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Snowboarding Tips : Snowboarding Tips: Knowing Snowboard Edges & Bottom

Snowboarding Tips : Snowboarding Tips: Knowing Snowboard Edges & Bottom

Alright, so now that you have your first binding
strapped in you’re at the bottom of the lift, so you don’t want to strap in your other one
yet. Once you get to the top you want to strap your other one in, but since we’re down here
at the bottom and we are on flat ground we want to just focus on having the feel of a
snowboard attached to your feet. Just feeling that you have a base and that you have edges.
You have a toe side edge and you have a heel side edge. Because, just knowing your edges
and know what you have on your feet will help you when you need to know where; to go down
the mountain if you want to turn or what you want to do. So, just push around a little
bit. Try to get the feel of the skatiness on snow. Feel the bottom of your base. Know
that it’s soft and slick and you can go fast. Edges are a big part, because if you lean
too much on your edges that means you’re going to catch an edge. Catching and edge is not
so good. That is the worst part in snowboarding, because you always want to be flat based as
when you’re going down, especially when you’re; when you’re carving. That’s when you’re on
an edge, because you’re catching your edge and you’re going back and forth and back and
forth. But, for now we’re just going to focus on getting the feel of moving on the ground
with a slick bottom, so that you can have your balance and you can get on with your

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  1. @allthatsl3ft Thats what I thought, Say you are heading down the mountain heelside and you let the toeside edge drop a little to much and it bites then you take a tumble. isnt that catching an edge.

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