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Stupid, Crazy & Angry People Vs Bikers 2016 | Road Rage [Ep.#35]

Stupid, Crazy & Angry People Vs Bikers 2016 | Road Rage [Ep.#35]

-Insane guitar intro- (Guy in tent): “Stay on the road! I’m turning around dude, go Just wait here What are you screamin’ at me for? “Stay on the pavement, (inaudible)” It’s not legal, it’s not legal to be on the pavement I legally have to be on the shoulder “No you don’t! You have to t-” (Hahah cut off) Yes! “It’s the edge of the road!” I have to be on the shoulder, under 25 mph “Okay whatever” Not on the road “Whatever” “Ask the traffic cop, right there” -The woman tries pitching in her two cents, but is unheard over the mighty engine- “We live here” (Woman) “We need you to slow your speeding, and you know what the rules are! We’re not-” I’m just following the law, that’s all I’m doing “Okay whatever, see ya later!” Turn it off Do you know if the law is for, riding the road you have to be on the shoulder, right? “Yeah” On the shoulder -The couple begins speaking in satanic tongue- We can’t legally be on the road, it’s sorta inconvenient that you live right next to here “And I’m telling you you’re wrong!” That’s the law dude, look it up on your phone. Look it up on your phone. “Ask the cop!” Look it up on your phone. Alright. (Guy on ATV next to him) “We drove right by the cop, and that was illegal, wouldn’t he just friggin pull us over!?” “Hey” Yeah? “Can we help you?” So, the law is saying that, I’m being yelled at by this guy over here, the law is, you have to be driving on the shoulder of the road. Correct? Under 25, on the shoulder “On this way, yes” -points to gravel road by pavement: shoulder- The guy over here, the guy next, right when you turn in is screwing everybody that comes just saying Saying ‘Hey, you gotta be on the road’ I’m just following the law, because he’s over here just screaming at everyone that goes by “You’re on there, to the blacktop?”‘ On the shoulder, on the dirt “Okay” Okay. He’s just over here, screaming at everybody going up there ya know “The person over there?” rip him Yeah, the first guy, the first guy. If you’re turning in, it’s the first guy on the left under the tarp I just wanted to make sure that wasn’t an issue or anything “Yep, you’re okay” Okay, I appreciate it. Thank you (Officer in neon vest) “Hand them, just one of ’em” “Well now you can’t get off now. How’s that sound?” Yeah, haha “You okay?” Yeah yeah yeah “Thank you” Yeah guys “Go go go go!” I can’t man 🙁 -Some woman yelling in distance- What? (inaudible) -trying to start it- “Stop the engine!” What? “STOP, THE ENGINE” I’m just trying to start mine “Guys, you know this is private property” -Slavic accent ftw- “Take off your, take off your thing” No, I’m not taking off my helmet. It’s hard to get back on “Okay. You know this is private property” Biker 2: “We just followed the trail” “There is no trail” Yeah, there is- “There is NO TRAIL!” Oh yeah, it leads to the- “Where are you living?” I don’t live up here “Where do you live?” Biker 2: “Not up here” “So why’d you come here?” We just followed th- “This is private property!” We just followed the, followed the trail “There is no,” -pauses- “I heard you yesterday. Look what you’ve done” That was- “Do you see what you’ve done?” -points to nothing- Those holes in trees, not from us. We didn’t cut this down “Kessa!” We didn’t cut this down, I didn’t mean to We just followed the trail “You didn’t cut the trees, no” No, we didn’t “But look, look. Look at trail” We just, yeah we just followed the.. the trail. “Kessa!” “Come here!” “By the horse fence!” Okay. I’ll call my friend that lives up here “No no no” I’m gonna get off “No you’re, go go get” Yeah, I’m gonna lean it up against a tree “Yeah, no I hold, I hold it” Okay. -Grunts- Kay, I’m gonna go put it up against a tree “Ye- no, no no. You are staying here.” So I can’t let it tip over? “You’re safe here” “Kessa!” Kessa: “Same guy?” “No, different guy” K: “What the fuck are you doing?” We just, I didn’t know it was private property I’m sorry. We’ll leave K: “What do you mean, you don’t know!?” “What do you mean, you don’t know?” K: “Did you came here yesterday?” I- I didn’t come here yesterday. “No, you were here yesterday” -couple speaks in same satanic tongue- “We heard you” I wasn’t here “I heard the guy yesterday, I just didn’t catch him” “So next time,” I’m sorry we wont “when you come here” K: (inaudible) “If I kill you, I don’t wanna be in jail. But I can kill you. Do you understand that?”
