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Teaching my wife HOW TO STOP with Inline Skates

Teaching my wife HOW TO STOP with Inline Skates

ola youtube my name is Ricardo lino and I’m a wheel addict I’m the wifey, what we gonna do? why did you waited one hour in the car
because we have this race gone yeah yeah it’s called the ghetto ring Becca get
him Decco get in Decco you’re not going
today come let’s go to school why you so cute
all your friends I love you all I – my name is Ricardo lino and I’ma be letting
she’s my wife Janice that one is baby J she doesn’t want to go to school don’t
say the school word but he just said it anyway we gotta go skate but first in
the detection and disco so let’s try to film this video yesterday because Janice
got a pair of skates two days ago but it just didn’t work why
because we were forming and that I had to clean the hearts because basically I
am an overachieving housewife okay me and my overachieving girls wife Anna
goes what you are therefore ranking well we have everyday not know what not
Postell did not style Tanaka said okay exactly that one fat you are fat I’m
like Sleeman like healthy okay all over again you want to explain what just
happened we know you’ve been doing basically just
today it’s the second time that we come here because I didn’t add a second card
and the card got full but now this is the third day that we’re trying to do
this thanks for not talking first day it was
raining yesterday we were checking Janis photo skills and then we didn’t it what
a waste of a day and today we’re trying it so out of all my photos that I took
yesterday we couldn’t use one No Janice has to be like 10 minutes ago
I don’t know if you can see her in the back she just needed to lace the skates
it’s been 10 minutes then she conversation comes see what she has to
say about that is it they’re hard to lace those kids because he used to just
use the roller skates which is a regular shoe and it’s like a plastic shoe no
probably has the paper inside still you only took the paper from one side so she
instructed with the skates on for a million years and this was inside very minute now let’s see the funniest
part watch out because you have short shorts
you haven’t skated in a while like windows and don’t try to stop because I
don’t think you know what this stuff let’s see now here’s the thing I’m going to teach
it she usually doesn’t have a lot of patience not with him okay just film
this okay first way to stop it’s going to be just
like well ballerina like the second we’ll be basically doing the same but
turning so basically you’re going to be just carving from one side to the other
to reduce speed and the third way to stop they’re going to be T so I’m going
to make the trip that’s a third way stop let’s see if
Jenny’s can do any of them okay let’s see which one is the first day nope nope
you’re not stopping let me tell you something you’re doing everything right
but one thing check this if your feet closed that means that you not let
you’re not pushing them out basically you need to point them you need to point
the toes one to each other so that they want to close like they’re doing now but
when they want to close you need to push them out while they’re pushing them out
that is making you stop let’s try the wider the better because the more
responsive your skates are going to be that’s right
now go faster and do it yo bro now the other one the second one
the carving let’s see chicken car I was good but check this if you keep on
going this way you keep on getting speech so if you’re going from here to
that direction there will be in time there you need to stop and then keep
turning imagine instead of going 180 degrees 180 degrees 180 degrees you
wanna go go more than that let me show you the hardest one for most of the people
is the T let’s try the T very important the backfoot the angle of the back foot
will make you go here or there so don’t put all your weight on the back could
leave the weight on the front foot it’s going to be something like this
something like lean forward okay just apply a little bit of pressure kind of
like if you were if you’re trying to erase something from the paper but you
don’t really want to raise everything you just want to the rubber to go on top
of them that’s it lean forward bring your foot back only
on the front row then slowly let it go that was actually good the only reason
why you did that step it’s because it didn’t lean forward enough go for it now
try this you go bit faster you first carve a little bit just carve just to
reduce the speed and let me do the first which is a blank blank that’s good
that’s really good that was amazing
seriously let’s go we’re not allowed to talk about secret
somebody’s gonna be proposed to on the beach right now we know and there’s a
surprise we know that okay so we don’t know who the woman is okay this chicken
I think you can’t so it’s gonna be okay by the way let me show them the beach
because they don’t know where we leave one two three
what do you think about your new hometown Janice and your new skates yeah that’s really pro yo boy know that
noise is saying that there’s a yes the new boat with sardines is in so let’s
just find those two girls and go eat sardines Janice I just like to take this
moment to thank recorder Leena for his teeth and his teeth I would not know how
to stop see she knows the teeth are everything so make sure you cross your
teeth anyway let’s see if they get married
I hope you guys enjoyed this video and enjoyed as he did not forget look at
there we got a ballerina I hope you enjoyed this video if you did enjoy this
video do not forget to subscribe to this channel give us a thumbs up if you liked
it – thumbs down if you don’t that sounds like these silly and just don’t
forget why we all started skating and that is because it’s fun now show us a
pony and you can look it sure the fun it is
go fast fast is that not best to be buzzed now all you need to do is to
learn how to get fast you

89 thoughts on “Teaching my wife HOW TO STOP with Inline Skates”

  1. Nice to see her transition to inlines so easily. I started with quads in the early 90s in my teens for roller rink, got into aggressive inlines in 2000's then stopped skating, picked it back up this year – just turned 36. Trying to get my daughter into inlines, so much more choice for inlines these days compared to quads and better overall.

  2. So cute how she made fun of you about the "T" 😂 you guys are so perfect for each other I hope to see more videos with her ❤

  3. Ricardo, do i look like a dork with my standard brake on my inliners ? I just got so used to the block over the years, it feels like it would be a huge difference to be without it. I only use it rarely as an emergency break kind of thing. I need an experienced inside on this haha.

