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Taste Snowboard Magazine // Teaser 2014-2015

Taste Snowboard Magazine // Teaser 2014-2015

Is it still possible to publish new and interesting articles over and over again? Yes. Of course… because there is always something to discover. We were on a road trip in Tirol for three weeks, traveling around in a camper van. A completely new experience. I’m used to a more luxury way of traveling, but be able to visit a new skiing area every day is luxury as well. During our expedition to Norway, we put our snowboard and tent on a kayak, we paddled through the beautiful fjords searching for unique lines we could ride. While paddling you see all this stunning nature around you. Camping hundreds of kilometers above the polar circle can be really cold and that doesn’t make it always easy to explore the area. And during our snowboard test, we discovered the newest shapes and technologies of this season. These developments give you a refreshing look on the sport. The great thing about testing boards, is that you try to find for which kind of rider the board is suitable, without putting your own preferences up front. In that case you can test a board in all circumstances, on all disciplines, and you will know exactly what and who can bring out the best of the board. You have to make fun 24/7 to avoid annoying situations, and that was exactly what we did. Our test team represented all kinds of riders. This means that the boards that were chosen as the best, are covering all the different styles of snowboarding. We have experienced so many amazing things, it was a hell of trip. The winter… the winter is a never ending story.

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  1. KIJK…dit is wat wij gedaan hebben afgelopen seizoen! De winter is een never ending story! 

    Lees alle verhalen in het eerste nummer van Taste Snowboard Magazine ! 
    Coming soon…

    Follow ! #neverendingstory #winteriscoming #withsnowitsbetter

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