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Solo Trip to Japan: Last Day Before Going Home | Japaniku episode 20 – part 2 (Ikutree)

Solo Trip to Japan: Last Day Before Going Home | Japaniku episode 20 – part 2 (Ikutree)

17 thoughts on “Solo Trip to Japan: Last Day Before Going Home | Japaniku episode 20 – part 2 (Ikutree)”

  1. And voila! The end of the Japaniku series! Please let me know your thoughts and if you had some favourite moments! 🙂
    If you want to stay updated with what I'm currently doing between videos, connect with me on twitter and instagram (both @ ikutree). I'll be back soon! L-word you all.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us! It was so nice to see everything you did and to reminisce about our own trip to Japan 🙂 Please continue with your adventures! Catch you in the next videos 🙂 Best!

  3. 3:40 Bananas and a banana blossom is that pointy thing hanging down.

    You did not end up lost in the last episode!

    27:40 Strawberry Umbrella returned to Belgium! Are you going to repair him?

  4. I loved your trip vlogs and they made me so excited/gave me lots of ideas for my own solo trip to Japan this summer! thanks 😀

  5. Absolutely you have a nice sense to make videos with something grace and dignity, which I feel. This is your talent. By the way I think that you have grown in this Japan trip! You walked a lot with your own feet everywhere. A tons of precious experiences!

  6. Hey! I’ve been watching your vlogs and there a big help to me cuz I’m a new vlogger in Japan as well!! It was cool to see ideas and stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  7. An amazing finale to an amazing vlog! Once again thanks for sharing your trip to all of us. Favorite part? I'm not really a nature liking guy but I really enjoyed your nature hikes. I guess we still have your bonus footage to watch but I'm looking forward to your non Japan vlog. Interested to see what type of vlogs you put out. Hopefully you show us around your hometown and show us a little bit of Belgium. Sadly I have no knowledge of Belgium. Anyhow have a good one, ttyl, take care.
    Oh what was the site with all the photos you took? Was it your instragram page?

  8. ありがとう。とても面白かったです。
    Thank you for sharing your precious experience and information through your vlog. I'm Japanese, and I really enjoyed your trip from the viewpoints of a foreign tourist. (I'm sorry about the bad weather.) I liked it most when you visited the deserted miniscule little shrine on top of a mountain near Miyajima. I believe that was a very Japanese view. I 'm sure that scenery made you feel peaceful. Also, I am truly glad that you could spend one day at Hakone. It turned out all right, didn't it?
    I just hope the cod roe onigiri didn't leave a bad taste in your mouth.
    Keep up the good work!

  9. I enjoyed your series of videos traveling in Japan very much.
    You love nature, little animals, onigiri rice-balls and pockemon.
    I'm afraid you don't like crowdedness and onsen hot springs, though.
    i hope you come again and show me your fun trips.

  10. Wait, I wanted to ask you one more thing. What was the most impressive good thing in your Japan trip? If you have got it, tell me please.

  11. I'm not even going to Japan (I'm actually going to Korea in May!) but watching your vlogs has made me so excited for Korea~ Thank you for sharing your trip with us, it was beautiful!

  12. After watching all of your Japan related videos I wanted to thank you a lot for sharing your experiences with us. It was a pleasure to follow you around and knowing your thoughts – even the 'weird' ones 🙂
    It made you seem authentic. All the best for you!

  13. Sugoi ii video desune…i completed watching your Japan Video and love it feel like traveling with you. arigato

  14. Oh man I feel a bit emotional myself watching this! It's been so fun watching you on your journey, looking forward to watching your next one! This makes me want to travel more myself!

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