– Hey guys, welcome to the
Carl and Jinger Family Channel. We have some awesome stuff planned today. We’re gonna go on an obstacle course across our swimming pool. And first, we are out here in the desert, and we are getting ready
to ride our dirt bikes, our ATVs, and Carter,
Liz, and Steven Sharer brought a side-by-side
because every day’s a new day, and we’re making it an awesome one. (engines revving) (fast rock music) Whoa! Our bridge across the pool is all set up. – Whoa! Wow! – I can’t reach ’em! (laughing) – Okay, we got power over here. (fast rock music) (engines revving) (fast rock music) – [Carl] You ready to ride, Jinger? – Oh yeah! This is gonna be awesome! – [Carl] It’s gonna be really fun. This is one of our favorite places to ride out here in southern Utah. Look at all these hills and
everything that we have around. It’s like something out
of a wild west movie. It’s really cool. Kyle says he’s gotta do a burnout. Whoa! (laughing) The Sharers all ride motorcycles and quads and side-by-sides and stuff, and they came with us today. So it’s gonna be really fun. We’ve got a helmet cam. They brought their drone. So if you want to see
their riding footage, you gotta go subscribe and
check out their channel, too, ’cause it’s awesome. Carter this is a huge bike. What size is this thing, man? – It’s a KTM 350. – [Carl] A 350? What do you normally ride back home? – I normally ride a CRF 250. – [Carl] So, how you gonna do, man? Are you gonna just be
riding wheelies all day, or is it gonna get crazy? – Yeah, I don’t know. I think this is more
set up for a trail bike. – [Carl] It is. – So we’ll see how it goes. – [Carl] We’ll find out, huh? – Yeah, let’s try starting it. (engine revving) There we go
– You got it. It’s working. Woo! It’s been too hot all summer
to come riding very much. So we haven’t done it a whole lot, but now that it’s cooled off, it’s actually now we’re riding season. So, it’s time to bring back moto Mondays and get the quads out and go riding more, and bring the RC cars out, so we can do RC car tricks
and stunts out here. It’s gonna be really fun, so should we just go ride? Let’s go ride. – Oh yeah.
– Oh, yeah! That thing looks awesome. We better get all our
gear on and get with it. The Sharers are already out there having an awesome time
and riding and everything and we’re still just putting our boots on, so let’s go. (engines revving) Woo! Jinger is such a good rider, you guys don’t have any idea, how good of a rider she is. Jinger’s gonna show us what she’s got. Look at her on her quad, like a pro. (fast rock music) So good, right? Can you guys see why I married her? How awesome! (laughing) Oh, she’s taking the big hill. (fast rock music) The amazing thing about these
Yamaha four-wheeler ATVs is that they can just
about go anywhere you want. Sometimes in the sand they might struggle, but then when you put paddle ties on, totally fine. Look at that thing go. They’re so fast. (engine revving) It takes a skilled rider to be able to handle these machines. Woo! Here comes Luke on his Kawasaki. We’ll see what he’s got. Oh there’s Luke and Gage. Woo! (laughing) Oh, Kyle’s doing so good! Look at him! He’s tearing it up, going up
the big hills and everything. Nope, can’t make it. You better turn around! Let’s see if he can get out of this little sticky situation. Look at him backing up all careful. He’s doing it right! Good job dude! Here comes Carter! You look like you know
what you’re doing man! – Yeah, I’ve been on a
bike a few times before. – [Carl] Awesome, you’re
a good rider, man. – I’ve never been on anything like this. This looks insane. – [Carl] It’s really fun, you’ve just gotta really
trust your machine. Which unfortunately, is a rented one. – Yeah, it’s not mine, it’s a little different. Feels like a tractor. – Well, good luck man.
– Thanks. (fast rock music) – [Carl] So far, so good. It looks like he’s got the skills. Luke’s coming around the bend. He’s gonna ride up and
see what Carter’s doing up there on the hilltop. Looks like he made it. Everybody out here is an experienced rider and doing really good today. I’m impressed. Oh no, Kyle had a wipeout! Almost, oh, he saved it! Good job dude! Give me a thumbs up, yep, there it is. (laughing) Gage just topped out
on a really steep ridge over there can you see
him in the distance? There he is. – [Jinger] I’m a little worried about him. – [Carl] You got it, Gage, go for it! I’m like a little bit nervous for him. He comes down the big hill. Easy, easy, easy. – Woo! Good job!
– That was a big hill. That was no joke. For his age and skill level. That was pretty good. Oh, here comes the side-by-side. Oh man, that thing is huge. You can hear Liz screaming in there. She’s freaking out, listen to– (screaming) That looks so fun. Uh oh, now Luke’s got himself in a pickle. Look how high up he is
on the top of this ridge. Oh, man. Are you okay? Yeah, he’s giving the thumbs up. I think he’s doing okay. Here she goes, Mom to the rescue. Riding up the ridge to help bail out Luke. He’s stuck up there. – Woo!