(‘You’re safe here’, huh.) Well yeah, but, you cant kill us but yeah “No, we can kill you, because this is our property” Okay yeah, but K: “Yeah but.” It’s not the US K: “He’s using this, as a range. A shooting range. Do you understand what we’re talking about?” Yeah okay but “He can, he can just target shoot them, and he can miss it, he can” Okay yeah, if it’s an accident that’s one thing I didn’t- we didn’t “Please listen. Please listen.” “You never come here, again.” Okay. “This is everywhere, private property” I don’t live- we just followed from the airs- K: (Inaudible) No, do you know the airstrip, the long uh, gravel path? Biker 2: “Yeah, we followed that” So yeah, we just followed (Inaudible) “This is our street” We just followed that and came here, I didn’t know this was private property I’m sorry K: (Once again, inaudible) No, there’s a lot of ATV guys there that go there it’s like, it’s open K: “It says it right there” “It says on the sign, it says on the sign.” Biker 2 and K: (Inaudible) Yeah but they’re, they’re fine with us going there. They’re fine with us going there, we asked them. K: “I would like to talk to them.” They, here I’ll call my friend. I’ll call my friend, I’ll call him. K: “Your friend, tell him.” I’ll call him. He lives up here, we don’t live up here. That’s why. -couple speaks in satanic tongue- I don’t know what a (inaudible) is I’ll call him though We just followed the trail, I didn’t think it was. If it’s private property, it’s private property. Well I’m sorry, we’ll leave I didn’t know. K: “Yeah” Well it’s the first time I’ve been told so I’m just saying I didn’t know well so we’ll leave now and we won’t come back I didn’t know, so K:”Okay, okay.” You know what I mean? “Yeah?” (Inaudible) Okay yeah but Will there, we didn’t see a sign. I’m sorry, we’ll leave but I- “What do you mean you didn’t see the sign?” “Everywhere here, is a private property!” Okay yeah but we didn’t know that because we followed the trail, that’s the only thing. We’ll leave though, I’m not trying to say Yeah “Next time you come, we’ll call the police” We’ll just leave the way we came Biker 2: “Yeah, we came over there” Yeah we’ll leave the way we came I’m sorry, I didn’t think it was private property I just thought it was a trail Pardon? K:”Go slow” Yeah we won’t Are the trails closed? “What?” Are the trails closed? “What does that sign say?” -Awkward silence- I didn’t know if that was just for the snow- or tr- or when there was the snowmobile “What’s that symbol for?” Yeah I know what it means, but like I didn’t know if it was for the snowmobiles “Uh, you don’t have a plate on your vehicle” I have a plate, it’s right back here -Guy trying to get out of mud in back- “That’s not legal” Yeah it is, the dealer put it on there “It’s not legal in Wisconsin” “Has to be white and has to be on where it’s in plain view How old are you? Um.. You don’t need to know that. “Huh?” Sixteen “Fifteen?” Sixteen. “Ya both got a safety certificate?” Yeah “Do you have it on ya?” Uhh yeah “Can I see it?” Why ” ‘Cause I don’t believe ya ” “I’m gonna report you to the police” “I-I have the card” “Lemme see it” -Horn honks- “Okay..” “You guys better load ’em up and get outta here” We will “When a sign says that, it’s closed” Alright, yeah I just didn’t know if it was just for the snowmobile “For everything” We talked to one of the guys down the road that way last time we were here And he said he thought they were open “It might’ve been at that time” Well this was just uh.. about two weeks ago? ” ‘Cause of the mud” “You know.. People get it dug up, and water sets in” Yeah, I think we talked to the guy two weeks ago “Okay.” -Music outro-

