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Stuck In the Sound – Let’s Go [Official Video]

Stuck In the Sound – Let’s Go [Official Video]

Here I am tied and bound Every night feeling low Bad days come back whatever In the sun I bathe, in everyday light You draft me down for a split second tomorrow What am I supposed to do ? I know you would make me happy Girl I found my way out I found it at last now I’m sober Whouhouwhouwhou Let’s go ! Hey! Whouhouwhou Let’s go ! Hey! Your cryin’ How sweet the sound Silence’s on I attempt Bow and scrape, toe the line Never get back together With the same old style ran down my life You drag and drop, attract me after all Anyway I’m gone tomorrow I know you would make me happy Girl I found my way out I found it at last now I’m sober I know it would make it concrete Now you’re cryin’ Whouhouwhou How sweet a sound Let’s go Hey! Whouhouwhouwhou Let’s go Hey! You’re cryin’ How sweet the sound Let’s go Everybody let’s go Hey! Let’s go We’re back to back for hours Whouhouwhouwhou We’re weak and what they say Whouhouwhouwhou ’bout loving like we do Whouhouwhouwhou We’ll never give this up Your cryin’ How sweet the sound

100 thoughts on “Stuck In the Sound – Let’s Go [Official Video]”

  1. The dude calls it a day thinking earth blew up , I think Im gay , SpongeBob gave me a heart attack .I'm just gonna play fuckin Mario kart with let go skywalker

  2. He worked hard for his dream, closing himself off to the rest of the world and then when the world blew up he realized all the things he missed out on. that hits hard. +1

  3. purple man: i’m gonna be so happy after this i’m so happy right now i hope my family is watching :)))

    earth: i’m boutta end this mans whole career

  4. (KJV)(Proverbs 27:1) Boast not thyself of to morrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.
    (KJV)(Hebrews 9:27) And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment
    (KJV)(Acts 16:30-31) And brought them out, and said, Sirs, what must I do to be saved?
    And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.

  5. so… about they baby are they still gonna make one? or even adopt one? i mean if there are whales coming from space there has to have a baby or two

  6. Even after 8 months I’m still confused… The shuttle took off, with the Chinese flag. And then an Apollo Eagle lander touched down?

  7. My friends and i were listening to lil waynes “Darkside of the moon” song and i played this just for visuals but im 100% convinced they based the song on the plot of this vid..they synced perfectly

  8. I think this is pointing towards the fact that despite having goals and working towards them is good and all, but it shouldn't overshadow having relationships with others. Like in the end of the video you saw that it was only after he lost it all that he realized what was important, and his goal changed. It's kinda like, "if the world ended today, what would you regret?" kinda thing.

  9. Ilustra bem o que é e as consequências de desistir e se afastar de tudo e todos pra focar em apenas um objetivo… mas aparentemente não temos outra escolha a não ser aceitar que a vida é essa merda que os mais velhos diziam que pioraria à medida em que ficaríamos mais velhos, porém nunca acreditamos ….

  10. Purple man:omg what did you alieners do again?

    The 4M People who signed to go to area 51:it was the governdudes

    The Government:
    Bitches please it was your fault that all of you brought electric Creepers.

    What Actually Happened…

    Superman:soft or hard
    Woman:Hard please?
    Superman:*wears Magondom(Megacondom
    After he banged…
    Purple man:oh fuck…
    Girl Dude:i knew disney and sony made a big mistake.

  11. Anyone gunna talk about this dude just got clocked in his face by some rando purple dude… And starts playing PlayStation with him

  12. 2 out of 14,000,401 attempts
    The first is we won
    Second is thanos planting an atomic nuke in the core with a time bomb attached to and then he acts norman and then when he put his flag down the button was under the flag but his plan was to wairt for the avengers to be old but he forgot where the tiny button was.

    Like if you agree

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