– Woo! Carter is a really good rider. Steven is driving really well
on the side-by-side also. Everybody’s having such a great time. Oh look, I think Luke got
his bike straightened out. Now he’s just gotta ride it down the hill. There you go, buddy! He made it, no problem. Look at this, this is no joke. That’s a pretty good size hill for that little guy to ride down. No fear at all, just handling it. Nice! That’s it, I need to get on my quad. You guys want to go for a ride with me? I’ll put the helmet cam on, and you can see what it
feels like first person. You ready to ride? Let’s do this! Oh, here comes Steven and Liz. (laughing) They look like they’re having tons of fun in that side-by-side. I’m excited to get on
my quad and join ’em. I gotta walk all the way
back to the truck first. Hey good looking! You want to give me a
ride back to the truck? – Hop right on, baby! – [Carl] Alright, let’s go! You doing alright, dude? You got stuck up on the top
of that ridge a little bit. – I just had to get out of it by myself. – [Carl] I know, you did good though. – It was just the sand
that was making me slide. – [Carl] I know, you had
to turn your bike around and go back down, but it
looks like you got it. – Yep.
– Safe and sound. Don’t go too fast, I don’t
have my helmet on yet. – We’re just gonna putt-putt
our way there, don’t worry. – Okay. (laughing) (fast rock music) Even Liz is riding bikes now. She’s doing awesome! She’s riding Kyle’s old 80. Looks fun. (engine revving) Alright, let’s go check this place out. (fast rock music) Woo! Let’s take you guys on a fun little ride. Should we go up and around this? (fast rock music) It’s like a motocross track out here. That looks like a big jump. Whoa! That was! (fast rock music) There’s a lot of really
fun ways to go here. Let’s go around this loop. (fast rock music) Now we’re gonna go back the other way. Wow, how fun! What do you guys think? Should we try to go over
that big, giant hill there and see what’s on the other side? (fast rock music) Wow! It’s really high up here, isn’t it? You can see all the red rock canyons, and the trail just drops down. Oh look, and then the trail comes back up over this big peak, too. Maybe we should ride back
up that big taller one. Here we go, straight down. (fast rock music) Woo! Okay, here’s the big hill. (fast rock music) Oh yeah, look at that! All the way up to the tallest peak. We made it, no problem at all. You can really see the
landscape from up here. It looks really cool. (engine revving) Woo! There they go! We’re gonna go look at
the dinosaur tracks now. So we’re all riding out on this dirt road. Let’s go. (fast rock music) Hey guys, how’s it going? (fast rock music) How you doing, Luke? Here comes everybody down the road. Good job, Kyle! Here comes Carter on his big motorcycle. And here comes Steve and
Liz in their side-by-side. (fast rock music) We’re gonna go check out
some dinosaur tracks, but if you want to see them, you’re gonna have to go subscribe to the Sharer’s channels. All the links are gonna be down in the description below. You guys ready to see
real dinosaur tracks? – Oh yeah, this is gonna be crazy. – I didn’t even know there were still dinosaur tracks out here. – [Carl] There are just out in the desert if you want to check ’em out. You better go subscribe. Guys, we’ve had a super-fun day riding with the Sharers out
here and their family. But now, it’s time to go back and do our bridge across the pool obstacle course challenge. Are you ready? – Yeah! – [Carl] Ooh, let’s do it! (engine revving) Chesty cams are ready to go. Our bridge across the pool is all set up. We’re back from riding, and the Sharers are on their way back over to our house, and then, let the games begin. What do you think, Kyle? Are you ready to go across our bridge? – Yeah! – [Carl] Are you gonna try
and wear that bubble ball across the bridge? – Yep! – [Carl] I think that would be awesome. We have a couple of those. We have an orange one and a blue one, and then we have a bunch of dodgeballs and pool noodles and everything. And we’re gonna try and battle it out versus the Sharers on our
bridge across the pool. Isn’t this awesome? I think it looks amazing. Look who just arrived, and they arrived in style. It’s the Sharers. Oh my gosh, you guys got
one of these Slingshots? – They got here and now it won’t start. – Now it won’t start. – [Carl] Are you kidding? – We’re here to stay. – [Carl] Oh wow! Well, that’s great news! – Just an excuse to stay longer. (laughing)
– Yay! – Oh yeah, there we go. – [Carl] Oh, it looks
like it’s working now. Nice, look at this. So here’s what’s cool
about these Slingshots is they only have one tire in the back, so they’re really cool. Oh, that’s cool. Look at that, it’s like
a belt drive in the back. It drives with a belt
instead of like a chain or a drive shaft. It’s totally unique. That is cool looking, wow! (engine revving) We have these giant bubble balls and these rolling inflatable things. And so, we can try all
kinds of cool crazy stuff. We can even have like a
bubble ball boxing match across the bridge in
the middle. (laughing) Come on Kyle, there you go! It looks easy now, wait until
you’re out over the water. It’s time. We have the pool noodle crazy bridge across the swimming pool
challenge all set up. The bridge is there and
I think round number one, what we’re just gonna have
to do is just one at a time. We’ll take turns and
we’ll just do a speed run and see how fast we can get across. – Okay! – [Carl] Are you ready to go? – I’m ready to go. – [Carl] Here she goes! – Go go go! – [Carl] Alright, so far so good! That was pretty slick! – That is actually very sturdy! – [Carl] It is really sturdy? – Yes! It’s so sturdy and so fun! – [Carl] That’s okay, it
gets crazier from here, don’t worry. Here’s what I think we should do next. I think we should just
like send everybody across one at a time. Not too much weight in the middle, so we don’t snap the bridge. But just see if everybody
can make it across. Who can do it, and who can’t. – Ready?
