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Speed Skating Stories to Watch at PyeongChang 2018 | Olympic Winter Games

Speed Skating Stories to Watch at PyeongChang 2018 | Olympic Winter Games

Pyeongchang 2018 –
stories to watch. Speed skating. Speed skating is thought to
have originated in Scandinavia where natives strapped bones
to their shoes so they could glide faster
along frozen canals and rivers. The sport has been a part of
every Winter Olympics since 1924. In Pyeongchang, competition
will include the 500m for both men and women, the 1,000m for both genders, as well as the 1,500
and 5,000m events. Women also race the 3,000m
while the men, the 10,000. The team pursuit
will award medals. Three skaters on each team. There will also be a new event,
a mass start, for both genders. Watch for strategies
and tactics in those. The long track speed skating
competition will take place
at the Gangneung Oval, in the region’s Coastal
Cluster, also home to curling, ice hockey and short-track
speedskating during the Games. The oval was the site of the World Single Distance
Championships in 2017 and the venue holds
8,000 spectators. What American novelist introduced a future Olympic
sport to her countrymen through a 19th century
children’s novel about two teenagers? (SVEN KRAMER, NED) Sven has won
seven Olympic medals, including two in Sochi.
He might have won another, but he was disqualified after finishing first
in the 10,000m in 2010 for skating a lap
in the wrong lane after his coach gave him
incorrect instructions. He has broken nine
world records. In 2010, Sven became
the first skater in history to win four consecutive world
all-round championships. He’s also been
a competitive cyclist and was ranked number two in
Dutch road cycling as a junior. Will Sven continue to ride into
history in Pyeongchang? (KJELD NUIS, NED) Kjeld Nuis won world titles in
the 1,000 and 1,500m in 2017 to increase his career
world total to nine. Kjeld considers himself a
thrill-seeker and says simply, “Everything that is dangerous
is beautiful.” Kjeld is also
a practical joker. If something is missing or
out of place at a team meal, eyes usually shift to him. (OLYMPIC MEDALS) The countries with the most
gold medals in Olympic speed skating are… 5th place Germany with 14. The former Soviet Union
sits in 4th. Norway’s in 3rd with 25. The USA stands 2nd with 29. At the top, the Netherlands
leading golds and overall medals. (PARK SEUNG-HI, KOR) Hey, isn’t that Park Seung-hi, the great Korean
short track skating star, the one with five
Olympic medals, including two golds in Sochi? What is she doing crashing the
long track speedskating party? After the 2014-15 season, Seung-hi decided
she wanted a change of pace, and perhaps a change of space,
switching from the tight confines of a rink to
the more spacious oval. Will changing short track
to long track do Park good? (JOEY MANTIA, USA) The Florida native Joey Mantia
began his speedskating career outdoors on inline skates, winning gold medals at the
Pan-Am Games in 2003 and 2007. As an inliner, he held world
records in distances ranging from 500m
to 20,000m. In 2011, Joey switched to
long-track skating, but initially found it
difficult to keep an efficient
stride on ice the way he did on the roads. Joey qualified for Sochi 2014, but hopes to medal for the
first time in Pyeongchang. Not surprisingly, Joey is known
for having large quad muscles. He is part-owner of
a coffee shop in Utah. And Joey plays the piano
in his spare time. In 2017, he won gold
at the world championships in the mass start, an event that will make its
Olympic debut in Pyeongchang. You get to see the race unfold
right now. There’s no waiting, there’s no
pairs that come after this guy that might beat this guy.
You know who’s going to win, you can see it unfold
right now, if there’s a breakaway
you can follow it. It’s very simple,
it’s just pure racing. Mass start – the new Olympic
event in speed skating. Lining up 24 skaters at once,
racing 16 laps. Similar, say,
to a 10,000m running event. (IREEN WUST, NED) In 2006, Ireen Wust became the youngest Dutch Olympic
champion in history when she won the 3,000m
at the Turin 2006 Games when she was just 19. She got so many messages
after that victory that she had to change her
mobile number. Ireen then won gold
in the 1,500m in 2010 and two more gold medals
in the 3,000m and team pursuit events
in Sochi. The seven Olympic medals are
the most by any Dutch female
Winter Olympian in history. (DID YOU KNOW?) At the Olympic Winter Games
in Lake Placid in 1932, Jack Shea won
two speed skating golds. His grandson Jimmy later won
Olympic gold in skeleton in 2002. (HEATHER RICHARDSON-BERGSMA,
USA) (JORRIT BERGSMA, NED) Jorrit Bergsma won gold
and bronze at Sochi 2014. He twice won the Dutch
Marathon Skating Championship. Unlike Jorrit,
Heather Richardson-Bergsma is a sprinter, who has won 13
of her 14 world medals in races ranging from 500
to 1,500m. She won the other in
the mass start race in 2017. They met on the World Cup
circuit in 2011 after she contacted him
through Twitter. They married in May, 2015. For the Bergsmas, the chase
for Olympic gold in Pyeongchang will indeed be a team pursuit. (MARTINA SABLOKOVA, CZE) Martina Sablokova
has won five Olympic medals, including three gold. She is the two-time
defending Olympic champion in the 5,000m. Martina is also an elite
competitor in cycling. She was twice named
Czech Sportsperson of the Year. Martina broke the world record
twice each in the 5,000m and 10,000, and those recent records
still stand. In 1865, US author
Mary Mapes Dodge penned the tale of Hans
Brinker or The Silver Skates. The bestselling book has been
adapted into four movies. The schedule for speed skating
starts on the 10th with the women’s 3,000m. The men’s 5,000 is
the next day. On the 18th, the women’s 500,
then the men’s 500. Team pursuit is on the 21st, and the mass start takes place
on the final Saturday of Pyeongchang 2018. Discover more stories to watch
on Olympic Channel.

