Team Shuster Trolls Kirstie Alley for Calling Curling Boring // The Snow Report Olympics (Feb 23)

hey everybody its Hallie O’Brien and
welcome to the snow report presented by ski magazine today is Friday February
23rd and the entire world is pissed off at Kirstie Alley because she thinks
curling is boring and the rest of us don’t us curlers cleft back after
Kirstie Alley calls their sport boring this is the tweets that Kirstie Alley
posted probably just didn’t even think twice about it two glasses of chardonnay
deep sitting on the couch I’m not trying to be mean but curling’s boring and then
the internet imploded curling is not boring not boring Kirstie you bite your
tongue you bite it hard doesn’t she know that we’re all diehard curling fans and
we’re gonna be that way for at least the next three days
team Schuester responds we’re not trying to be mean either but your movies
weren’t exactly riveting theater Kirstie Matt Hamilton with the best response
you’re entitled to your wrong opinion you just got burned by the SuperMario of
curling by the way this guy’s the best look at his Twitter profile picture I
mean how do you not love this man I feel like he would be the most fun to go out
and have so many beers with after realizing the atrocity she had
committed in the world of the internet and their obsession with curling she
deleted the tweet it’s gone I think she’s scared to leave her home I mean I
would be if I were her and I publicly berated America’s favorite pastime every
four years luckily this controversy didn’t distract team Shuster from
defeating Canada to get into the gold medal match this weekend check out the
game-winning shot but in slow motion they sound like a bunch of swiffering
wildebeests the team Schuester go get that gold get it huh okay guys that’s
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favorite Olympic sport is and the one you find to be most boring I’m Halley
O’Brien this is the snow report thanks so much for watching and I will see you
next week

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