– Ready? – Let’s go! – [Carl] Set go! Go Kyle, go! You’re good! Oh! Luke made it, so far so good. Carter’s gonna make it. – Whoa! Ah! That’s so crazy! – [Carl] You’re deflecting
the pool noodles. That worked pretty well. – [Carter] I have really bad balance, and I made it. – [Carl] Everybody did it! Wow, so far. So just running across
normal is really easy, but that’s where all of this starts to come into play. – [Jinger] Okay, the last two people to go are Carl and Liz, are you guys ready? – Woo, I’m ready!
– I think so! – [Jinger] Okay, on
your mark, get set, go! – Woo! – [Jinger] That was really good! Oh Carl, go go go! (Carl yelling) Everybody! – Okay, so far so good! – [Jinger] Everybody officially made it. – Okay, now we have to go across, and you’re not allowed
to touch the pool noodles while they’re swinging back and forth. – [Jinger] Oh! – [Carl] That’s round two. – Yikes, that’s gonna be hard. – [Jinger] Alright, challenge number two, are we ready competitors? – Yeah!
– Oh yeah! – You can’t touch the pool noodles! No shoving, Steven! – [Jinger] Alright, on
your mark, get set, go! – Oh, Kyle’s going army crawl. That might take a while. (laughing) – [Jinger] Good job, Luke! – Kyle you’ve got to stand up, buddy! You’re slowing it down! – Go go go go! (laughing) – [Carl] Oh, someone just got hit! (laughing) – Yikes, this is actually really hard. Ah! – [Jinger] Come on team, you got it! (laughing) – Oh no! – [Carl] It’s all about
the timing and the oh! – Aww! (laughing) – I got hit, right on the shoulder. Okay, now we gotta go two people at once, from opposite sides in the bubble balls. – [Jinger] Oh no! So first off, we have Carl versus Steven. – Yeah! You ready for the takedown? – I think I’ve got physics on my side. (laughing) – I don’t know, I’ve
got some power in this. – Alright, I’m gonna go start on this end. We’ll see you in the middle. – Let’s do this, oh yeah. – [Jinger] Alright, is everybody ready? – Yeah! – [Jinger] Okay, we have
Steven on this side, and we have Carl on this side. – Oh my gosh. I can’t see anything! – [Jinger] On your mark, get set, go! – You can do this! Woo, go Steven! – [Jinger] Oh no! (laughing) (fast rock music) – [Carl] Yeah! That was awesome! – [Jinger] Poor Steven! – I don’t stand a chance, no! – [Jinger] Good job, Carl! Who do you want to verse next? – I’m going again? I don’t know if I want to. – [Jinger] Okay, fine. Me versus Liz. – [Carl] Oh, let’s do that. – [Jinger] Are you ready, Liz? – Let’s do that. – It’s cold! – [Carl] It is cold, huh? – It’s wet and cold! (laughing) – [Carl] Stay low and drive hard and fast. What’s your strategy, Liz? – I’m just gonna run. – [Carl] Ah, there you go. That’s what I did, too. Okay, ready? Set, go! Oh, she is running, she
really is going for it. Oh, Jinger won! (fast rock music) That was close! – I think Jinger won! (laughing) – [Carl] I think Liz fell
off of the bridge first. It was a close one, it was
one right after the other. – She hit me pretty
hard, so I will say that. That was awesome. – [Carl] How about we
do Gage versus Carter? – Oh yeah!
