Good morning, all. I’m glad that you’re here. I have a softball coaches clinic this morning. I’m really excited to just talk softball for
7 straight hours. I actually woke up this morning and I’ve been
texting about softball. I have a former player who messaged me this
morning talking about the University of Oregon softball issues- situation. So, like, today is all about softball. So excited. I need to make sure that I bring a notebook–
Oh! I wanted to make coffee before I went, which
means I need to put the water on now. Or else I’m not going to have any because
it’s really close to time to go. Mulligan was so funny this morning. So he usually comes out and says hi to me
after I let Malla outside. See, there he is. He’s a little more active in the mornings. Hi, babies. Hello, babies. So he’s a little more active in the mornings
and he’ll come in the bathroom with me and then this morning, I was next to the sink
getting stuff ready for breakfast and he jumped up on the counter and then freaked
himself out and jumped back down. So, it was really funny. This one spends a lot of time with him at
night. Just sitting outside his little lair, trying
to get him to come out. Don’t ya? Don’t ya? Don’t ya? Don’t ya? Yeah, were you crying for me this morning? Were you crying for me to get up this morning? Yes you were. Yesterday was Malla’s adoption day. We have had Malla for one whole year. You can go check out the video of when we
got her if you want. When she was just a little bitty puppy. She was so cute. We had driven up from England up to Scotland
to go get her. If you want to see that, you can go check
that out. I did dishes last night. You couldn’t tell though. But I did do a lot of dishes last night. But I need to make this coffee and I need
to go to the clinic. Change of plans, I could not find my reusable
coffee mug. I don’t know where it is. It might be in my Subaru. So I’m in the drive thru at Dunkin’ and I’m
hoping that everyone else in this line is also just grabbing a coffee and going. I think I have enough time to get to where
I’m going. I think I have enough time. I mean, it’s basically the same commute as
my commute to work. So… yeah. Yeah, I’ll be fine. It’s not like they’re going to start right
at 8 o’clock, right? Alright, I am– I am home now. The softball clinic was literally 15 minutes
longer than my usual work schedule. So it just feels like I had an extra day of
work but it was really good. I feel like I’ve gotten a lot more ideas for
the season as far as drills go and things to focus on with the girls. It was really good to have my JV coach there
so that way we could talk about the up coming season and it’s just–it’s so exciting to
get that stuff started. So right now, I’ve come back and I’ve made
myself a little snack. I’m out of breath, I just ran up the stairs
because I am unfit. I am unfit. I’m just catching up on some YouTube videos
and that’s what I’m going to do for a little bit until Dave comes back from where ever
he is. I’m not sure where he is at the moment. *groan* Oh my gosh, I’m unfit. I’m unfit. I’m so tired right now that I don’t even want
to stand up. *laughs* Like, tiredness is seeping into laziness
but that does not mean that I’m going to go to bed anytime soon and I’m about to come
down stairs and eat cereal for dinner. Like, my ass is asleep from watching Hoarders. I’ve been on my laptop thinking of new projects
and stuff that I want to work on. It’s so hard, I want to make a plan–I also
really need to go to the bathroom so I’m having a hard time thinking. Hold on, let me go to the bathroom and then
we’re going to try this again. Okay, that’s better. The amount I eat cereal is appalling. Like, why do I do this? I should not buy cereal anymore because I
will chose cereal for dinner, like, 8 times out of 10, I’d say. Over cooking? Yeah, I’ll eat some cereal. Yeah, I have like these–I have so many project
ideas. I have always had so many ideas for things
and I just–*sigh* I don’t do it and these–here’s some reasons why I think that I’ve stopped
myself from doing those things in the past. It’s because 1. I lack the motivation. I lack the motivation to do basic things a
lot of the time. I make lists and lists and lists. I’ll want to do it, I’ll want to do it and
then I just don’t. Maybe it’s that like–what are the, the deadly
sins? Sloth? That’s like laziness, right? Yeah, that. I think I have that. and the things that I want to do, the projects
that are in my head… I think on them and think on them and think
on them. I think, “oh yeah, that’d be a good idea”,
“how would I do it?”, “What would I do?”, “How would I go about this?”, “who would I
need to talk to about it?” and then once it gets to that “who do I need to talk to about
it?” I start backing off of the idea because–
I don’t know why. I feel like I’m still trying to figure that
part out. Do I feel like it’s not a good enough idea
to share with other people? I guess is what I’m getting at. Am I thinking that I’ll be the only one to
