52 thoughts on “Surya Bonaly (FRA) – 1998 Nagano, Figure Skating, Ladies’ Short Program”

  1. funny how differently the thinking was back in 98… now a triple toe triple toe is given more points than a lutz/toe

  2. That a triple lutz-double toe…

    It's a tough one. One is a combination out of the most difficult triple (save the axel) and one is a combination out of the easiest triple.

    I don't know why Scott said the Salchow is the easiest…

  3. Considering Surya's edge quality was profoundly sub par, I give her a lot of credit that she was able to be near the top for so long. But for those of us who watch skating all the time, it's really frustrating to watch her in between skating. I don't know why she never got the hang of it. I mean, the footwork is a prime example… it's just of a very, very low quality. But that spin at the end was fantastic.

  4. Sorry, France, no way that program merits a 5.7. The jumps were fine, but the footwork and spiral sequence were weak and the spins just okay. A 5.7 puts her in the range of Kwan and Lipinski and no way Surya's quality matches theirs.

  5. Debi Thomas attempted it in 1988, but 2 footed the 2nd triple. Nancy Kerrigan performed it in 1994, and Marina Kielmann many have as well. Kristi Yamaguchi landed a triple Lutz-triple toe combination in 1992.

  6. Surya was a perfect skater who lost confidence at crunch time due to all the racist nasty evil people like you saying cruel lies to her since she was a little girl. Surya is a beautiful skater just look at her exhibition performances.

  7. Ummm, I think this is the only time I've managed to have someone disagree with basically everything I've posted about skating (and be called immature names too)! I've been a huge fan of Surya's since she hit the scene, and she had a unique style about her; but to call her a "perfect skater?" Come on. It's universally known she just didn't have the edge quality, and awful telegraphing. I take serious offense to being called "racist, nasty and evil" for pointing out her widely known flaws. CHILL

  8. No, remember the glorious Midori Ito's 1988 free skate???? (one of the best in Olympic history). She was the first to do a triple toe-triple toe at the Olympics. She was also the first woman ever to land that combo, in 1983!

  9. The second triple on the 3T-3T was UR. Her landinds were jarring, poor edge quality, no flow, telegraphed jumps, so-so artistry but she still managed to stay in the top tier of the sport for years! 4th at the '94 Olympics ain't shabby. But in the end I'm glad skaters with better overall qualities won the Olympic medals.

  10. She had the goods if you watch the exhibitions. For some reason she failed to put it together when it mattered. She always skated poorly constructed heavy jump laden programs. Having a coach who understands the rules & can design the proper program is the reason medals are won & lost.

  11. Somewhat overly-negative commentary, it may be justified, I guess….but I thought that a 3toe3toe combination was more or less on par with the difficulty of a 3lutz2toe….but hey, I'm willing to be proved wrong. Plus, I really enjoyed the artistry of this program, it really suited her style – 4.9 was rather mean, even thought that judge was marking low all night.

  12. Although I do think that Irina Slutskaya is immensely more talented and a much stronger skater in terms of actual blade-work and skills, I would have ranked Bonaly ahead of Slutskaya in the short program. I may have ranked Slutskaya as high as 3rd in the LP, but Lu Chen's bronze just felt right.

  13. On really good days, Surya can jump as high as Tonya Harding. And I see here that she's trying to prove us that she's a graceful skater as well as an athletic skater.

  14. Nope! Midori Ito was the first woman to land a triple-triple combo at the olympics (Toe Loops). She was also the first one to land the 3Lutz and 3Flip at the same event. Thomas' second triple had a full rotation on the ice, hence her combination was actually a 3Toe-2Toe Loop. Midori Ito was also the first woman to land a 3Axel at the 1992 Olympics.

  15. I wonder what she could've done if she'd had a coach who knew more about skating. Surya is very good but perhaps with a better coach she could've gone further.

  16. Listen to the narration–it is all negative.  The judges and the sports announcers were predisposed against Surya.

  17. Not graceful, spins are very slow and heavy.It's like everyone knows she's not going to win a medal, so why train so hard to come to the Olympics?

  18. My favorite from the 90s.  The announcers were always rough on her, almost acting like she wasn't worthy.  They were used to commenting on tiny princesses and didn't know what to say about a bold, black queen.  The truth is she was a lively and athletic skater and one of the best in the world.

  19. I dunno, I thought this was a great short program. Surya just has so much presence, granted the technical difficulty wasn't high, but overall it should have scored better.

  20. Scott, let's be honest…. Surya was not part of your SOI but there was no need for you to shit all over her especially w/ your adoption of black children. I hope you are kinder to your adoptive children then you are to Surya.

  21. It was at this point in the competition where I wanted to punch Scott Hamilton in the mouth. This was a great performance by Surya — although the under-rotated spin was unfortunate. But overall this was much superior than Irina Slutskaya's cheesy and underwhelming piano player program.

  22. Her and Tonya Harding seemed more like entertainers than competitive skaters. They usually cracked under pressure of Olympics. And also always seemed to want to rebel against the rules, I like that about them.

  23. jsut came to this video by accident. This female has to be the most ungraceful skater i've ever seen. it's like a tank on ice

  24. the commentators never changed their tune, they said the exact same things for years during every program. their bias was overwhelming.

  25. No lutz no flip no loep. 5.7 is too high but 5.0 is very much too low. And what about 4.9 for artistry….just scandalous…. 5.4 and 5.6 for me. She should have been placed ahead of slutskaya without a doubt

  26. Some of the scores were ridiculously low (4.9 and 5.0) but look at the two scores from the French judge: 5.7 on both technical and artistic. An obvious bias.

  27. Surya Bonaly with this program would have placed higher in the group especially with the triple, triple toe loop.

  28. I think she was marked so low on this program because she was not a favorite coming into this Olympics. She had been off the radar for an entire year and wasn't expected to do well. In those days, your reputation, plus how you did in the World Championships the year before, was a big part of how you were marked. That's just how things were.

  29. No matter what she did, she never past most of the judges score for 5.2; I think judges could not handle different and unique.

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