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ST VLOG 43 Being a Mum and Professional Athlete and Snowboard Winner

ST VLOG 43 Being a Mum and Professional Athlete and Snowboard Winner

okay it’s time to get up bring this little child to school I’m a stepmom yeah it’s okay you have Sal I’ve heard that that’s okay [Music] [Music] you have to behave your own camera what it’s a mess here put that shoe on no the other one just the chill morning no I can’t by myself with her know that I die the truth is go chill again pull it off sorry Hey calm down would you go honey we got rid over Oh a week of Solitude I don’t know what she does guys so I think something on the computer writing things down and sending it out not sure okay all right I’m downtown Portland I’m going to plan the granite is a pretty epic spot it’s my favorite place to go and work out I like it uh-huh this place can we get a warm-up on the bike and then wait for baby what we’re gonna do today see what I’ve done those are debates a little bit more intense because I’ve been during the game some extra muscle mass before the season starts going through gym every day yoga climbing this business [Music] I got my first workout of the day down but I’ll be coming back to plan it in a second but now I just need to go get a little snack then it is than 40 being outside in between their work view from here to get entertainment and we’re good ability and strength [Music] my bakes coming back from their little workout work work this she is writing on you it’s nice and just sitting here [Music] let’s see how she does there you go and now reach up nice good job [Music] the repose [Music] Cindy did it first go to this yeah let’s see what shark bitches head what you got going on here that wasn’t me disaster this has been great climbing is awesome goodness and it’s fun maybe gonna be the spa ending today so I picked the winner of the contest for my snowboard and I just want to say thank you to everyone who watched the videos I hope you enjoyed it and my definitely one of my favorite experiences was snowboarding and surfing in one day and the surfing part particular because it’s so it’s so unique to be in New Zealand and surfing in the cold water with my friends sleeping in the car so yes that was my favourite adventure so I picked one of you and the winner is Katy Shepherd so congratulations and I’m always stoked when you guys comment on my videos because that makes me better with what I do and I can show you a little bit more of my lifestyle so let me know what you would like to see asked question I’ll give it a little shoutout that to the person who asked question and I can answer it in the next vlog [Music]

5 thoughts on “ST VLOG 43 Being a Mum and Professional Athlete and Snowboard Winner”

  1. Šárko, tvoje videa mě moc baví. Dotaz žádný nemám, baví mě právě tyhle random vlogy – krásná krajina, tvoje fyzická aktivita, vztah, za mě naprosto dostačující 🙂

  2. Awww wowwwww ? This brightened up my whole day, thanks Šárka! And keep up the vlogs cos your positivity and adventurous attitude to life is very inspiring ??

  3. Jsem také spíše pasivní divák, ale líbí se mi tvůj přirozený způsob natáčení, žádné přikrášlování, přetvářky, je vidět že tohle je tvůj skutečný způsob života. Děkuji Ti hlavně za pozitivní energii, která z nich vyzařuje. I tvoje nastávající je úžasně sympatická a přirozená. Holky fandím Vám a i nadále budu sledovat Váš spokojený a hlavně aktivní způsob života. Ať se daří.

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