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Snowboarding : Tips on Snowboarding Helmets

Snowboarding : Tips on Snowboarding Helmets

Terry: This is Jess. What she’s going to do
is she’s going to talk to you about the safeties of helmets, how to size them. Here, take it.
Jess: It’s really important that you wear a helmet. There are a lot of safety and risk
factors out there if you’re going to be on the mountain, especially if you’re going through
trees, or if you’re a beginner and you’re going to be falling a lot. One really great
way to size a helmet is to go ahead and put it on your head. And before you put in the
chin strap, you want to go ahead and just do a little rock star head-bob. Make sure
the helmet doesn’t fall off. And then we also tell people to bend over and touch their toes.
And at that point, when their head’s completely upside-down, if the helmet does not fall off,
then that’s a good fit. A lot of people look into styles. They put stickers on their helmets.
Those kind of things. But really, you want to make sure you have a good fit, and that
your head’s protected, so that when you go out there, you’re not putting yourself in
danger. This is really great for high wind and cold situations because it’s going to
keep your ears warm. Nowadays, they also offer another option, and that’s these padded ears.
And these have the ability to come out, so that on spring days when it’s not quite so
chilly, and you just want to be able to hang out and talk to your friends on the lifts,
you can take these pads out. And then the difference between the two options that we
have with removable ear pads are the sun visor, or the lack of the sun visor. And the sun
visor is just handy, just like a baseball cap would be if you were out in the sun. Just
protecting and shielding your eyes from all those harmful UV rays.

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  1. Well no matter if you look dorky, helmets are well worth it. I have aten it sooo many times on rails and ice, and hit my head and my helmets have saved me.

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