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Snowboarding at Mountain High ❄️+ Christmas Preparations | Vlogmas #3

Snowboarding at Mountain High ❄️+ Christmas Preparations | Vlogmas #3

Ok [Ryan]: I literally do that to every car that Ok shut up I’m trying to do this Good morning guys it’s 7 AM and I’m on my way to my workout class I just woke up And that’s why my voice is like this I’m super tired super sleepy I mean I didn’t go to bed that late last night but I just don’t know why I feel so tired I went to bed at like 11:30 ish My workout’s supposed to start at 7 It’s already 7:02 Lately I’ve been always late to my workout And I’ve been skipping all the warmups But At least that’s better than missing the whole workout right I’m back again at the post office because They didn’t give me all my packages last time I came here Apparently they left one out so now I have to go back and Get that one Because that was the most important one I was looking for And then when I opened all the packages at home I didn’t find that one So I called them and they were like Oh it’s still here you didn’t pick it up But I was like Oh I came by on Saturday to pick it up But they didn’t give me everything So Now I’m back here I finally got my package Oh my God I think I was here for like Almost 30 minutes Basically there were two people in front of me So I thought it wouldn’t take long Like Probably like 10 minutes But then We waited for 15 minutes Before anyone helped us The guy had to ring the doorbell like several times Before anyone even Started Noticing us And They took forever I don’t get it It’s stupid but I’m glad I finally got my package It was supposed to come like two weeks ago And I requested redelivery because When they first tried to Deliver it there was no one home to sign for it And then On the USPS website There was a link to request redelivery I requested it and they never sent it So I called and they were like Oh yeah you have to come pick it up at the post office That’s why I went I went there to pick it up And they didn’t give me the freaking package They gave me other packages So Finally I got it Sorry for the rant I just got off work right now And I’m about to get dinner with some of my coworkers At BBQ Chicken It’s in Diamond Jamboree I literally just spent 10 minutes looking for parking If you guys live in Irvine you guys would know how hectic The complex is It’s Basically Insane Good morning guys It’s Saturday And Today we’re going snowboarding I’m sorry I haven’t updated Ok guys He just had a road rage -[Ryan]: Dude -[Sheila]: Do not [Ryan]: I didn’t have a road rage -[Sheila]: Do not -[Ryan]: The lane [Ryan]: There’s no stop sign [Ryan]: The lane you go straight [Ryan]: And then people try to merge early so they stop [Ryan]: But you’re supposed to keep going straight [Ryan]: So you don’t block the traffic Do not follow him -[Sheila]: Do not -[Ryan]: Jamboree and Main Do not follow him [Ryan]: Drive properly Road rage It’s not road rage I’m not even mad Ok [Ryan]: I literally do that to every car that Ok shut up I’m trying to do this [Ryan]: Damn someone has road rage No I have Ryan rage He makes me mad I’m sorry I haven’t updated you guys Throughout the week But It’s cause There’s been nothing interesting in my life This week We had a White elephant gift exchange at the office But obviously I can’t vlog in the office And then we also had Pajamas day and movies day At the office yesterday so So I wore PJs to work Now we’re just -[Sheila]: On the way -[Ryan]: She always wears PJs to work No only on Fridays Only on Fridays I wear my workout clothes cause it’s Casual Fridays But I’m more casual than everyone else normally Ya now we’re just on the way to Mountain High To go snowboarding but we’re gonna stop by Philz Coffee Before Cause I need my coffee You guys know this How long you think it’ll take to Drive to Mountain High? [Ryan]: Uhhh [Ryan]: Two hours Wow Ok Oh and we’re also gonna stop by his House house at Rancho cu cu ca cu ca Ya I never know how to pronounce that but Ya we’re gonna stop by his place to Grab his snowboard Got my coffee I’m happy Again I ordered the Medium iced coffee rosé And you guys need to Get it if you guys haven’t tried it yet It’s So good it’s my favorite at Philz We’re on the lift right now I’m probably gonna fall when I get off [Ryan]: It’s all good just ride straight [Ryan]: Don’t worry Cause I can’t brake when I When it’s only on one foot So normally I just go straight and fall [Ryan]: Hey [Ryan]: You’re doing great [Ryan]: Stop stopping [Ryan]: Hey [Ryan]: You f*cking did toe [Ryan]: After you do that [Ryan]: Go straight again and go heel [Ryan]: And then heel to toe [Ryan]: You’re almost f*cking there [Ryan]: If you keep stopping [Ryan]: You’re never gonna get down the hill [Ryan]: Straighten out [Ryan]: Hey dead girl [Ryan]: Are you ok? [Ryan]: We’re gonna take a break once we get down [Ryan]: Come on you got this Basically we’re going snowboarding right now Cause we’re going to Big Bear in January So I don’t suck [Ryan]: This is all for her [Ryan]: Literally all for her No no At first He was going with two of his friends And the he asked me to tag along And then [Ryan]: I didn’t ask I said do you wanna come I’m going -Ya but -[Ryan]: And she’s like ya but you can’t leave me [Ryan]: You have to teach me But then