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Street Snowboarding in New Westminster, BC, Canada Vlog #021

Street Snowboarding in New Westminster, BC, Canada Vlog #021

Yoooo, what up y’ll? So, it is dumping outside, eh? And this guy right here is gonna go outside and try to find some steep hills And snowboard all of them down. It’s crazy, It has me a while that I don’t see it is the model snow here. So… Stoked. I’m gonna take you guys for this one. Okay, this is one of the hills that I used to snowboard Ow, that’s gonna be fast enough Okay straps on… Owww, that’s too much POW! I just found another snowboarder. There’s this one too. There’s some people here! New West, 3rd Avenue.
Rocks! Yo, look this amount of people going down here.
That’s so sick! Okay, now we have this! So, that’s the 10th with Queens. And… Well, New West Rocks dude! I am going down right now. Dude, what hill was a good drop. Holly shit! Holy shit! All right, boys that’s gonna be a solid drop. I am gonna try to drop from there. Yeah, no success! All right boys, so the drop is gonna be a little bit sicker this time. I am gonna drop from here, there and drop like 1.5m more or less. So, let’s see how it goes! Yoooooooooo OOOO ooooo!!! What a drop mothafuckers! You

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