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Sports Roundup with Kirsten | 22 Minutes

Sports Roundup with Kirsten | 22 Minutes

It was a big weekend for sports and here with
a roundup is Kirsten Rasmussen. Kirsten, you know a lot about sports? Uh no I told you Trent, I don’t. But you looked at the stuff. No, why would I? Oh my God, okay. Okay, take it away! Oh hey, sometimes you need a buddy in basketball
to get up on that basket, so this is friendship in its finest form. Hey! When you are doing your tractor sports, take
your pants off, stay awhile! Oh and now we’re going to see a clip and I
know what it’s all about, sports! Ohh this guy loves his maple syrup! Is he Canadian or does he have diabetes? I’m so sorry. Ohh this piece of crap, look at this. This guy looks like his dad was Big Bird… …and his mom was Cookie Monster. Hey that’s me! I pretended to know sports. Go Oilers? I’m from there, okay oh, what the crap? Um hey llama, wanna go on a surfboard? That’s animal abuse and PETA is going to be
calling sports soon. Back to you, Trent. That was Kirsten Rasmussen with… sports?

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