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Snowboarding Tips : Snowboarding Tips: Goofy Foot or Regular?

Snowboarding Tips : Snowboarding Tips: Goofy Foot or Regular?

Alright. In snowboarding there is two different
stance positions. You could be goofy or you could be regular. Goofy is when your right
foot is in front and you feel most comfortable that way. Some people don’t feel most comfortable
that way and they are regulars. They ride down the mountain with their left foot forward.
A good way to tell if you’re goofy or regular, what you need to figure out before stepping
foot on a snowboard, renting a snowboard or anything, because that’s the direction you
need to know. Is if you are standing here and you have someone push you from behind
depending on what foot you take forward first, say I’m taking my right foot forward step.
That means most likely I’m going to be putting my right foot in forward and that’s going
to be my upright position down the hill. I’m going to be goofy, since my right foot is
forward. I am a goofy footer. Let’s say I’m standing here, someone pushes me and my left
foot goes forward. So, my left foot is most comfortable in front of me; as you tell that
is what caught me, so that’s how you can tell if you’re goofy or I mean regular. A regular
stance is with your left foot forward. So, there’s two different ones goofy and regular.
Goofy is with the right foot forward and regular is with your left foot forward.

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  1. No there aren't. the kind of snowboard doesn't change your preferred stance. But it's possible to ride fakie (also known as rideing switch). While riding fakie you're "wrong" foot is in front. (like frystyle snowboarders after or before jumping 180 for example) Because everyone has a prefered stance it's harder to learn snowboarding with the other foot in front, but it's possible. best for riding fakie is to use a twintip (symatrical) or twinish (almost symatrical) board

  2. if you want to do advanced stuff like jumping or flatland tricks you'll need to be able to go either way anyway. so best is to practice both ways. how else are you supposed to stand a 180 if you're unable to go fakie?

  3. same for stances: what good is a +15 / +30 stance if you do a 180 and land completely backside open and go downhill with your ass facing forward??
    the only sensible (and btw most comfortable) is a completely mirrored stance like 0/0 or in my case -15/+15

  4. I'm regular! hey guys I got one question…does anyone have any tips for practising both stances? Because I just started snowboarding and I can ride regular pretty good but riding goofy is really hard for me…please respond! thanks!

  5. if your good at regular, practice doing one type of turn switch.
    like from a stop position try to do a heelside turn then stop. then try a toeside turn then stop.
    your basically re-learning how to snowboard. just remember to keep your weight slightly forward when riding switch because many people have the tendency to lend back

  6. That is a horrible description. If someone pushed me from behind I would put my right leg forward because it's stronger. But I ride regular and cannot ride goofy for my life. The best way to determine is whatever leg you would kick a soccer ball with should be your back foot.

  7. wrong, I play soccer whole my life with left foot and i ride snowboard 5 years on regular, so with my left foot in front, so it isnt a good way.

  8. this is bad advice, you can be pushed and put your right foot out once, then the next time use your left foot. instead do this: find a patch of ice or hard snow and with your sneakers on, take a running start and slide sideways across the ice, you will naturally take your normal position every time.

  9. Your stance on a board is going to be universal. Maybe you were pushing mongo with your left foot on the tail, instead of the nose. If you don't really know how to skate then don't count that as experience.

    Do you know how to link turns, toeside to heelside and vice versa? Or are you favoring an edge, like your heel edge to get down the hill?

    If you're only using the falling leaf (one edge) to get down the hill then you're not riding in your true stance yet.

    Hope that helps.

  10. Your suggestion is true but it's not practical. Also sliding across ice wouldn't be good advice for older people, or anyone with bad balance. They'll just bust their ass.

    Also she's not wearing shoes, and the people that she'll be teaching snowboarding to won't be wearing shoes either. They'll be wearing rental boots of something. So sliding really isn't going to work that great.

  11. @jakzaiden yeah srry it took me 9 months 2 reply haha , im sure ur pretty good at snowboarding now but when u learn u always have a favourite side but the more and more ur practice the easier it becomes and it wont be a problem 🙂

  12. How about doing both ? goofy & regular? pros know how to and i bet it comes in handy when doing tricks.. does anyone know how to ?

  13. Um, when i slide across a patch of ice my right foot goes in front naturally, and when i get pushed my right foot goes first too, but I've been snowboarding with my left foot first i feel that it is comfortable. But I'm also very comfortable with my right foot in front, What foot should be my lead foot?

  14. @minderide its just called riding switch and u certainly dont need to be a pro to know how to, it just takes practice like everything else

  15. is there any other way to tell? cuz if someone pushes me i put my right first and sometimes left, i already went goofy yesterday for my first day but im just wondering if there is any other way to tell

  16. FUCKING PHONE! Sent the comment! Anyway another way to know is go out there and try each side and decide what you like better 🙂

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