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Snowboarding Tips : Balance on a Snowboard

Snowboarding Tips : Balance on a Snowboard

One of the most important things in snowboarding
is your balance. You need to be able to control your balance and know where you want to put
it. If you want all your balance on your heel or on your toes or on your nose or where ever
you want your balance to be. You’ve got to know how to put it there. How to; that’s how
you get down the mountain. Doing carves and falling leaves and everything is all centered
around balance and where you can put the most pressure on your snowboard to make your turns.
But, balance is key. How to get balance on your snowboard is just your feet have to be
centered with your shoulders. If you have good control in your knees and you can feel
where your center is; that’s how you can tell where your balance in the bottom of your board
is. Because if you have a; if you’re leaning too much on your toes you’re going to be on
your toe edge. If you’re leaning too much on your heels you’re going to be on your heel
edge. What balance does the best is if you can just figure that middle weight and be
perfectly centered. Keeping your back and your shoulders always in a squared up position
is always going to help your balance no matter if you’re falling over or if you’re trying
to get up. You just need to focus on being strong and knowing that you need to equal
it out and you’ll be good, good to go.

43 thoughts on “Snowboarding Tips : Balance on a Snowboard”

  1. I find it slightly easier for me to balance on a snowboard then on a skateboard..and this is coming from a fat guy LOL

  2. Lol, i snowboarded twice then my family stopped going to the mountain, and i started skating. Now im not sure if i can snowboard LOL

  3. @dragondeth48 lol, Theres an instructional video on tricks, I forget the name, but theres an epic moment when Heiki Sorsa does a crazy 720, you see a fat kid roll down the mountain in the background, made my day.

  4. why are people saying shes cute. this video is 360p, and she's wearing a hat and jacket that covers most of her face. wtf is wrong with you horny bastards

  5. i went to my first boarding lesson last year adn we only learned balance. so wehn we had like 3 hours to ourselves i learned how to stop on my own

  6. @SlipKnoTRokr

    Shouldn't be a problem. The way I learned to snowboard was to go around the "bunny" hills and hang around in the back, at a safe distance where I could hear instructors teach others how to balance on a snowboard and snowboard. That helped a LOT, especially watching them do it. And, I didn't have to pay for the lesson, just listened in.

    But skateboarding was way more different, I can't control my balance because concrete feels like ice to me.

  7. @SlipKnoTRokr

    Roughly in between the $30 to $60 for rentals, that includes all the equipment, but the lift/hour prices are not part of the package unfortunately..are you going to the resort in this video? they have a great trail hill which should last 10 minutes or so if you're just getting used to snowboarding…but definately start out on the smallest hills first, and snowboarding is pretty much like surfing, except on snow and with better grip

  8. @ronxera calm down she's obviously better than you, 6 weeks and you already talk shit haha damn u have a high ego, her goggles are regular size haha?

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