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[Music] [Music] [Music] but these two guys right here two nutcase fourteen-years-old Toa is 8 years old we live in your chin tell what happened he didn’t even do it stay there playing around how do you feel about just shooting a video about your nose game but Toa kept asking me to film it so I’m putting him on the spot what do you have to say to the camera since he wants to be in the video so bad we’re starting the video off you choose a trick for him to do you get one try one try for a hundred yen he only gets one hundred years old [Music] [Music] [Applause] he actually started reading Braille flips because how to top his older brother can you varial flip it for him if you marry will flip it I’ll give you the hundred your choice [Music] [Applause] [Applause] lipslide [Applause] a while back I had a video about Toa learning how to throw board in the down rail and now I’m gonna see his progression on it and we’ll test it out on the local down rail that’s a part clothes coming off it’s right here [Music] first try yes you’ve gotten so much better good job [Music] – hungry boy today foreign sweets right here baby speak Spanish now you know I do some gasps oh my god you know more than me does he not know that bread is chilling in the back pick it up pick it up this is a 4 to a 3 we usually get kicked out into the first 20 minutes but I actually chose a spot for a reason because I want Jonah’s gay and hotter though I haven’t told them yet but I want you to play a game of skate yeah you and you Rochambeau right now go all right how do they go Spurs ska te might be too long for now cuz we might get kicked out so let’s do sk8 yeah yeah hey [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah you can see the raindrops on my board wet wheels we started off at this it’s there today but as soon as you got here it started raining it’s drizzling yeah it’s like pretty wet now too dangerous that was perfect okay okay [Applause] [Music] ah no more danger Oh mint flavored drink and taste test people like you take a drink out of this drink you’ll land the big spin next time why do they have those little chocolates in this little cup chocolate chemicals then you put the chocolate Oh gross you enjoy the payment Oh gross I have to tell you guys something sure no skateboard Ken’s pawn broker first day you know skate tell the truth tell him what you did Tom tell them tell them that you broke you broke it right you broke Kim’s phone yes oh my god I’m about to pee you broke it yes what are you gonna pay for this benefit no no I’m not fucking sorry okay I’m sorry I broke your fucking phone what are you thinking these were my last days in Japan and I spent most of this year living in Tokyo it’s crazy because the time went by so quick most of the time I was living in that apartment with masa me we made so many memories it was a fun time and it was just really nice having someone to come home to and a place to come home to and just be happy you know but I have so much work to do and it’s the end of the year so I always come home for the holidays and I need to get some work done for you raced after the holidays and when the new year starts I plan on moving to LA for at least four months to get as much work done as I can off of the team the family is out in LA I need to get some work done with them and try to just be as productive as I can like I said I was never ever imagining this company to be where it is today for us to sell oh every job and even put up the stock every single time and continue to sell out and exceed our expectations and you guys will just see it continue to grow because next year is pretty crazy this year changed so much but next year is gonna be insane I’m gonna be moving in with Marcos my friend Slim’s we have a huge announcement I’ll do it in the next video Masumi is coming over to the u.s. for a little bit to live with me while I’m here looking forward to it that about wraps up this video I hope you guys enjoyed your holidays see you guys for the next one [Music] good job oh yeah [Music]


  1. I'm looking forward to come to Japan next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And hope you to be going to come to Osaka!!
    Have a nice end of this year and a happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i really want to skate but sadly i cant buy a skateboard maybe someday Luis your the biggest inspiration to me like for real i hopee when i can buy a skateboard i will learn and film like you so wish me luck..

    love you louis i hope we can meet soon haha

  3. I watched the videos you filmed of him last year. He was sick then. Now he unreal. He’s going straight to street league

  4. Luis, you're goal is to be a Japanese citizen right? Make some videos of yourself learning Japanese!! As a New Zealander currently learning Japanese for fun that would be awesome to watch

  5. 02:54 – 03:00 that little kid looks like the goofy anime character that actually is the strongest one without realizing it

  6. I love these vids but it would be very useful if you learned Japanese instead of depending on someone to interpret it. Keep doing what you're doing though

  7. Qotd:What country are you from? Maotd:New Zealand. #kiwi4lyfe. 1st reply gets a follow on Instagram.

  8. I think I have my life together because I clean my house but then I watched this vid and feel like I've done absolutely nothing with my life

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