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¡SUELO FEO! ¿Cómo patinar? // UGLY FLOOR! How to roller skate on them?

¡SUELO FEO! ¿Cómo patinar? // UGLY FLOOR! How to roller skate on them?

Hello my dear rollers! How are you? I hope you’re very well my name is Carito for those of you who don’t know me, welcome to the channel, today we’re going to do a tutorial that I think some of you were already waiting which is about how to roller skate on surface that are not completely flat so as you can see we’re in a place where the floor doesn’t help us to roller skate we’re going to star with tips to get strength in our legs and so that we will be able to pass easily and fast these kind of floor so if you’re ready, let’s put on our helmet and start with this video ok guys, first step that we will need to have in mind ALWAYS is safety position you should have at the front the foot that has more strength for you in my case is right leg bending our knees we will put arms to the front or to the sides this is in case if we stumble we could be able to recover our balance so safety position, bending our knees and our back will be always straight not in curve, straight arms to the front for basic level after this gold rule, second tip is speed to have more stability and avoid the risk that our wheels get stuck, in these kind of surfaces the best thing to do is to take more speed to have more stability and keep strong legs and also in abs to be able to hold stable our skates another super important thing is is having flexed knees, independently if we are recovering balance to the safety position we have to be always bending our knees also the eyesight we can not have our look here becasue our head has too much weight so if we do this we can cause a stumble or even a fall down so our sight should be more or less 2 meters to the front looking where we can pass easily this floor and last but not least actually I think this is crucial specially when we’re starting to roller skate is the use of protective wear is very recommendable becasue we’re starting to roller skate so we’re taking completely different balance is normal to fall down, to have small falls so if we’re protected it will be the best so that no harm happens to us and well my dear rollers this is all for today’s tutorial hope these tips got really useful for you remember that we also should be confident in ourselves, in all these tips to be able to pass this surface, no doubts, let’s be confident that we have all points, have abs and legs strong so we will pass without problem this floor and well guys, I remember you that I let you here my social networks to be more in touch don’t forget to subscribe, give like to the video share it with all your friends and I send you a kiss, see you next week with another video!

17 thoughts on “¡SUELO FEO! ¿Cómo patinar? // UGLY FLOOR! How to roller skate on them?”

  1. Holi porque no haces más tutoriales yo estoy empezando a patinar pero con Paine de 4 ruedas este video me encantó 🙂 ❤

  2. Me gusto mucho tu video, buenos tips, me llamo la atención en el minuto 3:30 hay una ardilla atrás mirando como patinas……jajajaj

  3. Dudo que la espalda recta sea un buen consejo, para la mayoría el primer impulso va ser ponerse erguido y se van a caer, lo mejor es agarrar la rodilla que lleves enfrente

  4. Oye nos podrías enseñar piruetas soy muy malo en eso y la coreografía que voy a hacer en mi colegio tiene muchas y por cierto sub nuevo

  5. Hola, tiendo a estar encorvado y de esta manera siento más estabilidad pero termina por dolerme la espalda, soy el único? Que puedo hacer ?

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