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SUNNY FAMILY CULT | “Night Swim” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

SUNNY FAMILY CULT | “Night Swim” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

(synth music) – Smooth eh? – Are you sure no one’s here? – I promise. (giggling) Shit, get down! – So lame! – I’m sorry, I can’t help it. – Maybe we should just go. – No, Taylor, Taylor, come on. I was just kidding. I’m sorry, look. Look, it’s fine. It’s fine. Come on. (calm music) – You ever just wish
things were different? – I mean, like, I wish that I could teleport or something. Ooh, or not live in a dorm. – No, like, you ever wish you were
just somewhere different? Like you could do whatever
you want and not have to answer to anyone or follow anyone’s rules? – Yeah. I mean, I get that. But, here we are together. Plus, if you were somewhere else, then where would I be right now? – Maybe you’re right. Maybe I have you right where I want you. – I like you a lot. (scare chord) – Thought you said they were gone. – They were, they were, they are. – Obviously not. (ominous music) Let’s just hide in here
until they go to sleep. I’m glad we’re here. – Yeah? – It’s just my family’s
really important to me. – That’s kind of a weird thing to say. (scare chord) What the fuck? What the fuck? Taylor, what the fuck is going on? – I can’t help it. – You said you want
things to be different. They can be. They can be. I thought we had something. Taylor I didn’t even tell
my parents where I am. – [Man In Red] Taylor, this
is what we came here for. – Taylor. Taylor. – You do not walk away from me. – Whoa, whoa listen man. My dad will pay you, I swear. He’ll give you whatever you want. However much you want. (dramatic music) – Do it. Now. This isn’t up to you. This whole night was for you. I planned this for you. And you turned your back on
your family and for what? I thought we were over this
rebellious teenager thing. You do not get to decide who you are. I do. – I can do better. – What? – I can do better, I’ll do better. – Then do it. (buzzing) – [Boy On Phone] Hey! – Hey do you guys want to come over? – Yeah, totally! – My parents are gone. (odd buzzing)

83 thoughts on “SUNNY FAMILY CULT | “Night Swim” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film”

  1. Imagine in a regular family and you find out your kid is a murderer “ when will you stop with this rebellious teenager phase xD”

  2. People saying that they thought they only killed bad people BUT THEY DID SHES LIKE SIXTEEN AND HES LIKE 20 THATS BAD BRO

  3. Why does Taylor like age like 3 years every time first she looked 7 then 14 or 15 now she’s looks 19 or 20

  4. How… how do they have children? Just… incest 100 or do they marry? How do they find the right people to marry? Do they just visit the jail all the time?

  5. 5:34 was I the only one picking up weird vibes from the dad I thought for sure he was going to try to kiss her own daughter.
    Yuck ?

  6. I remember wanting to watch this a while ago because I thought it was two girls kissing in the thumbnail lol.

  7. Taylor dident whant to kill his boyfriend his FUCKING DAD FORCED HER TO KILL BUT it's good she dident whant to kill but the dad is no mean and psycho poor tylors boyfriend ???

  8. So do the sunnys just kill random people cause thats what im seeing. They seem professional enough to have standards or some kind of code but guess not

  9. This whole thing with her family being murderers must have really intensified her “I’m not like everyone else” phase

  10. sorry Taylor .. although you have a sexy belly curve .. if the clip wished to seduce us with your bra … you need bigger boobs … yours are sadly below average … even for a teen ..

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