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Sun Valley, Idaho – Snowboard Team – The Coach

Sun Valley, Idaho – Snowboard Team – The Coach

There were times and
certain bars in certain places that if your were snowboarder in this town in the early
90’s you didn’t go. I was a little punk kid from the city green-haired, pierced eyebrow –
when snowboarding hit that was pretty much all she wrote. Got asked to come out and coach some of the little grade
school kids on the weekends… and never left. Watching their eyes kinda light up and go
yeah I can land that and watch them move on that next point pretty much never looked back just fell in love
with the coaching. There’s that sensibility in me that comes from skateboarding that if you want
something done you’ll do it yourself and beg forgiveness later. We started off small with little contests
in the alleys and now we’ve moved on
to these events where we have thousand dollars of prize money and
the fact that what we have on Dollar Mountain now which is every bit as
good as anything we traveled to anywhere – it’s huge. Growing up in Portland, Oregon
you can get lost in the shuffle a lot and one of the things that was really
refreshing about coming to a place like Ketchum and Sun Valley was they listen to you if you have a vision
and a plan something that you really want to do there seems to be a venue for it. I have coaching colleagues around the country
that are like – Where you’re from? I’m from Sun Valley I usually get that: “Oh I went on vacation with
my parents there once”. You know – it’s still there, it’s still sick and it’s still pretty amazing place to be it’s not like anywhere else in the US
as far as I’m concerned.

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