– Oh! I think the competitors are
ready for this challenge. – Yeah I’m ready, Sharers
if you’re watching this, smash that like button,
’cause I need some good luck. – [Carl] There you go, thank you. – [Gage] I just gotta
try and not think about that I’m facing someone
that’s three times my size. Well, he seems that big. – [Carl] Gage, are you ready? – Sure! (laughing) – [Carl] Alright, let’s do this. – Get set!
– Go! Here’s the big face-off! Oh! Oh! – [Gage] No! (laughing) – [Carl] Yeah, you won Carter! (laughing) – I won! – I had him! – [Carl] You gotta give Gage
some credit on that one. He went all in on that. (laughing) Good job. All in the water! Here we go! Kyle versus Luke! Who’s gonna win? Oh, Kyle’s already going. He’s already going for it. He did not even hesitate. Oh, oh! (mumbles) He’s still floating! (fast rock music) Cannonball, Luke! (laughing) Woo! Spin finish! (laughing) Luke won the round, good job. For the next challenge we have
sock boppers boxing gloves. For the next challenge, they
have the boxing gloves on, but the trick is they also
have the giant bubble balls on their legs. So they have to navigate across the bridge without falling in, and
then have a big boxing match in the middle. You guys ready? – Yeah! – [Carl] Alright, let’s do this! Luke’s going for it. He’s already to the middle. He has a strategy, and it seems to be working. – Bring it on, big boy. – [Carl] Who’s gonna win? Someone’s gotta close the gap. (laughing) Oh no! Oh! – Ah! Ah!
– Gage is the winner! – [Carl] Oh, you’re still in. You made it. (laughing) – [Jinger] Alright, this next
one is Carl versus Steven! With the Socker Boppers. – I can’t reach ’em! (laughing) – [Jinger] Oh, I got you,
I got you. (laughing) – Thank you. (laughing) – [Jinger] You look crazy. (laughing) – This is crazy. Okay! – [Jinger] Carl versus Steven. – Yeah, I’m ready.
– Ready, set, go! (Carl screaming) – Oh, you gotta bring it! – Yikes!
– Come on! – [Steven] Look at you
trying to use intimidation. (laughing) (laughing) Okay, we got power over here. (laughing) – [Jinger] Oh! (fast rock music) (laughing) – [Jinger] Oh, my goodness! – I think we both went
in at the same time. That was a tie. – I don’t know what happened there. – That was awesome. – Whoa. – [Jinger] Alright we’re
cutting off the dividers so that we can do what, Carl? – We’re going to try and
ride scooters and bikes across the bridge now one at a time, to see if we can do it. And then I think that’s good. We’re having too much fun today. – [Jinger] Alright Carter, are you ready? He’s the one that volunteered to go across on the bike, you’re crazy! – Yeah, I don’t know. I’m not that good at riding a bike. I can to a back flip, but I don’t know if I can do this. – [Carl] It’s gonna be crazy. – [Jinger] There’s only
one way to find out! – I guess.
– Let’s do it! – Here we go! – Oh man!
– This is exciting! – I’m scared, here we go, three, two, one, go! (people yelling) (fast rock music) – Oh no! We gotta get the bike! I lost my balance! – [Jinger] Okay, Carter! Round two. – I think I can do it this time. – [Jinger] I think you can do it. You can totally do it. – Okay, ready? Here we go in three, two, one, go! – [Carl] I think you can do it! – Oh yeah! (people yelling) – That counts! That totally counts!
– That totally counts! – That was awesome! – He did a bike across the
pool on our small bridge. That was amazing! (laughing) Does anybody else want to try? – I’ll do it! – Oh, okay! – [Jinger] Luke, you are
pretty brave to try this, are you ready?
– Yeah! – [Jinger] This is gonna be awesome! Is everybody ready? Oh, he’s going! – [Carl] Oh, you gotta pick your feet up! You’re not supposed to
walk the bike across! Oh! (laughing) (laughing) Good job! (fast rock music) – [Jinger] That was so funny! – That was awesome! – I got the bike! (laughing) We got it! – [Jinger] Good job
Luke, are you doing okay? – It was so hard to pedal! (laughing) – [Jinger] That was crazy! Good job! – That was awesome! – [Jinger] Did everybody have fun with our giant bridge across the pool? – Yeah! – That was so cool! – You guys need to go check
out the Sharers channels. It’s so awesome! Look at the link up here
to go check ’em out. There will also be an end
card at the end of the video. You can go watch their video, where we’re gonna do a whole bunch of other crazy stuff with giant balloons on the bridge and in the
water and who knows what. So you better go subscribe,
and subscribe here as well. And then click anywhere on the
screen to watch more videos. And we’ll see you next time. – [All] Bye!

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