Swim smoother and breathe easier in freestyle with shoulder rotation

When swimming freestyle one of the main problems
beginners have is the lack of rotation in the stroke. in this video We will analyze why it is important
to rotate and we will post a video of drills to help you rotate correctly later on. The main benefit of rotating is to prevent
shoulder injury. When you rotate, your shoulder is in a better
position to recover. If you don’t rotate then you will be overextending
this part of your shoulder. If you do rotate, the whole arm will be more
relaxed and you will have more power to use where it matters most, the pull. While your head is steady, your whole body
is rotating. Except when you are breathing. When you breathe your head rotates with your
body, allowing your mouth to stick out of the surface to take a breath. It is a lot easier to breathe when your body
rotates. So if you are having trouble breathing in
freestyle, the lack of rotation might be one reason why. Another benefit is that when you rotate, you
are in a better position to pull water using bigger muscles. When you position your body like this your
back and chest muscles will be ready to pull, as opposed to just using your shoulder muscles. The bigger the muscles the more powerful your
pull will be and the faster you will swim. The last benefit is that you’ll be able
to swim smoother. By rotating you will be able to glide more. The more you glide effectively the less strokes
you will need to do per lap. With your core muscles you will be applying
a torque force to move forward. Your rotation might feel exaggerated. But notice that I almost touch my cheeks with
my shoulders. That’s still a normal amount of rotation. Just make sure your arms are not crossing
the middle line of your body. All of this to say, I strongly suggest that
you rotate when you swim freestyle. And I will show you how to practice your rotation
in a future video, so make sure to subscribe. If you want to check out our shop click here. See you next time! Swim fast!

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