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Snowboarding Tips : How to Carve on a Snowboard

Snowboarding Tips : How to Carve on a Snowboard

Alright, so we’re going to be carving. Carving
is super easy. It’s one of the main things you need to know in your snowboarding. Also,
once you get to know how to snowboard and you can say you know how to snowboarding.
Carving has a big part, because you’re just. Once you just want to take free rides and
ride you want to carve on your heels and your toes and your heels and your toes. That’s
what carving is all about it’s just going back and forth from toe to heel, from toe
to heel. So, I’m going to be coming down the mountain on my toe edge doing a big toe side
turn then all the sudden I turn on my toes or my heels, come across the mountain, go
back onto my toes, come back across the mountain. It’s like doing a big S all the way down the
hill going back and forth. That’s what carving is. Alrighty, so I’m doing some basic carving
going toe side, heel side, toe side, heel side. Here I go. I’m going on my toes, onto
my heels, toes, heels; making an S all the way down the mountain.

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