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Snowboarding Tips : How to Stop on a Snowboard

Snowboarding Tips : How to Stop on a Snowboard

So, after you get on a snowboard you need
to know how to stop before you even get on; at least mentally anyways. You should know
what it looks like and what it feels like; kind of. You’ve got your heel side edge.
All of your stopping is done on your heel side edge. So, I’m coming towards you down
the mountain. I’m going to be turning onto my heel side edge slowly, slowly, slowly.
Then it’s going to catch a little bit. That’s what stops you is the catch of your edge onto
the snow. You could be flat-based and you’ll just go; you won’t go anywhere you’re just
going to keep going. But, if you put your heel a little back that’s how you stop. So,
we’re going to come down the mountain like this, coming towards you, leaning on your
heel side edge, your back foot is going to slide out in front of you and you’re going
to be on your heel side edge coming to a complete stop. So, as you’re coming down the mountain
I’m going to be coming towards you and I’m going to be turning on my heel side edge slightly
as I’m coming to a stop. So, I’m coming down. My feet are centered. All of the sudden my
back foot comes around. I’m on my heel edge to a complete stop. Heel side edge. Stop.

100 thoughts on “Snowboarding Tips : How to Stop on a Snowboard”

  1. eastcoast she was pretty much saying that.Its an obvious that to spin your back around to the front you are going to put pressure on the front first

  2. I'm a little nervous about snowboarding. I'm from Texas, never really experienced serious snow, and I will be in Colorado next month. I really don't want to spend money on lessons. Shit!

  3. Yeah, that's what I was thinking about doing lol. I used to skateboard a little bit when I was in middle school and I always fell, but that was about 8 years ago. It looks similar to snowboarding but maybe not. I hate to say it, but I'm pretty clueless lol. Good luck to you and have fun 🙂 I think I will too even if I wipe out.

  4. I skateboard and i've just started snowboarding too, it is not that similar but the balance and stuff is really the same, also the if you do an "ollie" its kind of the same deal on a snowboard 😛

  5. Same here all my joints are so sore! I managed to brake my wrist 2 days ago almost at the start of the day. But i took it like a man and i learned to carve a pretty steep hill with a broken wrist ^^

  6. if the path is too narrow your kinda screwed..
    so dont go down a path like that until you know your good enough 😉

  7. 0.28 if you go flat base you'll just go …….. no you won't your gonna catch an edge an oh well try it you'll learn soon enough ..
    the teachings of a sponsered snowboarder… but she sounds luvely….

  8. nice one surb' i was only laff and me being scottish she sounds lovely differant accent to
    to my local tones (no disrespect to all the scottish ladies out there).p.s. hope you had a good season. . was a good one.

  9. when she says, you wont go anywhere, i think she just means that you wont go out of control, but she still doesnt make sense!!

  10. @emme114 i`m not so sure can't do it at any speed, you need some extra movements to slow down your speed, and then lean into the edge .

  11. @Saiteko8 Try bending your knees a lil bit, if you keep your legs and knees rigid all that force is being transmitted all the way up and thats what making you eat it. By keeping your knees bent you are kind of creating like a shock absorber like in a car, try it out.

  12. what happens if when u start to stop, you go to the right instead, into the trees? how could u prevent this?

  13. @mwjk13 actually u can u can do both heel side or toe side i do it nd heel side i preffer toe side for me though

  14. My first time snowboarding, whenever I wanted to stop I just lent backwards and sat…although when i eventually got the confidence to speed up, thats when the wipe outs began…I'd go into the stopping stance then just flip over cause im going so fast..haha…i did a complete front flip, and all my clothes fell off ( well ok, just the hat and goggles.:P)

    I was lucky I didn't get any broken limbs.
    Snowboarding's a lot hard than it looks.

  15. @americanpaintball lol the only way i stopped is to eat shit haha i only went snowbourding once haha so… yeah XD

  16. In my opinion it's better to learn on your own… this videos only are a waste of time… "you won't go anywhere. You're just gonna keep going" FAIL…

  17. @alexisapirate yeah, you're right. because yesterday i went snowboarding and i did flatbase stops and the snow caught the board which made me fall face first.

  18. @NRG4Guitar nice support dude i went for the first time today i did a faceplant chiped my front tooth in half haha but i am still goin again

  19. @bobbernardfred in the beginning she says, after you get on a snowboard you need to know how to stop before you even get on.

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