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Matt: Hey guys, welcome back to a new episo- Matt: Fuck. *BEEP* Matt: Sup every- Ah fuck..! *BEEP* Matt: Epic flash games.’re gonna find good some shit. Matt:Oh we are gonna find some good shit! Matt: Oh here we go! Ryan: uh-oh.. Matt: “EPIC online” Ryan: Ooooo.. Matt: Hacked games?! Matt: Oh my god. Ryan: So are these games about hacking? Matt: No, Ryan.These are games that have been HACKED! Matt: *gasps* Ryan: wha- *even more enthusiastic gasp* Matt: HAPPYWHEELS HACKED! Ryan: *surprised gasp* Matt: Ryan we bout’ to play HappyWheels Hacked *HappyWheels theme starts playing loud* Ryan: Ah! Matt: Shit, where’s the remote? Ryan: Ohh.. Matt: that’s really fucking loud! Ryan: Holy fuck… Matt: aghh.. Matt: ITS EVERYONE’S FAVORITE HAPPYWHEELS! Ryan: *wheezes* Play the demo! Matt: Uhh..shhpuh,ok..umm..How do you play HappyWheels? Ryan: I think itza-It’s a physics based game..? Matt: Fff..fucking what-like what’s the difference- Ryan: There you go! Matt: -Between.. Ryan: Oh nononoNo!Don’t,NoNONONO!Woah! Ryan: Don’t fall off dude! Matt: hoo wow,That was close! Ryan:God damn- Matt: WOAH..whu- Both:WOAH!! Matt: Check it out dude.. “Are you a gamer? Matt: This website is for anyone online who just to play some EPIC games!~” Ryan: I wanna play some epic games, ya know! Matt: Yeah Ryan,that fuckin sucked it was just regular HappyWheels! Ryan: Does that mean I get to choose? Matt: Yeah go ahead- Ryan: ye i get anoder turn.*mummers* Matt: WHAT IS WITH THIS MOUSE GOIN EVERYWHERE!? Ryan: I dunno,Its just sliddin’ around! Matt: Top.Ten.Flash game-games.Of ALL time. Ryan: Aight! Matt: Ryan this isn’t a flash game, this is a article ABOUT flash games! Ryan: *sighs* Matt: This is giving someone add revenue! Ryan: Wo-Hold on! Matt: Umm.. Ryan: *VIOLENT COUGHS* Matt: Whatabout Games for Teen? Ryan: Pff-Thats actually pretty- WOAH! Matt: thats.. Ryan: Momma mia! Matt: Lets play Dark Cut 2. Ryan: woah.. Matt: What is this SHIT? Matt: Check out,we got- WHATEVER FRUITS YOUR LOOPS! Ryan: Dark cut is not loading.. Matt: Well we can play that game for fruh- Ryan: M-Mi-MINE,WOAH, Both:*Screams in microphone* Ryan: *coos like a monkey* Matt: I can play it NOW! Ryan: Nunununo!Gogogo! Ryan:*deep sighs* Matt: “Video Game Coop Advertising”? Ryan: Well that’s the SAME APP That we tri-that we want..*sighs again* Matt: No,this is a shittier one that has 0 Stars! Ryan: *in between wheezing and snorting?* Matt: Dark Cut 2 wont load! Matt: Play game!! Ryan:*just wants to speak* Dark Cut 2 fullscr- Ryan: Ooooohh.. Matt: wow ok..i guess that game doesnt exist.. Matt: Ho shit dude,SPONGEBOB SQUARE PANTS: Flip or flop.. Matt: COME ON!Ryan:-script not supported! Matt:Come on… Ryan: Do they not have JavaScript on this computer?! Matt: Sponge bob! Ryan: there we go! Matt: now we’re getting somewhere..that..i,should have been getting about 10 minutes ago! Ryan: “Spongebob Bike Booster,Spongebob,Spongebob Bike 2 3D,Go Ahead Spongebob?” Matt: Spongebob Killing Globe Fish?! Matt: *laughs* Ryan: What..? Matt: wh-what is this? Ryan: Go Ahead Spongebob? *Tires screetching* Ryan:Woah.. Matt: what the fuck is this? Ryan: zzhh..looks nice! Matt: Last time I checked,he didn’t have tires for..limbs!! Spongebob: come on lets go! Matt: Lets start the game.. Matt: What.In.The fuck is this?…What are the controls..? Ryan: There ya go..Get dat mouse outta there! Ryan:Mother of god.. Ryan: spacebar? Ryan: no..? Matt: No its just Up and Down I think.. Ryan: Are you a monster truck? Matt: I’m a monster alright! Ryan: what are you supposed to be doing? Matt: Ahh,just driving..I guess? Matt: do you remember this SpongeBob episode? Both: What? Matt: Oh I flipped over oh,lemme try one more time! Matt: There we I can’t flip over,that’s the deal Ryan: he’s naked.. Matt: Puh,Who came up with this?how did they come up with this idea? Matt Howdoes this make any sense? Ryan: This probably came out- Matt: SHIT. Matt: Should we play more..SpongeBob,driving games? Ryan: yeah choose one.. Matt:There’s a 3D one,lemme choose another SpongeBob flash game Matt: whattameme Matt: Just,I wanna nice “SpongeBob..shooter game” Ryan: Yeah!Lets see what we got! Matt: “SpongeBob Shooter!”