spiral curls and now let’s try any one of these guys this amp
it up self holding rollers these make me nervous they make me feel like I’m gonna
get stuck in my hair let’s pull one of the little guy though whoa we already
lost one these look way too small like stuck inside a feather come out ha ha
those little nesting dolls here we go one for each finger people just go at
the middle of the road one just average it out do I hear two sections wrap the
ends of the hair around the roller and roll towards a scalp one finish use
blow-dryer nope I’m not using the blow-dryer I think we can do these
without the blow-dryer it might hold a little better if you use a blow dryer
but they should I mean like the Kroll show but I’m not gonna use hairspray I
of air cuz this is itself holding but I think it’s
only self holding if you don’t have as long pairs I have because it’s no longer
self holding so I’m gonna add a bobby pin there we’ve got a roller in so socks
I’ve seen people braid like a sock and the front of my hair is a little shorter
so this would be a little easier but in the back it’s even longer and I was like
there’s no way I’m gonna be a little braids of shock all the way down my hair
but these tights look like they’d work great because I think what you’re
supposed to do somehow I’m entirely sure how but you’re supposed to like braid
the strands in together like basically this whole thing is just one strand so
two if the three are sock yes I want to see what happens if we just braid one
more section just do a regular braid we know it tends to come out kind of wavy
but let’s I just want to compare so I’m trying I’m really trying
there is no try if I can do it you can let me assure you not not not if I get
this one braid unlike my whole head is gonna be door hi
there is no try okay I don’t like this breathing method already it’s just so
hard to do yeah why you fail Brady Brady Brady all right I will return when my
hair is dry and we’ll see which curling method worked best okay I’m getting
tired waiting huh thinking about sleeping in this I feel like these will
probably be the most uncomfortable these are squishy enough where I feel
like it wouldn’t be terrible these aren’t but this isn’t bad at all this is
really soft and squishy the braids it just feels like your hair and braided
and the pin curls honestly I think can be pretty comfortable too so let’s just
go through these one by one then and see oh how is turnout I’m gonna start with
these just cuz they’re I’m just I don’t know how these wasn’t the most
unfamiliar with these are definitely still wet
um yeah but they would be curly if I’d let it curl should we wait longer these
don’t look like they curled that much they probably would if I let it dry all
the way but the thing they just kind of blends in actually maybe it’s supposed
to be a wave cuz a braid blends in with the way my hair naturally goes wavy this
one does this one feel more dry this one does feel a little more dry maybe I save
that one for last we’ll come back to this one cuz I’m not really impressed
like I don’t even know where it was it just blends in there with the rest I
think it was this piece okay maybe we do this one next I feel like this one’s
pretty dry cuz there’s like a sock here well tights – mm no this one I can tell
oh this is definitely curlier definitely got an interesting pattern – it’s almost
like we’re looking ha there we go this one definitely worked
it dried better it kind of reminds me a little bit of like the 1940s like
crimped wave I personally wouldn’t do this because it just makes it like my
hair dry a little bit maybe a little bit more it’s a little more polished but if
you have really straight hair and want a way to do it that’s definitely an option
so let’s see which one next maybe this guy there’s something a little nervous
about taking out I just hate these little velcro things so I feel like they
stick to your hair and it’s just unpleasant ah I just feel like it feels
damaging like if you’re going for something the whole point is to do
something that doesn’t damage your hair but when you feel like you’re taking it
out like you’re ripping your hair out that’s the purpose yeah I don’t like
this one I don’t like this one no because there’s hairs ripping out all
the little velcro this was a terrible idea this one does it the bottom of the
list no no I feel like this would have been less damaged if I were to just use
heat on it for a couple seconds this I’m more how am I gonna get this out I’m
saying already like yes this would work much better first of all if you put heat
on it they would look pretty but I just thought that that pulling the hair out
of this look I’ve got hair stuck to it that means I broke hairs off in it
ripping it out of my head no no no no it needed oh no it literally I pulled out
most of the curl and straighten it trying to get it out of my hair I think
this one almost requires heat in order to really set it not happy camper okay
this guy here let’s see maybe if you probably pull it off like like this oh this one seems to be working a little
better okay here we go this one’s a little more dry whatever method oh whoa
oh wow that actually worked pretty well though I what to happen here it’s like
looped up on it so I don’t know if lose a little more dry I want to work better
I see the socks if you want a nice wave or star winning um let’s undo this braid
here this is I feel like everybody knows what their hair looks like when they on
very wet hair let’s see if that looks like that just
looks like my hair when I dry it so we’ve stayed for last last cuz I was
hiding underneath the other ones the pin girl I feel like this needs to be more
dry but actually you know what it looks good if I had to go with one that I like
the way that hey the curl looks the best I like the pin curls pin curls you know
and then nice thing with pin curls is you don’t have to worry about buying
anything because all it requires is some bobby pins so actually for the amount of
time the only one that fully dried were these guys here so if you want something
that actually drives your hair at a decent rate go with the sock method on
the other ones you’ve just gotta wait so long this one is definitely at the
bottom of the list did not like these braids I just don’t like the way it
looks as much if you just straight-up braid your hair I’m just I’m not crazy
about it so that I think I’ll put number four so the number three I’m gonna put
these guys they actually work decently well if I would win yeah I should have
waited longer I surprised the sock method it was actually pretty good I
feel like this would be really easy to sleep in because it’s so soft it’s just
like sleeping on your hair and it’s really just a braid it gives it kind of
like that I don’t know what kind of it makes me think it’s the forties wave
it’s pretty but my favorite for just getting like a cruel are the pin curls I
think it curls it in a really pretty way and if I had to let it dry all the way
it would have been even better I still wanna try this method these look
really interesting and if I do it again I’ll actually like
sleep in them but if you guys any other interesting hair curling methods or any
weird hair gadgets like this that you guys have heard of tell me what they are
because I want to do a whole video of weird hair gadget testing so tell me in
the comments if you have any weird hair gadgets you’ve ever seen that you’d like
us to try I hope at least one of these five methods is helpful for you I hope
this was educational for you to learn about these little grippy guys that will
rip your hair out they’re kind of nice and exfoliating so if you want to see
more videos about hair beauty lifestyle and fashion usually with a pinch of
magic which means there’s a lot of Disney stuff to remember to subscribe
and ring the little bell if you want those to come right to you and put out
new videos every Monday Wednesday and Friday so there’s always new stuff
headed your way thank you guys so much for watching and have a great day I’ll
see you next time dude I am but I didn’t say that like yoga I feel cold it’s down
myself in the head with a bobby pin okay okay now that rolls is sticking to me
everywhere oh no I’m gonna hang up there holey but not in the virtuous way

25 thoughts on “Testing 5 Ways to Get Heatless Curls”

  1. i’ve always wanted to be able to do this but it never works- so grateful for more tips which i trust and love the teacher-aka you

  2. Sarah ingle I am a big fan can you answer my question what is the best way to grow you hair long because my hair is up to my shoulders and I want it to reach my hip but I don’t know how can you help me ????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Haha loved the video but you’re so impatient 😂
    You should try the curl formers! They have one for really long hair that looks like barrel curls!! 🌺🥰

  4. The best way for me is to make 4 normal buns where you wrap your hair around itself. 2 on the top 2 on the bottom. Not sure if that made sense but if it did, try it!

  5. this was super helpful! do you think you’d ever try a video where you straighten your hair without using heat? (is that even possible? lol) ily your videos!! ♥️

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