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Syphon Sound System – Helmet Speakers

Syphon Sound System – Helmet Speakers

Since I was a kid, I’ve always been involved
in action sports, and I like to listen to music when I ride. When I moved to the mountains and picked up
snowboarding, I quickly realized that at the end of the day, the only thing that hurt worse
than my butt were my ears from having earbuds in all day. This problem spans across a lot of different
sports. Headphones are uncomfortable and fall out
too easily. So I decided to do something about it. Hi, I’m Kyle, Founder of Syphon Sound, and
this is the Syphon Soundwrap. It’s a super comfortable sound system that’s
a tenth of an inch thick and can fit anywhere. It’s wrap around sound, for your head. This thin, flexible sound system is perfect
for your helmet, beanie, or whatever else you put on your head, and it’s so thin that
you can’t even feel that it’s there. Using self bias electrostatic loudspeaker
technology, the Soundwrap cuts clearly over engine and wind noise, allowing you to actually
hear your music. The Soundwrap uses velcro to attach to your
headwear making it easy to insert and remove. It connects to a small Bluetooth device with
an eight-hour battery, giving you hassle-free, comfortable listening all day long on a single
charge. There’s also a disconnect feature so you can
easily take your helmet or beanie off without having to remove anything. Using this revolutionary flexible speaker
technology, the Soundwrap is a high-quality, low-profile sound system unlike anything else
out there. The earbuds start to irritate your ear especially
bouncing around with your helmet hitting and stuff and these are super comfortable. I didn’t realize they were there and it sounded
pretty…pretty amazing actually. This is like, you can transfer it if I was
wearing my helmet I could do it if I was wearing a Beanie… For me, for example, I’m a huge music junkie,
like I have to have music when I snowboard. I can’t do it if I don’t have it. And I’ve done both types and the thing about
it is that both of them have negatives because the over the head get annoying and they hurt
your ear and they press against your ear and they fall off your goggles and stuff like
that. The in-ear buds they press too hard in your
ear a lot of the time, and so by the end of the day you have an earache, and you’re just
like “really was it worth it?” But with this, you don’t have to worry about
any of that. For nearly two years now, I’ve been working
to develop and perfect the Syphon Soundwrap for mass production. I enlisted the help of a mad scientist, and
now we’re finally ready to launch this product and get it into the hands of every man, woman,
and child. Together we can change the way people listen
to music.

54 thoughts on “Syphon Sound System – Helmet Speakers”

  1. Awesome idea and design! I want one so bad! It would be great considering I snowboard, ski, snowmobile and dirtbike and listening to music while riding has always been a hassle.

  2. Very good idea.  I remember back in the 80´s someone have invented a vest with speakers that only the wearer could hear the sound.  This product kind of reminds me of that for comfort and usability. 

  3. two hundred is actually better than i though try riding a street bike 500 miles in a day without music the last thing you want to hear is your bike after the first 2 hundred miles.

  4. 200 dollars for a Sound wrap sucks! Sure headphones can be a pain to get on but they're affordable.  Shit you out of your mind charging that much for Velcro speakers. 

  5. Gumy earbuds (the real ones, they're called Plus now) work fantastic. I ride a sportbike and at speeds north of 50 wind noise can get ridiculous, so the earplugs/earbud combo is the only way to go for me at least.

  6. Intrigued !  I normally ride with earplugs (for sound deadening), can anyone chime in if these get loud enough to be heard on top of plugs?  I have a Sena bluetooth set in street helmet now, just doesn't get loud enough

  7. I got one, definitely not worth the $200, if you ride a loud bike/quad like my ltr you have to turn it up all the way and you can still barely hear it clearly, it cracks and pops at full volume as well

  8. I love music and listened to it while riding many times. But as an MX rider, snowmobiler, and MX/ATV/UTV/Snowmobile technician, you really want to be able to hear your engine at all times for safety issues and you're losing the ability to possibly hear mechanical malfunctions. Music does get ya pumped up to ride harder though.

  9. volume required to hear anything above your motorcycle and or wind noise is definitely damaging to your hearing…$350 is REDiculous

  10. Have to appreciate The negative comments when such commenters have not even tested out the product yet. The other factor being, nobody in this comment section has researched what exactly went into the making of these headphones.

    I believe for anyone to bring their idea to fruition, to actually get the product built and put on the market, has already dished out quite a bit of money to make it all happen. whether or not these headphones are worth the money Will be determined by our free market economy. not by snarky comments.

  11. I think it's a great idea if u just keep working too make it wireless and sound a little more clear I think u have a great idea just keep working and it will do well 🙂

  12. I would love to have one, I've always wanted to have a good way to listen to music while riding. I would like to know release date and price

  13. can i hear the motor with these? i wanna hear the motor goo and music in the back ground. id be using this for motocross. i would wanna be hearing more motor than music. please respond so i can purchase them if they will satisfie me. thanks

  14. All you people that are complaining about the price go get a job FUCKING loser. This product is not for broke ass losers that don't work

  15. Seems like it still needs work. Maybe a Gen2 purchase. Don't get me wrong I love the idea. But a big Bluetooth receiver needs to go. And if there must be a wire might as well give it some button functionality. And I wonder what the sound compares to and it's quality for the price range

  16. The lenovo stock in ear headset is actually very comfortable. Problem with cable is just, sometimes it tangles.

  17. I would like to buy this but I can find any reviews and money is kinda hard to get right now so don't wanna spend the money to buy this and it sucks. Headphones don't bothers my ears but the cord always sticks to my bag so when I'm moving my head to check behind me they get yanked out

  18. I would love to buy this but it is 160 fucking dollars I would rather take ear pain and a few odds and ends for my bike

  19. I have the syphon sound wrap. I put them in to try them out and I could even get my helmet on, I put them under the padding and outside of the padding. I do NOT RECOMMEND these I rather have ear buds then these thing. WASTE OF MONEY!

  20. What a stupid idea.. Helmets have ear cut outs. These would press so hard on your ears and hurt way worse then earbuds lol

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