…Start Game!!! Ryan: ok..?Is it a rails? Matt: once again its SpongeBob driving! Ryan:What am I do-..Do i click?Is it a space-Ooo k I got- Ryan: Ahh!I dunno how t-whats goin on? Ryan: Ay-Ima have to dodge all this shit. Someone- someone devoted a lot of freetime to making this. Ryan: I don’t know how to… I’m trying to shoot Matt: the fuck is happening? Ryan: See? I’m trying to shoot stuff? Matt: what do you got to shoot? Ryan: I don’t know. Matt: there’s Mr. Krabs Ryan: woah Matt: you’re getting shot at and you’re dead. Ryan: this is… I’m trying to shoot the other boats but it does nothing. Ryan: oh they- they go away Matt: they’re shooting at you Ryan: do I collect that stuff? Ryan: I don’t fucking know Ryan: this is- this sucks. Matt: yeah this is really bad. Matt: whatever fruits your loops. Matt: I d- why do flash games take so long to load? Matt: hell yeah! Game Narrator Dude: another game from the studios of Free Online Games .com Matt: what is this game? Ryan: I don’t know Matt: oh god he- he’s- l-look! Matt: oh I see Matt: wow that’s a real shitty game Matt: gotta bounce Matt: this sucks! Matt: why are they- what’s Spongebobs Revenge and why is he on a tractor? Ryan: aaaaaaand boom! Matt: boom! Spongebobs Revenge! Matt: It…. it says Spongebob Revenge. Ryan: Spongebob is very angry in the Spongebob Revenge game Matt: oh god. Ryan: his home has been destroyed and now he’s out for revenge Ryan: help Spongebob find the bad guys and shoot them Matt: what? Ryan: what? Matt: are you fucking kidding me Ryan: who’s the sponsor? Matt: I’ve just gotta watch this. Ryan: Grand Theft Auto Vice City? Ryan and Matt: there we go Matt: okay we’re back folks don’t worry *really bad death sound effects* Matt: *laughs* *bad death sound effects* Ryan: nice. Matt: that’s good! Ryan: what do the apples do? Matt: they give me energy. see? eat apples to add energy Matt: got the flag Ryan: continue! *bad death sound effects* Matt: Spongebob versus…. Ryan: can you- can you bump up and hit them through the bricks like in uh Ryan: not mario Matt: oh god I’ve killed myself fuck Matt: gotta retry Matt: this is why capitalism is bad Ryan: this doesn’t look like that bad of a game! Matt: yeah this is actually- I’m not gonna lie- this is the most fun I’ve had with any of these games so far. Matt: fuck! what? dude! Ryan: ah! Matt: the con- ah! Ryan: oh! Matt: alright. Ryan: hold on just wait on one side Ryan: and they have to- there’s gonna be enough room for you to jump up there and start shooting them Ryan: like that just- just- whenever they go Ryan: boom! Matt: okay I got one- ah! oh my god Ryan: aw Matt! Matt: I’m sorry. do you wanna try it? Ryan yes. Matt: so Ryan what kind of situation did good ol’ Spongebob get himself in Matt: where he’s in a tractor with a gun shooting Matt: uh Matt: large men with orange helmets in tanks and he’s collecting apples Ryan: it says someone destroyed his home so it looks like the US military destroyed Spongebobs home Matt: they might’ve used that area of the Pacific for nuclear testing Matt: and he might’ve been wanting to seek revenge ’cause his pineapple got fucked Ryan: oh oh FUCK ME Matt: Spongebob’s on Putins side with this one Matt: careful dude! careful how you maneuver that tractor! Ryan: okay Ryan: I got this Matt: Spongebob’s fuckin’ nervous, man Ryan: I- I- I’ve almost got it Matt: God I love the episode! Ryan: YES Matt: I love the episode where Spongebob drives a tractor and shoots people! Matt: continue! Ryan: dude this is… this is great. Matt: this is a fucking awesome game Matt: oh shit Ryan: AH Matt: what? Ryan: got it! Matt: nice! Ryan: dude this is great! Matt: this one’s pretty fun- Ryan: AH Ryan: just gotta wait Matt: god dude Scott Cawthon’s making some good games these days Ryan: oh Matt: I’m j- I mean- Ryan: what? *sad music* Matt: man, Notch has really let himself slip Ryan: *laughs* Matt: alright guys thanks for watching this episode of Flash Flood uh Matt: if you’ve got any good flash games let us know down in the comments and uh Matt: we’ll see you next time Ryan: bye Matt: *laughing* look at his fucking gla- sunglasses Ryan: *laughs*

100 thoughts on “SPONGEBOB FLASH GAMES – Flash Flood EP 2”

  1. "Age-restricted based on community guidelines" it has to be the ads on the side for those porn league of legend things. So having ads in your video means no ads in your video?

    Or maybe the last scene. I mean idk.

  2. ; Game of the Week; Dad N Me. You go around as two purple yet muscular characters. Go around beating up people, fighting your way through the courses.
    Now THAT sounds exciting.

  3. 3:45
    Once again cannot figure out a game and determine it sucks due to their incapabilities. Like, you guys are hilarious but you don't even try.

  4. me and my friends got into playing shitty dora flash games in class. it was pretty fun until we found a game where you have to take care of dora, and you had to give her a bath. lets just say it got pretty graphic from there… never played a dora flash game ever since….

  5. I was watching this video in the living room and my aunt was behind me. And for one split of a second she saw my screen and saw the fucking ad for spongebob porn. NOW MY FAMILY THINKS I WATCH SPONGEBOB PORN.Thanks Matt and Ryan

  6. If you pause at 3:20 at just the right moment the suggested search says "showgirls"

    Matt what have you been doing?

  7. I remember that flash at the end lol

    It's a shame because Sandy is hot but I was never able to cum when SpongeBob has that stupid Express

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