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Snowboarders & Skiers DTS

Snowboarders & Skiers DTS

I mean, I struggled with drugs, alcohol, porn, girls, partying If the Lord can set me free during my DTS, I know He can set you free too Keystone, Breckenridge, A-Basin…Sharing the love of Jesus to people on the chairlifts We’re gonna be hosting Sunday services, it’s gonna be sweet I’m Zach with Skiers and Snowboarders DTS. If you want to use your passion for skiing and snowboarding to reach the lost. We combine our love for adrenaline with our passion for Christ We do an eleven week lecture phase with different speakers every week After that we do an eight week outreach to apply what you’ve learned in the past three months

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  1. Hey! Thanks for posting this! Our team made it for our Boarders DTS. So fun to see where all of the people in the video are now… married and running after God with all their heart! Many of them work at YWAM Denver, working many different Jobs in all sorts of environments. They raise their own support to fund their work at YWAM Denver, too! There are endless opportunities for young people to find their place in God's story in missions. DTS is such an effective catalyst for the launching of young people into their futures, well equipped with the Word of God, workers who are unashamed. Thank you for sharing this video!

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