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Snowmads Home Stories Ep.01: Markus Ascher – Does skiing make you feel free, Moggä?

Snowmads Home Stories Ep.01: Markus Ascher – Does skiing make you feel free, Moggä?

I’m interested in a certain place, no matter for what reason, and I want to go there now. And then the van allows you to actually do that. It allows you to pack up, move on and see something new. I started skiing at the age of 2, I think. My dad gave me plastic skis for Christmas and took me to one of those beginner lifts for the first time. It was actually the very same ski lift where we now sprayed my van. It was actually pretty cool to do it in the very same place where I started skiing. And yeah, I’ve always liked deep snow and jumping down somewhere. It‘s always been a really awesome feeling. So, I just kept doing it and kept pushing myself, and when the first freeride skis became available, that’s when things really started. It was like a new world. Does skiing give you a feeling of freedom? Yeah. Freer than usual? Well, let’s put it like this: It helps me, and I can only speak for myself, to turn off the thoughts. So, I think I just like to whizz down mountains. Yeah, Moggäää! Well, I like travelling, because I think that it’s good to see other ways of life, to see how people in other cultures live, how they grow up, to learn about their values. And I think that we really benefit from it, even after we’ve come back, because we start seeing things we learned in our own cultural environment from a very different perspective and realize that things can be very different. And I think this makes it easier to accept other ways of life. It makes us revisit the view that our people’s way or our own way is the only right way. We become more tolerant towards other ways of life. Was does “home” mean? I think the best description is that it’s a place where you feel comfortable. So, home can actually be anywhere. It’s probably a feeling rather than a specific place. If I’d have to answer the question how much home the trucks are, then I’d say that they are home just as much as home is … so just as much as the flat is. You park the truck somewhere, you’re out and about exploring, be it in the mountains or by the sea. And when you get back to the truck, no matter where you are, if you’re in Iran or anywhere else, the truck is always a piece of home. My name is Markus or “Moggä” Ascher. I grew up and live in Kramsach in Tirol, Austria. Three years ago, Fabi and I built the Snowmads Truck and we’ve travelled quite a bit with it already, we went on some bigger trips too. But we often thought about how cool it would be to once again stay and ski at home for a season. And yeah, it seems like there could not have been a better winter to stay home.

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  1. Sure, skiing makes people feel free but at the same time, extreme skiing comes with lot of risks. Safe skiing is all what we should aim at 🙂

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