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Speccing an ALPINE A110 S + Configuration Review!

Speccing an ALPINE A110 S + Configuration Review!

hello and welcome back to another video
here we go today configurating the Alpine a110 so what I’ve done here is I
brought up the configurator ahead of sort of choosing the car and I think
what we’re going to do today is probably is configure the a 110 s and I’ve done
quite a few of these videos before and people seem to like when I go into a bit
more detail so what I really do today is break down the spec but I’m going for
and what I’m trying to sort of achieve with this so I think we’re gonna go with
the Alpine a110 a 110 s just as it is the latest sort of car from Alpena fine
however you say it and that’s what we’re probably going to crack on with I think
it’d probably capture the most attention in terms of what people are searching
for a new tube and everything it doesn’t make too much of a difference for me
obviously we’re starting with a higher base price of fifty seven thousand five
hundred and ninety pounds and we’re coming in with a I think it’s a a tuned
engine or a 2.5 liter engine I’m actually not too sure on the spec of
the engine guys so if someone could drop me a comment below that would be
absolutely great but yeah let’s get started
obviously this is a rival to the Cayman seven one eight X a car I would really
quite like at the moment so I’m gonna sort of spec this up as if it is a
competitor to that so the first thing I’d say is you see a lot of these in
blue I’m probably going to try and come away from that and the first thing I’m
gonna choose is the white so that increases it by 1600 basically and I
think like a few pictures of this car and white and I think it looks really
quite cool obviously the blue is quite traditional and it suits the car really
well and but why it just seems to be a bit different honestly if I can change
up the color of the alloys later on as people know I am a less of a fan of
black wheels but let’s see what other colors we have here I’m not going to go
for this options just chuck it on so we can see it it’s four thousand four
hundred and forty pounds which is an absolute ripoff to be honest I know it’s
matte but that’s really expensive we got a Thunder gray down here we’ve
got a deep black which actually looks really cool I feel
like you’ve almost got a bigger brighter you always need a bit of a brighter
color on this car just to take sort of advantage of the different styling so
this color actually isn’t available and neither is that so I think I’m gonna go
with the with the white on this and move on to the wheels
so the first I’d say guys is this actually has a really high starting
price 58 case of money for this sort of car you’re looking at a used 911 but in
terms of the wheels it’s actually quite disappointing to see that I don’t think
any of these are available so the first thing I was gonna want to look at is
these 18 try and pronounce that the Fuchs what’s something that the 18 inch
ones look pretty good I’m actually upset that you can’t have them in these two
colours here I think that would really good with the
white but yeah so I think I think we very really got this option and this you
were sort of specking it with addy there and they sort of turn around and said
look you can have that color if you really want but moving on
try not to get too hung up on that for a change we’ve got these two options down
here so we’ve got carbon backed bucket seats which are sixteen hundred quid and
we have the say belt seats in leather and dynamic ER so how does that change
between the two anyone singing change I don’t think so I mean firstly the seats
look absolutely gorgeous you can see they’ve all got this sort of orange
pinstriping there I guess they said this might just be the sort of back of the
seats and if that is the case I’m probably not gonna pay sixteen hundred
quid for it I actually like the instead of the blue we’ve got the UH sort the
orange pinstriping which matches the alloy we saw on the wheel earlier so the
brake caliper that we saw earlier which is also an orange I get I’m getting the
feeling that this isn’t very configurable so what can we quickly do
is sort of scroll down and see what else we can actually change now driving in
safety they’re keen view to know all of this is
standard but yes I want the rear parking camera moving along really that they’re
sort of just trying to tell you that everything is is included so while the
car might be expensive it seems to have quite a lot already in there and in
terms of seating and trim there’s nothing you could change there at all
definitely on it not not on this model moving on to comfort and convenience
everything seems to be standard I’m all about a format with the Alpine logo and
the blue stitching and we would sort of contradict the orange really there’s
nothing really I can spec at the moment heating and ventilation no nothing on
there storage storage pack so let’s just see what she is I don’t know if we can
uh we can overall I don’t think you can change that angle for now but that’s the
school you can open the doors yes it’s weird that there aren’t really too many
options you just got the storage pack which looks like some sort of netting in
there 400 quid I’m not be very helpful at this stage in terms of exterior
equipment it’s literally got everything carbon roof now that’s pretty cool let’s
have a look at the car with the carbon roof actually that’s very cool I think
if you’re going with the gray wheels you almost might have to have that
definitely some weight saving involved there on already very light to car and
so I’m going to do that and option that sort of going for the last options we
have here there’s nothing really else in addition to that I mean I know we’re
already at 61 K so you should really be expecting all this why don’t we just
came out with booms gonna double check storage we’ve done that it must be the