But the initial plan Was Him and his two friends But then Two of them bailed [Ryan]: They bailed after she said yes [Ryan]: So it’s not like she knew they bailed [Ryan]: And then her friend bailed too She never confirmed so she didn’t We just finished snowboarding And I’m hungry We’re gonna get food We’re gonna go to this What is it called? [Ryan]: Java Bistro Okay I think it’s an Indonesian restaurant In Rancho cu gua gua gua [Ryan]: Rancho Cucamonga Yeah That I’ve never been there before But I heard it’s good I’m also gonna meet up with Michelle The one I went on the trip to Houston with [Ryan]: How was snowboarding today? Someone crashed into me [Ryan]: It’s ok hey you did really good though [Ryan]: You got the heel down [Ryan]: Kinda got the toe down [Ryan]: You just gotta [Ryan]: Don’t be scared of going fast [Ryan]: But you good you got both turns down [Ryan]: You just gotta combine it now Yea but someone crashed into me and My elbow hurts So bad like I don’t even know if it’s fractured [Ryan]: I don’t think it’s fractured [Ryan]: They crashed into her at like 1 o’clock [Ryan]: And it’s like 5 o’clock right now [Ryan]: And it still hurts right? Yeah Cause it’s not like I fall On the ice and my butt hurts Cause that like disappears after like 5 minutes but This one actually stings and hurts I don’t know if I have to get it checked out but I hate the doctors So I don’t go unless there’s some Unless it’s an emergency [Ryan]: Unless it’s really fractured Yes We’re gonna go Snowboarding again in January At Big Bear I hope the ice would be better Cause the ice was super hard In the afternoon earlier [Ryan]: Yea the snow melted and then it got [Ryan]: Compacted Yeah It’s a long day Super tired I’m excited for food though Cause lunch was Whatever And I’m also excited to Chill Tonight Here we got “Nasi Bungkus” It’s rice wrapped in banana leaf And also some oxtail soup Good morning guys I didn’t vlog much yesterday cause I got sick I got food poisoning I’m not sure from what food But Ya I was feeling crappy the whole day Yesterday And I was just in bed all day Basically on Saturday after we went home from snowboarding I showered and then I went to bed And then I woke up at around 1 and I threw up And I got a fever So I took some medicine and then in the morning I woke up and I had diarrhea I don’t know I think Three times? Yeah that was the story of my life I was planning to be productive yesterday And upload my Vlogmas episode 1 Since it’s almost Christmas and I haven’t posted anything But It was a fail Good morning guys Today’s Christmas Eve And I’m on my way to My morning workout session Yea gotta get my workout in Before Christmas cause We’re gonna be eating a lot Anyway I have A bunch of plans for Today After my workout session I’ll Be doing my nails And then I have my Eyelash extensions appointment after At night we’re gonna go to Ryan’s parents’ place To Open Christmas gifts Look at this guys It’s super foggy this morning I’m not sure why I just finished my workout right now And I’m on my way to my nail appointment Today’s workout was pretty tough It wasn’t that tough but I just wasn’t prepared for it Cause normally Tuesdays are for upper body And Wednesdays are Cardio But then since tomorrow’s a holiday They decided to combine the two and I wasn’t prepared for the cardio part But overall it was a good workout I still don’t know what design I wanna get for my nails But probably not Christmas nails since It’s literally gonna be over tomorrow But We’ll see I guess I’ll ask the Nail person when I get there I got my nails done I got like a Christmasy New Years Design it’s like white and gold I love it I normally get my nails done at this place called The 3 Thirty 3 Nail Bar It’s located in Costa Mesa I think they have a branch in Irvine too but The one in Costa Mesa is their main store And it’s bigger so I always go here and The people are super nice and They make my nails super pretty Yeah definitely recommend And the prices are super reasonable too I’m done with my lashes and I love it Whenever I do my lashes in Irvine I always go this place called Inkpressive Beauty With Melissa She’s super nice she’s super friendly and And she always knows what I want So If you guys are located in Irvine I recommend you guys checking her out I used to drive to LA to do my lashes But after a while the drive is just way too long and I don’t think it’s worth it anymore So I just come down here It’s Five minutes away from my place so it’s perfect Now I’m just gonna Get lunch with Ryan but I’m probably gonna get coffee first I’m not sure he hasn’t replied to me so I’m just waiting for His reply and See if he’s ready if he’s not then I’ma Grab my coffee before picking him up at home Just got back home from lunch and There was coffee drama earlier when I was getting coffee The cup broke in half I don’t know how But it broke in half so It spilled everywhere And I almost couldn’t make it to the restaurant Cause we put our name on the wailist on Yelp And we were already called and I was still figuring out my Spilled coffee But it was all good Ryan sat first and he Was able to order so everything was good I’m super full Now I’ma shoot a few pictures for Instagram And i’ma get ready for The present thing At Ryan’s family’s place

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