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Surfing and Skating with Luke Rockhold: Fightland Title Shots

Surfing and Skating with Luke Rockhold: Fightland Title Shots

I’m not here to be good I’m here to be great and I want to get back I want to get title shot Santa Cruz is awesome I mean I love this town I think as well as beautiful places in the world it’s a rough place it’s not like everyone sees it as like this hippie weed smoking town but man there’s a lot of territorial people around here everyone’s trying to crash each other parties you have the west side you have the east side you have the south side and then you have a couple guys that try to stay neutral call himself the Midtown I and I was a just a rough kid I always always just had a natural instinct for just physical physical nature I was always just like the guy don’t want to put people in life you know the bullies and protect my friends my family and my natural instinct was to throw punches and get in dog fights surfing was just such a nice release it’s such a natural high it’s in the drill rush takes a certain knowledge and an understanding to read the ocean and the waves and to be comfortable with that it’s like getting a submission for the first time like the most amazing submission ever it’s an art form just like martial arts there’s a technique there’s it you have to master and get better and better at you get a first round submission or you go through a 25 minute war you know mother nature’s is angry and she’s just doing one wave after another and you almost want to give up you almost want to turn around and paddle back into the beach but you know something keeps driving you and you wanna you know just get under every wave and get you want to beat it want to get better and better and better until them the best that drives me life I’ve always been that way about whatever I do I’m not built to be in a gym all year round me on 24/7 my stance and the movement I get from surfing you know it translates to what I do in fighting I don’t really have a karate stance I don’t really have a Taekwondo stance I really have a boxing stance I got that surf stance and skate stance I think it’s almost about mixing surfing and skating together clash of the two is like fighting you have the peacefulness of the surfing and skateboarding so really made me you know tough and taught me how to deal with pain and conquering you know these moves and these things that’s like the tougher side of surf I just want to go big fast hard if it’s not hard if it doesn’t hurt it’s not bunk me so I I’m not gonna sell myself short I’m not gonna live with regrets you know I’m gonna put every last bit of myself into what I do

80 thoughts on “Surfing and Skating with Luke Rockhold: Fightland Title Shots”

  1. MMA, Skating, and Surfing and three of my favorite sports. Awesome to see him draw some parallels between them. Fightland is the shit!


  3. Awesome video! The best part was him talking about his stance. You can totally see the surfing stance in how he fights. This guy has definitely become one of my favorite fighters. I could definitely see him taking the belt of Weidman (who is also a great fighter).

  4. "If it's not hard; if it's not big, it's not fun for me" just come out of the closet already luke lol

  5. I think that's interesting what he said about his stance being from skating and surfing. You can tell someone who skate boards from the way they stand. Their body type and balance is unique. I played soccer for years and recently I've starting MMA. As I've got better at MMA when I go back to playing soccer my balance has changed and I can't move the same way to spread my feet apart, turn sharply, sprint and control a football at the same time. I can feel it in the way I walk as well.

  6. is santa cruz really that rough? seems like less affluent than most places in the peninsula, and met a few dicks territorial about their spots being visited by outsiders. rougher around the edges in how the buildings are sea-worn and older. at the same time, santa cruz doesnt seem rough in terms of danger.


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  9. Rockhold was the last person that I would think skated. Maybe my opinion will change about him. He can't be as arrogant as I thought he was.

  10. Makes me like him more. Seems like he's in his element when he's doing stuff rather then talking.

  11. I tell you i was never a Luke Rockhold Hater i think that Guy is such a Insparition realy Calm good Human being with alot of Respect and Curage he deserves to be Champion and get his Titel back more then Micheal Bisping and others in the Division i wish him the best and hope he gets his Titel back but i aswell like Robert Whittaker hes cool! Overall i realy dont understand why some People hate him so much because he was a bit Arrogant sometime hes a Fighter wich Fighter was never a bit Arrogant when he became World Champion i gues he learnd his Lesson after he losed unlucky against Bisping nvm !

  12. Wow I did not expect Luke to skate and actually be pretty good, I just assumed he was going to be surfing or long boarding not actual street skating pretty cool to know though

  13. Best part about this is that it's actually shot in real time. He only makes everything look like it is in slow motion.

  14. Classic good looks, super tough fighter, and down to earth mentality luke is the man when i saw he surfs AND skates my respect went up astronomically …./m/…./m/…./m/…./m/

  15. I don’t have karate stance, I don’t really have a taekwondo stance, and I don’t really have a boxing stance.

    I got that surf stance, that skate stance

  16. “I always had an instinct for physical nature”…. at least modeling doesn’t require him to fight or speak

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