like it? Which, like, statistically speaking is unlikely. Like, there is probably another human that
would be like, yeah this is alright. This is fine. They would appreciate it, they would like
it. So, what is my hang up? I don’t know, I feel like–it’s just hard. It’s hard to put stuff out. It’s hard to put things that you work on like
that out. I’m just trying to figure out my confidence
level about that sort of shit. Like, I just need to have the confidence to
do it. Maybe it’s motivation, maybe it’s confidence. Like, I don’t know. Which is it? WHICH IS IT? I’m going to eat my cereal and watch Hoarders
and probably not accomplish anything else. Good morning, I don’t want to get up. I don’t want to get up. Dave went off really quick with the snowmobile
club to let them know that he is not grooming the trails today because he did some last
night and he and I are going to go out snowmobiling today. Oh my gosh, my lip is so split. I need to get up because I think he let the
dog out and I think he’s expecting me to let her back in. But today is the only day of the week that
I can sleep in and it’s not even 8 o’clock. This is my sleeping in now. We are at Marden’s right now because we are
trying to find some warm weather clothes–cold weather clothes? Whatever clothes keep me warm so we can go
snowmobiling. And there are whole shoe racks over here of
odd couple shoes. The right shoe is a 7 and the left shoe is
a 7 1/2. *singing* We built this Smitty on Tootsie Rolls. Marden’s was a no-go, so we’re at Tractor
Supply. I’ve got a muck boot on here. Alright, we are high fashion. Obviously. Whoa, my hair is going everywhere. But it’s going to go everywhere because I’m
going to put a snowmobile helmet on later. We’ve got some coveralls for warmth reasons. and Dave has just gone to go grab me a jacket. Am I outdoorsy yet? Girl, do you go outside? Yes I do. Who am I? In my attempt to be outdoorsy, Dave and I
are going to see if we can fit on the snowmobile together. I’ve got to figure out a way to get up here. Don’t let me fall off. Dave: Alright, this is pretty much as close
as I can get. Dave: Are you on? Yeah. Dave: How much room is at the back? None. This is it for me. Dave: Alright, it’ll do. We’ll give ‘er a try. Dave: We’ll give ‘er a go. Dave: Alright now you can go get ready. Okay. Dave: I’m pretty much ready I just need to
grab my helmet. But, for the future, a little extra wouldn’t
hurt but this will do for today. Dave: I’ll get a two-up seat. Dave: You can get things that bolts in here and
it comes up and it gives you a little bit Dave: on the back and a back rest. Oh, that would be great. So unfortunately we couldn’t find a jacket
that was a different color than my coveralls so I’m going to be really matchy-matchy. It’s such a gorgeous day out too. 28 degrees. It’s not bad. It ain’t bad. I don’t think I have any zipper pockets for
like my phone and stuff. Dave: Helmet’s on your side. I need to in the future get a fleece that
is my own size because it’s losing room here. Am I wearing a backpack? Are we bringing stuff with us? Dave: Yes. Okay. Dave: There’s not much room in it but, yeah. Can I put my phone and my camera in it? Dave: Yes. Great, let’s go for a ride. I did not bring the GoPro with me. I did not even see if it was charged. I don’t know, I feel like we need to figure
out mount situations and also editing situations because the GoPro does not go into Final Cut
Pro. So that will be a future thing. Dave: You need to process it in the GoPro
software first. Yeah, and my laptop does not have enough space
to put GoPro software on. Gotta figure it out. I need to upgrade eventually. Dave: Do you want to rip off your stickers
or don’t you care? What? Dave: On the helmet. You can rip off the stickers. Why, is that like a satisfying thing for you
to rip the stickers off the helmet. Dave: Yeah that’s why I asked Dave: I don’t want to ruin your sticker pulling. That’s alright. Dave: I don’t need the garage door opener. No? Watch this, ready. How good is that? Do I look outdoorsy yet? We did not manage to get me a pair of boots
that fit me so I’m borrowing Dave’s. They’re a little big but they’ll get the job
done. Dave: What do you want in this bag? My legs aren’t strong enough to pick these
boots up. Um, my phone and my camera. Dave: Where is your phone? In my hand. Okay, let’s go for a ride. It’s a bit of a tight squeeze sitting both
of us on this seat. It’s a little, little tight. So definitely I feel like we need a second
person seat before we go again. Dave’s getting all cramped up because his
arms are really close in. My hips are hurting and after that last little
stretch where I had to hold onto you really tight my shoulders hurt. So I think I’m going to be sore tomorrow for
work. For sure. But it’s good fun. Dave: I’m glad I got you the helmet if you’re
enjoying it. We’ll have to see if we can borrow a sled
and put you on it and ride together. We’d be so cute riding together. It’s so hard though, because we’re sitting