exterior equipment yeah so it’s already a very expensive car and there’s not too
much you should really be expected to spec I guess which is one quite
surprised and sort of caught me off guard we can’t
see the accessorize but if we look at the recap we can very quickly look at
the car at the end so yeah guys 61 K that is my Alpena a 110 s spec now I’m
probably what I’m gonna do is go back and configure in configure potentially
the legend a or have they say in the sort of options that I would have on the
car so in terms of configuring this vehicle I’m probably gonna stick with
the white actually I don’t notice too much difference I might just stick with
the free white I know this is the basic option and this is what I saw right so
this is the big talking point I saw that you can actually tune this car to have
more brake horsepower than the S version for very little money which is an
absolute shock but you can’t do it and so that way we might be worth doing what
I’ve done would you undo that one dinero’s I spent the wheels that I said
I wanted previously so just having a little look I think that looks brilliant
do you guys think I think it looks smart I don’t think it’s trying too hard and
it’s what just shows off the contours of the car and I’m very excited about it’s
potentially the opportunity for some brown leather which I believe we can
have we’ve got the brown leather in here which is key as you probably know having
watched my maybe some of my other videos and I really like at the brown leather
so I’ve I’m going to probably stick with that over the black at this stage I
think it’s just really cool on the white and everything moving down to the
equipment let’s see if there is actually something we can spec here now I do wish
we didn’t have to have the blue stitching on the interior I know it’s in
keeping with the car and everything but I don’t know if it works as well with
the blue with the brown leather and it is something I’m going to stick with for
the time being but in terms of options we’ve got all these different high
performance brakes so if I’m going to tune up
car I’m probably gonna be giant pretty quickly
and so I’m gonna want to go with the high-performance brakes there and I
think that’s been selected yeah there we go so it’s just put the price up we’ve
got the Alpine brake cam sports exhaust yeah we want that 1,300 quid
we need that a minyan passenger footrest no not really bothered if I’m honest
going back out of this we’ve got seating trim norm heated seats heated front
seats let’s have that just just for the once
or twice occasion that it is a bit of chilly in the UK comfort and convenience
we’ve got all this sort of pretty standard we don’t want a blue on the
interior thing dynamic Oh roof lining a pillars and some voices that’s got to be
Alcantara so I’m gonna take that if I’m looking at the picture I think it really
is you can actually see too much on that so if I click that that really doesn’t
change too much I don’t know how to get back to the interior option it must be
on the seat trims to do that but yeah I’m going to assume that that has got to
be the sort of Alcantara roofing everything selected and blue there we go
so that’s got to be Alcantara I don’t know a natural way to look at that but
moving down actually no going to get back out of this movie across this or
storage storage pack again not sure what that was it’s got to be some sort of
netting and too bothered about that I know they thought she has pretty good
boot space on the outside I’m not bothered about the LP no go on why am i
mmm I think we will actually I think I could be quite classy I think that could
be something that people look for electronically adjusted heated so that’s
got to be a wing mirrors not too bothered about that although we do want
them electronically adjusted or something I’m gonna stick with that carbon roof I’m not going for on this
I’ve sort of like I said I think it goes better with the gray wheels we had on
previously and that was it I think actually so moving on to accessories we
can’t do and then finally our recap obviously we’re well the wheels have
disappeared we don’t want that guys can you spot where I went wrong with that it
might have been pretty painful for you if you were sort of just sat around
watching that happen so if I put them back on I don’t know how that happened
but I can imagine someone probably spotted that go wrong at some point but
yeah let me know actually how that happened if I lost another option that’s
all I had on previously but yeah guys I think that car looks absolutely great
just from the side profile there obviously with the brown leather on the
interior it’s a very classy car very cool and I think it actually could be a
very good competitor to the Cayman seven one eight like I said I think you can
tune it up for about six hundred quid and to have more brake horsepower than
the S version obviously I think it’s turbocharged so it’s highly tuneable and
this car I’m so you wrap it so there we go guys that is my spec of both the LP a
110 s and the Alpine legend a however you say addition absolute butchered
though no but yeah final price fifty five thousand seven hundred and twenty
pounds as always guys like and subscribe to
this video if you did to my channel if you did enjoy this video and make sure
to check out some other videos both on configurations like the SF 90 Stradale
Ferrari and maybe some of the content on my Porsche Boxster that I’ve done on my
channel as well as the McLaren content sort of super car shows I have gone to
but yeah once again guys do comment what you thought of my spec how you expect
your car and as always like subscribe for more content to come I will see you
in the next one thank you and bye bye

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  1. Engine is the same 1.8l that powers the normal version. I'm not sure if it's tuned or just the normal Megane RS engine (it's detuned in the base A110).

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