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  1. The Winter Olympics in PyeongChang will be awesome events! I can't wait, It's going to be another memorable events happening in my native country. If I wasn't able to go there then certainly I'll be keeping a glued eyes on the TV screen! Awesome!!!

  2. Ireen Wust doesn't have seven medals, but eight. So that doesnt make her the best female Dutch winter Olympian, but best Dutch Olympain overall.

  3. Can we see a 3 legged race with all the government officials wearing tracking boot So? Winner gets choice between the top or bottom bunks

  4. Пидарасы, верните Кулижникова и Юскова, МОК И Вада – конченые твари

  5. Свен Крамер лучшии, желаю победы на всех дистанциях, в которых он примет участие

  6. I was born in 1955. I remember watching my first Olympics in 1960. In grade school we dove under our desks and watched movies about how to know when a nuke went off and what to do.

    As a young man in the military I looked across a fence at several million Soviets and East Germans who were just waiting to run me over.

    Even as a small boy I recognized that the 2 weeks of the Winter Olympics was a time when I could take a deep breath and not worry about dying at any moment in a flash of light and heat. The world gathered to play in the snow. It had an innocence, a willful naivete, about it. Even if it was pretend, it was important to the world that we made that pretense.

    For my entire life I felt that the true spirit of the Olympics was that it is a time when people set aside their political, cultural and religious differences and, through sports, celebrated their common humanity, until this year.

    Vonn, Rippon, Kenworthy, and Davis chose to use the honor of being on the US Olympic Team as a platform for their political views. It is certainly their right as Americans.

    In exercising their right, they have dishonored the Olympic Spirit. They have dishonored the handshake between North and South Korea. They have dishonored their teammates. They have dishonored their country. They have dishonored the thousands of other athletes who have gathered there in the true Olympic Spirit. They have dishonored the 33,471 American men and women who died in Korea so they can have a free and prosperous place to play.

    But most importantly, they have dishonored themselves. And that may be the most lasting damage of all.

    As for me, they have forever stained mankind's one, last refuge.

  7. Seriously? You guys missed out on Lee Sang Hwa, 500m Vancouver 2010 and Sochi 2014 Gold medalist, aiming for the three consecutive Olympic champion title in Pyeongchang. She is even the current 500m long track speed skating female record holder. And what happened to the all-time American favorite, Shani Davis, or Erin Jackson who became the first black woman to qualify for long track speed skating event in the Olympic for the United States??

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