100 thoughts on “Stupid, Crazy & Angry People Vs Bikers 2016 | Road Rage [Ep.#35]”

  1. 6:34 idk where you live but in most states in the us it is illegal to shoot somebody unless they are holding a weapon or posing a threat to you and they have to be in your house (in the state of Ohio)

  2. 4:12 guy: we just followed the trail
    lady: no there is no trail
    guy 2: (shows where trail is)
    then at 4:55 she admits there is a trail….

  3. You as a daily driver should know the rules.

    That's why I never listen to anyone else then the police.

  4. 5:40 "what do you mean you don't know"
    It's pretty darn obviose what I don't know means crazy bitch

  5. the girl holding the yellow bike i be like bich get of my bike if u wana touch a bike go get ur ass one than screaming at us ????

  6. Guy at 9min you are the dumbass, that sign clearly says the trail is closed and the sign below clearly shows a bike/quad in a circle with a line through it, which means it’s not allowed, you are a dumbass if you thought different

  7. Lmao. People really camp on a paved road. Shut the fuck up and camp like a real man. Let the kids ride their bikes.

  8. I like watching these videos it makes me laugh about the stupid people that get angry at the bikers for no reason. It makes me say…

    HA! You make sense u retard


  10. Sign : literally the only type of vehicle not allowed on these trails , no ATVs .

    Atv Rider : i JuSt diD nOt KnOW iF It meANt sN0wMoBILEs

  11. son tan pajeros los Estadounidenses, muy pasivos, a mi me vienen a joder de esa forma y los mando a cagar. encima los viejos se aprovechan de ellos.

  12. That bitch and her husband would have got their ass beat no reason to threaten somebody when they're not being rude if you didn't know it was private property honest mistake

  13. (She was touching on the bike -.- ) me: id be like GET YO MUSTY CRUSTY DUSTY HANDS OFF MY DAMN BIKE ma'am Like ? I'm OCD now clean it -_-

  14. If somebody is on your private property the person that owns the property can shot the person thats transpassing .
    At least in the USA ??

  15. That slag at 3-40 is a fuckn loony I don't know why you even talk to them just tell her to get her fucking hands off ya bike then run over the slurry

  16. omg look what you did to this property we never use unless bikers are on it lol jesus ive had this happen in the middle of the forest had a guy screaming private property and i LOOK for signs if there isnt any its irrelevant ill be respectful if im being respected but other than that no

  17. If I owned the yellow bike, I would be saying

    “Lady, get your hand off my damn bike. And threaten to kill me again and I will fucking beat your ass.”

  18. THIS is why you should buy property to ride on before riding random places, or at least try to. At least you wont get screamed at by random people.

  19. I would tell that women to get her hands off my bike. Just because im on their property doesnt make my property theirs….if that makes sense.

  20. When that guy said i could kill you but i don't wanna go to jail.
    Me:i was like whaaat the hell are they on drugs or something
    Guy: i can kill you
    Me:i dare you
    Guy :i will kill you i'm not playin with you kid
    Me: i'm not playin with you kid
    Guy: that's not funny
    Me: that's not funny what you mad bro
    Guy: calls cops
    Me: whats up dad
    Cop /Dad:hi baby girl what happened
    Me: he said he going to kill me
    Cop/Dad: take both to jail care on
    Me :dab
    Cop/Dad: stop dabbing its 2019 not 2018
    Me: ok bye.

  21. "I'm sorry we didn't know it was private property we didn't see a sign"

    "BuT tHiS iS PrIVaTE PrOpERty"

    "We didn't see a sign"

    "WhAt YoU MeAn YOu DiDNt SeE A SiGn iTs PrIVatE PrOPerTy"

  22. Lady “no we can kill you cuz this is our property”

    Me in situation “get the fuck of my bike”

    Lady gets of bike

    Me in situation starts the bike and gets way out of there

  23. 6:20 talking bout how they could kill and not go to jail.Then admit that if they shoot them they'll pretend it's a accident and say they just missed and was aiming at the trees???

  24. Some of these people who stop bikers need to keep their dirty dick beaters off peoples shit. The last idiot to hold my bike got his teeth busted and his eyes swollen shut, you dont touch other peoples shit you clowns.

  25. The lady on the decline video that is called obstruction of holding a vechial and not listing go back from where you came from

  26. I love it when the person on the bike just says I'm sorry I didn't know this was private property I'll leave and wont come back but yet the person continues to yell at them because they're mad

  27. 8:54 this rider is kind of dumb actually. Theres a sign below the trail closed thing that has a four wheeler with a cross in it

  28. If they hate bikers, then there should be no need to be angry n cursing bikers cause its not their BUSINESS ANYWAYS

  29. People logic
    You might not have been here yesterday but you are on the same thing they are riding therefore you did it

  30. “Look what u did” meanwhile theres a gap between the marks so their common sense is saying it wasnt a 4 wheeler doing that it was a 2 wheeler

  31. What the fuck man they cannot kill you if they do that will go to jail and just fuck them they are just idiots

  32. Rider: Says “We’ll leave” for five minutes
    Russian A**holes: Continues argument just to argue and have a feeling of superiority.

  33. How da fuck do u miss a giant yellow sign that says very clearly "trails closed", that dude was just looking for trouble.

  34. I do not care where I'm riding or what I'm doing wrong ain't nobody fixing to touch my bike there getting stabed

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