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Snowkissed Dolls in the snow – Bratz Toys

Snowkissed Dolls in the snow – Bratz Toys

(You can hear space sounds) (You can hear a siren) (You can hear space sounds) Robotoy: Hi boys and girls and welcome to
TOYS on the go! Robotoy: If you like this video, don’t forget
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every day! (You can hear feet skating) Hi boys and girls and welcome to TOYS on the
go! Today we’re going to play with The Bratz
Snowkissed dolls, Chloe, Jade and Yasmin I’ll show you their dresses and we’ll
go skiing with them Do you like the snow? Let’s start! Here I’ve got the 3 Bratz dolls This is Yasmin Jade And Chloe I’m going to take them out of their boxes If you like this video, don’t forget to
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every week, it’s free! Look at the handle! It’s got white fur on it like a winter coat Have you seen how cool they are? Each one’s got 2 dresses and loads of accessories Jade: Hi friends, we’re going to show you
our winter collection Yasmin: It’s super fashion with dresses,
hats and lots of other things Chloe: And we’re also going to ski! It’s going to be great fun! I’m sure it will be girls I’m going to start showing you your accessories First Jade’s ones Look, these lips are a hairbrush She’s also got a snowboard Look, with these straps she can be held on
to the board by her feet And some stickers to decorate the board come
with it I’m going to put some on What do you think? Don’t they look cool?! This is her other outfit and accessories I’m going to put on the ski goggles Like this Jade: Would you like to go skiing with me? Look how you attach her feet to the board She’s got some little holes in her boot Do you see? And you put the straps on like this Now you’re ready to slide down the slopes Now I’m going to show you Yasmin’s accessories She comes with a lip- shaped hairbrush too For the snow, Yasmin’s got some skis with
sticks And stickers aswell Look how I’ve decorated the skis And this is the other dress and the rest of
the accessories I’ll put her ski goggles on her Yasmin: I’m going to ski down the slopes,
would you like to come with me? Okay Yasmin, I’ll put your skiis on you Look how they attach to her boots Do you see? There we go She’s so cute Finally, I’ll show you Chloe’s accessories This is her hairbrush, the same as her friends
have Chloe comes with a sledge It can be used to carry suitcases or to go
on it And it also comes with stickers to decorate
it with Look how cool it’s turned out! This is her other dress and the rest of her
accessories Chloe: Hi boys and girls, we’re going to
have a great time in the snow Wow! The three girls are now ready to enjoy the
snow Chloe: Yooohoooo Chloe: How fun Chloe: Is it cold girls? Jade: Of course not, we’re toasty warm in
our coats and hats Wow, great! I’d like to skii too Jade: Well, do think about it, just do it Jade: We’re having a great time Okay, but you’ll have to teach me how to
ski Jade: Look how I do it Okay Jade: Yoohooooo Yasmin: Will you ski with me Jade? Jade: Yeah, it’ll be fun Yasmin: And now with Chloe Yasmin: How about we make a bonfire and make
something hot to drink? Chloe: Yeah, that’d be fantastic Yasmin and Chloe: Let’s go Look, the girls have made a fire and they’ve
made something hot to regain their strength Jade: Shall we try on our other dresses? Yasmin: Yes the other dresses are for after
the snow Chloe: Ans we could go shopping, what do you
think? Jade: Okay, great! Chloe: Yes, I want to buy a bag Jade: And I’d like to buy a coat Yasmin: Come on, let’s get ready Yasmin: I’ll start Yasmin’s going to show us her dress for
when after she’s been skiing Yasmin: It’s on! What do you think? Wow Yasmin, you look beautiful! I love it! Yasmin: Thanks Chloe: Now it’s my turn, you’re going
to see what a cool outfit I’v got! Chloe, you look gorgeous too Jade: It’s my turn Jade: You’ll see how great my is too Wow, it’s amazing Girls, the three of you look stunning I’m sure you’re the most fashionable girls
in this ski resort And the hats look great on you Jade: Bye friends, come and ski with us whenever
you like Yasmin: Or to try on some super cool dresses!
byeeee Chloe: We’ll wait for you here at TOYS on
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channel to see more videos from TOYS on the go every week See you in the next video

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