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Snowboarding Tips : Snowboard Straight-Lining

Snowboarding Tips : Snowboard Straight-Lining

So, once you’ve got your front foot strapped
in you’re ready to get to the chairlift. How you get there is we call it straight lining.
But, first you need to be able to push yourself over to the chair and have people around you
to where you’re not going to fall and go crazy and your snowboard is going all over the place.
You need to just be able to be calm and know that you’re on a flat ground and you’re just
pushing yourself slow. So, we’re going to have your foot behind you in most cases, it’s
always behind you. You’re like skating. You’re just going to push and stand and push and
stand. You’ll go slow and you’ll get on the chairlift and you’ll just get off in the same
way. You’ll just stand on your snowboard and ride away. But, getting there just push and

24 thoughts on “Snowboarding Tips : Snowboard Straight-Lining”

  1. haha try getting off with a fractured shoulder πŸ˜€ then falling on the ground and not being able to get back up while people are still getting off of the chair lift with a french lift operator just shouting at you to get up when you physicaly cant πŸ˜€

  2. Um. As a new person with no clue of proper form…. you can't control anything with your foot behind. Like staph said, you don't see skateboarders pushing from behind.

  3. @alexisapirate
    Yeah I always do it with foot behind the board.
    Doing it in front of the board makes me slip away with the board somehow. Doesn't make you fall but it's slower in my opinion.

  4. I tried pushing with my foot behind me, but I would always trip. I am only comfortable pushing with my foot in front of the board.

  5. As long as u dont have some idiot next to u try to grab u to keep from falling and making you fall too, U will be alright.

    Just go straight until you stop. Its usually the safest and easiest way to get off the lift.

  6. is it only me who puts my foot before board when pushing ? I think that having foot behind and push is much harder.

  7. i always ride the ski lift by my self to avoid a crash but if i ride with more then one person i take my board of and run offf it

  8. @Xxsideshow22xX lol when getting off the lift with friends try sitting at the far right side at all times so your 1st to ride off it.

  9. @MrArgsnart clean the board where your going to slap the stomp pad with rubbing alcohol at room temp. place the stomp pad in the area you want it and heat it up with a blow dryer for about 45 secs to 1 min. let it sit over night with something heavy on it. You should be good the next day. I had the same issue before.

  10. @danamezjohn i do but to keep my foot from coming off the stomp pad i sit on the right and go down the little hill and turn left to stop but i cant turn left if i ride with other people last time i did this guys ski hit my board and he fell and hes skis came off

  11. @EggOllie nah the chair lift's are easy. just make sure if your not using a stomp pad that you have good pressure against your back foot and binding, and use your front foot to help lean on edge to turn. i can go 200+ yards with my back foot loose carving making it to the next lift most the time's with out a fall , just take's pratice and confidence.

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