so close together, I can’t see when the turns are coming. So I don’t know when to lean with the turn
and then sometimes I feel like when I peek around to look it messes up our balance and
it makes us kind of wobble. Dave: We do get a bit wobble sometimes. It’s just because I can’t see what’s coming
up. We are back from our outing. Come on. and that was good fun! Snowmobiling was fun. I’ve never not enjoyed snowmobiling itself. I’ve never not enjoyed that. I just never got into it because it was outside
where the cold was. But that’s why we went out and we bought me
some warm clothes and having warm clothes is the absolute difference. So that was good fun. There were spots on the trail where because
we had gotten a big rain storm last week there were spots on the trail where it was just
glare ice. I don’t know if you’ve ever snowmobiled or
not before but it’s not just about steering. When you steer you have to put your body weight
into it to go around corners so we were trying to get off the glare ice spots and I put my
weight a little too into it and we ended up turning the sled completely around. We weren’t going fast or anything but, yeah
it just didn’t work. Okay, okay, okay. Let’s just lay down. Let’s just lay down. So it was good fun. My shoulder was hurting at the end. Like, I didn’t realize that I would be in
so much physical pain afterwards. It was fun, maybe someday I’ll have my own
sled but not while we’re living in town. Maybe once we can put a house on the land
or live out somewhere where we can just drive from our land to a trail. That would be ideal because I don’t want to
mess around with trailers and I don’t want to have to put two sleds on a trailer and
all that stuff. I just want to get on and go. If that were to be it. Something I noticed out on the trail, there
is, like, trail etiquette and I don’t know if this is a rule that was written down or
if it’s just something that evolved throughout. but while you’re on the trail, if you’re riding
in a convoy, you put up how many sleds are behind you and if you’re riding by yourself
you just put up–give a fist. Like, nope, no one’s behind me you don’t have
to worry. We passed a group of two–three sleds and
the first person in line put up two fingers. So there’s two sleds behind me. One finger. Then the no. And I was like, Oh! Okay, that’s nice! Is that a rule that was written down or is
it just unspoken trail etiquette? I don’t know. How do things like that come into being? But a guy from the snowmobile club is going
to come over and he’s going to replace our upstairs windows. The windows that we have in this room, where
we have plastic over it because it’s single pane. So he’s going to come replace our windows
today. So, that’s going to be good. I think in the mean time I’m going shower
and edit while he works on that. Just that way I can be a little out of the
way and stuff so, yeah. I don’t know what this is on my nose. I can’t tell if it’s a pimple or if I’ve hit
my nose on something. Dunno. Look at the blanket I made, and then Malla
gets her little talons caught in it. *sigh* such a pain. Alright, I’m home after work right now. It’s Monday, at quarter to 5. I’m in my bed, no bra, got hoarders on, I’ve
got my laptop out. I’m going to try to do some editing. Do not even remember what the last video clip
was. Oh, we got windows fixed. We have new windows in our upstairs rooms
and that was pretty much where the night kind of ended. At work today–at work everyday, I make myself
a list of things that I want to achieve and get done when I get home. Like, I make myself a reasonable list. It’s not super long. It’s simple things that I can do and get done
in a reasonable amount of time but by the time that I get home I don’t realize how much
energy I am putting out while I’m at work. Like I guess I just don’t realize it in that
moment because when I get home I am just so tired and exhausted. I’m so tired and exhausted. Some of the things that I put on my list to
do just kind of goes to the wayside. It just doesn’t quite happen. I’m trying to find the balance between feeling
absolutely miserable about not getting it done and also just relieved and relaxed when
I get home and try not to dwell on–on what I haven’t gotten done. It’s just–it’s tiring. It’s very tiring and there are so many other
things I want to do but I just spend all my energy elsewhere and I don’t know if I’m just
not planning my time well enough. I don’t know if it’s motivation–like lacking
in motivation or I don’t know if I just expel more energy than I realize while I’m working. So that, that’s where I am currently. In bed trying to do some stuff. We’ll see how it goes but I’m going to end
this vlog here. So, thank you so much for watching, give this
a video a thumbs up if you made it this far, don’t forget to subscribe if you feel like
it and I will see you next time.

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