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Snowboarding Tips : Strap Into Snowboard Bindings

Snowboarding Tips : Strap Into Snowboard Bindings

Alright, so now I’m going to teach you how
to strap into your bindings. You have a nose and you have a tail. Your nose or your front
foot is always going to be the one that’s strapped in first. When you get to the top
of the mountain is when you strap in your back foot. So, here we go. We’re going to
slightly lift up our pant leg, put it inside our binding. This is our heel cup. We’re going
to tighten it to the extent of where it doesn’t tighten any more. This is your toe strap.
It may seem that your; just doesn’t fit directly on your toe, but it may fit up here. So, whatever
feels most comfortable to you. You can just tighten that down. Tighten it down pretty
firm. Not too tight, because you don’t want your ankle to fall asleep, but tight enough
to where it’s not going to fall out and too where your ankle doesn’t move. Because, if
your ankle moves; that is not good it’s very likely that you’ll be breaking your ankle.
Binding have a lot to do with how you snowboard. So, pull your snowboard pant down and you’ll
be on your way.

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    Snowboard started with hippies. they used it like a demonstartion against Skiers. And tried to look ugly.

    They fashion things with snowboard isn't snowboard if u ask me. It's a fashion things not a snowboard thing 🙂

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  3. girl… first you have to make sure your heel is all the way in the binding… if you're explaining it to begginers you should tell that to…

  4. My top strap on my back foot is weird I have to push in towards my foot for it click otherwise it won't catch the notches in the strap.

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