  4. Your wife is fun and hot. 😍😋😂Great vid. Its funny how simple is T for us long time skating. And IMO its fastest way to stop , only down side is wheels wear down fast. I ride on 58mm A90, just few stops makes a huge angle. But still doing it and enjoy it. Every sport have costs. Keep blading alive! 🖐️🖐️

  5. Never skated before and my new skates turned up today! This video was well timed. I'll be practising all 3 ways to stop. Thanks.

  6. i been trying rollerskates last fuw weeks,that stuf is abit harder to balance then inline skates are,with inlineskates i can skate to work with rollerskates i can barely go from the sidewalk to the road without falling 😛 straight roades are not hard though but the balance is definitly not the same.
    i am not a pro on inline skates i can just get from 1 place to another without falling ^^ its close but i think youre wife might be better then me :O

  7. Details…. details. Things we don't know. Superb….now teach us how to turn outside edge please. That is hard to understand for me.

  8. Lacing such plastic boots is hard.. If you are familar with leather quads.. I feel with her.. 😉 I have the imperial powrslid megas.. Same hard boots

  9. That look when you're giving Janice extra ts on the snow plough stop… "treat carefully, or I'll fuck you up" haha. I hate the t stop find it easier to 180 into a power stop. That's well good. Next stop magic slide?

  10. I have an idea for a business. Make a hall, and above there are metal pipes or similar which are holding ropes which you can tie to you. The ropes are so long that if you fall, it will hold you. So it's impossible to fall and you are free to move. You can now do whatever you want without having fear to hurting yourself. You can patent that and make a business out of that. Im too poor to execute it but if I had money I would definitely do that.

  11. LOL I'm just starting to skate and I don't even have enough muscle strength to stop the first way. My legs feel so tired.

  12. I always used the brakes in the back, are they so bad?
    And if I send you some eskates over, you should wear a helmed, I always do, feels safer.
    One time I got a Little Rock stuck in between the wheels and crashed.

  13. HHHIIIII AMAZING TUTORIAL!!! I need a little help with something though. Im planning on buying my first pair of derby skates and i dont really know where else i can look! My price range is 30-40 and everywhere i looked (online and in a store) and they didn't have what i was looking for! Plllease help me find my ideal skates😥😣😭i dont understand why a pair of skates is equal to an electricity bill!! (Im 16 btw😂)

  14. Looking good Janice! 😘 Those funky red inlines suit you and you make them look cool. Especially as I know you're a roller (quad) girl; like me 👍😁😎

  15. Hi Ricardo lino
    I'm your fan
    I enjoy your video's you have a nice family
    I want to ask if you can
    I'm from morroco
    I was had a rollerblad before
    But now I don't a lot of reasons
    Please if you can bay I good rollerblad
    And send it to me and I will pay for it
    This is my wish or dream
    To get a pro rollerblad
    Can this dream be true? Please I will thankful for you
    Your my last chance
    I don't know nobody can do this except you

  16. This tutorial is great. Been skating 2 and a half years and this video helped me review my stopping technique for spring. Also helped with my mohawk turns by accident.

    Thanks for being a big inspiration on youtube.🤘

  17. LOVE IT! YES!!! You guys are so cute! Love the beach and the sunshine, too. Your skating areas look so wide – and fairly smooth! Oh yeah, and your stopping teaching is pretty good. (I just already knew most of it. ; )

    Skaters where I live kinda get the dregs. We have skate parks, rough pavement and all of one trail with some gravel that can clip us…. and that cyclists use to zip by us, and that even horses cross. And clueless pedestrians and the horses have right-of-way. (The trail gets very busy on the week-ends – and is kinda narrow. No real place here for skaters to learn, so I often skate in the street with our local skateboarders. Even then, it may not always be permitted.)

    I wish we had the type of outdoor space you all have. That would be awesome! But I make do with what I have and have fun with it, anyway. And sometimes we can travel to better locations. = )

  18. She's not as newb, as they try to show. Some of these stops avaleable only after workaround. As example the T-stop avalible to learn and do effectively (and without falling) only if you already can skate (and do some turns both ways) on one foot. To get "one foot" you need learn 2 foot inline skating and turning first. To make good turns you also must work on "fish" exercise, to get more stability and safe do "criss-cross" exercise.

  19. Both of you are way too cute and look very happy and sexi together! 🙊 Hope and wish you have a loooong happy and wonderful life together! Thank you for this video. I was looking for a tutorial on how to inline skate however, I found way too more than I was looking for! All the best to you! Plus have a nice life everyone who is watching this. 🙏🏻🍀🧚🏻‍♀️ Thank you.

  20. Yo Ričardo, do you rocker tri skates. I have the tau 90 so can rocker middle or middle and rear. You you rocker tri skates?

  21. I suggest showing wifey (and other novice skaters on youtube audience) how to use wrist guards and knee pads to fall without injury. (unless a wrist break is in the plan)

  22. This video has all the feels! My wife and I skate, but she doesn’t like being on YouTube. My IG has her though ha.

  23. Can you do one skating and slowing down downhill using different ways on roller skates, that's really tricky for some reason… pretty please

  24. This is a great video! I’m still trying to convince my wife to trade running for skating, it’s way more fun, right? Cracking location, too!👍

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